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Concession Equipment: A Quick Way to Profit

Concession equipment is used to prepare, preserve, display and sell cotton candy, popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, and slushies which are also called concession products. Concession trucks and stands are mostly associated with funfairs, matches, or carnivals where people come for excitement and grab one of these to keep their hunger with a low-cost and fast snack.

Additionally, concession trailers and stands are profitable business options, but it is necessary to keep your lines busy all the time during the events. Hence, you need a rich menu and higher speedy service, which can be attained with the correct and top-notch concession stand equipment.

Considerations Before Buying Concession Equipment

Concession equipment is offered in a large variety, and there are many options and types of concession machines which can make different products in different styles.

  • First, you should determine what products you will offer in your concession and snack stand. You may continue with a popcorn machine if you run a cinema in a mall or choose to provide tasty hotdogs when you have a busy stand in a stadium.
  • Another consideration is the available space in your concession trailer and stand. Even though many of the concession equipment models are compact, some units still have a large footprint that needs careful planning.
  • Mobility is, of course, an advantage of concessions equipment and allows you to install and use them anywhere for your business. So, you should check for the mobility option as well as the power source for your commercial concession equipment for maximum functionality.

Available Types of Concession Equipment

You can choose your equipment from a large collection of concession stand machines with various designs, configurations, and product types in the market.

1. Hot Dog Machines

It is almost impossible to imagine a match or carnival without a hot dog stand. Thus, a premium selection of concession stand appliances for preparing hot dogs while exhibiting them to promote and encourage impulse sales.

  • Hot Dog Steamers and Bun Steamers
  • Commercial Hot Dog Roller Grills
  • Hot Dog Rotisserie Machines
  • Hot Dog Bun Boxes & Bun Warmers
  • Hot Dog Carts and Hawkers
  • Hot Dog Roller Grill Sneeze Guards

In addition to the equipment above, hot dog equipment parts and accessories will ease your maintenance and provide a constant workflow.

2. Commercial Popcorn Equipment

This carnival food equipment which is designed for popcorn, is designed to make ample amounts of popcorn in shorter times and display them to passersby.

  • Commercial Popcorn Machines & Poppers
  • Popcorn Carts & Display Stands

3. Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

As one of the favorites of funfairs and outdoor events, cotton candy should be a visible part of your concession stand as a snack bar equipment to attract particularly young customers.

4. Commercial Snow Cone Machines & Ice Shavers

These concession coolers and preparation machines will help you include a refreshing snack in your menu to keep your sales high in summer hot.

5. Nacho Chip Warmers & Merchandisers

As one of the concession essentials, nacho chip warmers and merchandisers offer a more attractive way to display your chips and cheese.


You can be sure that you will find a suitable concession machine for your business in our high-quality inventory from trusted vendors. You can also visit our Food Display & Merchandising page for your products to allure your customers.