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Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators And Coolers: Attractive Showcases

Glass door merchandiser refrigerators and coolers are ideal for creating an attractive space in your business to showcase your beverages, packaged food products like salads, sandwiches, wraps, snacks, etc. These commercial display refrigerators and coolers will significantly contribute to the sales of restaurants, delis, pizzerias, dessert shops, gas stations, convenience stores, and cafes.

Glass door merchandiser refrigerators are constructed with robust stainless steel or aluminum structure and have a black or white durable finish. Some models are of no finish and come with the shiny look of stainless steel on the exterior. Additionally, these display fridges feature clear glass doors to fully exhibit the food and drinks inside to enable your customers and personnel to see all the things in the clear door fridge without the need to open the door. And these glass-front fridges are excellent restaurant equipment to present the best tastes in your food business or the cool drinks on a hot summer day to boost last-minute purchases.

You will find several different models, designs, and features of glass door merchandiser refrigerators are available on the market. So, It would be best to find the most suitable option for your business according to the essential things to be considered when buying a display cooler.

How Much Capacity Do You Need?

Capacity is the first issue that needs to be evaluated to find the most suitable glass door merchandiser refrigerator. Determining the products to be displayed in these glass door coolers will help you to calculate the refrigeration capacity so that you can make a selection among the one door, double door, or two-door merchandiser refrigerators and coolers. Depending on your need, the capacity of the merchandiser cooler can be increased up to six sections with six doors.

The capacity of these is described in cubic feet. It is impossible to use the whole capacity because overfilled glass door merchandiser refrigerators can not efficiently retain the chill inside when the products hinder the air circulation. Therefore, it’s recommended to size up your capacity calculation to get the utmost benefit from the glass door merchandiser.

Additionally, the products you will be showcasing will also influence the shelf material. The commercial glass door fridges usually come with four shelves which are either complete stainless steel or ones with epoxy or PVC coat. While epoxy/PVC coated wire shelves are better looking, the stainless steel shelves are more resistant against scratches.

How Much Space Do You Have In Your Area?

Glass door merchandiser refrigerators use the air to cool the cabinet, and therefore, they need enough space on the floor. Hence, while choosing a commercial refrigerator with a glass door front, you should ensure wider areas are available in your establishment than the cooler’s width. The merchandiser coolers need about 5 inches gap to have sufficient air intake.

Which Door Type Do You Need For Your Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators?

Glassdoor merchandiser refrigerators and coolers have two types of doors which be best to use in different places. The first option is the sliding glass door merchandiser refrigerators that have horizontally moving doors. As they are mounted on an embedded rail, these sliding door refrigerators offer a smaller footprint and can be placed on compact floors. The other option is the models with swinging doors. These types of merchandiser refrigerators and coolers have hinged doors, and they need additional space to open fully. But, these models provide a larger loading gap when compared to the sliding door merchandisers.

Other Glass Door Merchandiser Features Suitable For Your Business

The glass door merchandiser refrigerators are designed to present an attractive look to grab your customers’ attention. Therefore, these merchandisers coolers can be bought as equipped with LED interior lights for a better look, illuminated top panels to show your brand or commercial partners, and varying exterior coating.

While some models have stainless steel exterior panels without a finish, many merchandiser coolers have a long-lasting white or black coating to enhance their decorative features.

Where Should The Compressor Be Installed?

As compressors are critical to the cooling system of the glass door refrigerators, their efficient performance poses a vital significance for the safety of the stored products and the profitability of your business.

These compressors use the air in the environment, and so the optimum place where the compressor is installed should be well thought for maximum efficiency. Here, you will find three different options which will serve various needs.

  • Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators Have Top Mounted Compressors: These models offer a larger storage area in the cabinet while their energy efficiency is lower than other models.
  • Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators With Bottom Mounted Compressors: They offer elevated bottom shelf and easier maintenance, although the dust on the floor is a threat that can clog the compressor.
  • Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators With Remote Compressors: You can opt for these models if you want to send the compressors to another room or the outside.


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