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If you don’t want to be tied up to a place when you run your small foodservice business, a vending merchandising kiosk is a great option. You can open your concessions stand at a festival, state fair, stadiums, and so on. You can find various types of concessions merchandising equipments from the shaved ice machine to ice cream cone maker at Chef's Deal. At stadiums and state fairs, the most popular concessions merchandising equipments are the cotton candy machine and waffle cone maker. Decide on which type of commercial merchandising kiosks you want and start shopping at great prices!

Build your Dream Vending Merchandising Kiosk at Chef’s Deal


There are two ways to use a vending merchandising kiosk. The first one is to sell packaged food and beverages at fairs, festivals, and stadiums. The second way is to personalize your concession stand and sell whatever easy-to-prepare snacks like popcorn, waffles, and cotton candy. Popcorn, cotton candy, and waffles are snack foods that are very popular in stadiums, ballparks, festivals, and state fairs. You can buy a vending merchandising kiosk and turn it into a cotton candy kiosk by buying a cotton candy maker. Everybody loves cotton candy, and we assure you that your stand will be the most crowded cotton candy machine one at the festivals and fairs. Take a look at the commercial cotton candy machine models and find the best one for you!


Besides a commercial cotton candy machine, waffle cone makers are great for merchandising kiosks. You will prepare delicious crisp waffle cones with a waffle cone maker. You can buy a single or dual grid waffle cone maker depending on your needs. You can also make various shaped waffles with different waffle pattern grids; Brussels, Round, or Cone. Choose which type you want and start cooking!

The Best Way to Attract Customers: Popcorn Cart

We are sure that the tasty smell of popcorn will increase impulse sales, whether you are in a drive-in theater or a festival. You can add a popcorn cart machine next to your merchandising kiosk. You don’t need a counter or large prep area for making popcorn, and with only a popcorn cart, you can pop kernels anywhere. However, most of the popcorn cart models have compartments and small side shelves for you to utilize. The popcorn cart's warming deck enables popcorn to keep warm and fresh until you are ready to serve.


If you have any questions on commercial merchandising kiosks, reach us whenever and wherever you want. Our customer care service agents are here to assist you with financing and shipping options. Call our toll-free call centerline or write to ChefsBot!