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Glass Chillers, Glass Frosters and Plate Chillers: The Frosty and Icy Attraction

Glass chillers and plate chillers are perfect commercial refrigeration equipment to serve colder, tastier, and more refreshing drinks. Therefore, these glass chillers and plate frosters are must-have additions to any bar, restaurant, or nightclub to enhance the customer experience with tastier refreshments.

What are a Glass Chiller and a Plate Chiller?

Commercial glass chillers are specifically designed to chill glasses and mugs to enable bars and restaurants to optimally serve cold drinks, sodas, and beer. These chillers also allow you to create iconic frosted beer glasses which will entice your customers to grab another drink to quench their thirst with ice-cold drinks and beverages. This will naturally increase customer satisfaction with the drinks and boost your drink and beverage sales.

Plate chillers are also produced to facilitate cold dishes, desserts, and meals on chilled plates. These pre-chilled plates will perfectly handle the cold, frosty, or frozen foods by preventing melting and maintaining their texture and taste.

Features of Glass Frosters, Glass Chillers, and Plate Chillers

Glass chillers and plate chillers are built from stainless steel to last for extended periods in commercial establishments. These beer glass freezers and plate chillers are also configured with different specifications and structures designed for better performance in different spaces and purposes. 

1. Size and Capacity

Glass chillers are available in two main sizes, which be classified as countertop and low profile. Low-profile beer glass chillers are constructed in low height to fit them under your serving and working the counter. These glass chillers feature self-contained refrigeration and a large cabinet that can handle from 100 glasses/ 48 mugs up to 250 glasses/ 340mugs at a time.

The other option is the countertop or also known as bar top glass chillers which are constructed in compact sizes to fit in bar counters for glass chilling, one at a time. These glass chillers are available as drop-in units or countertop chillers and require a separate CO2 tank under the counter. They are excellent compact solutions to offer frosted beer glasses to your customers by frosting glasses or mugs in front of them.

Plate chillers are available as chest-type construction and can be found with a capacity of up to 400 liters.

2. Door Types

Glass chillers and plate chillers come either with swing or top sliding doors. Large volume glass chillers are equipped with sliding glass top lids to increase visibility and facilitate access to the glass through this top lid. The swing-door beer glass chillers typically have smaller sizes and are primarily suitable for undercounter placement to give the staff and the bartender front access.

Plate chillers are offered with top-access lids to allow you convenience for stocking and unloading.

3. Exterior Finish

Glass chillers and plate chillers are eye-catching parts of the bar layout, and therefore, they are offered in various exterior finishes. Some beer glass frosters are of stainless steel finish, making them stain and scratch-resistant. Many models arrive with an alluring black laminate exterior finish to match the general decoration style of the bars. These black glass chillers are presented with lower prices despite their lower resistance against scratches.


Chef's Deal offers a large inventory of commercial kitchens and bars, which will meet all the needs of this food and drink establishments. Glass chillers and plate chillers are also included in our inventory from the leading manufacturers, such as Beverage-Air, Adcraft, Everest, Glastender, Krowne, Omcan USA, True Refrigeration and Turbo Air.