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Dishtables: Simple Way of Efficient Warewashing

Dishtables serve not only as a suitable place to stack dirty and clean dishes but also offer enhanced efficiency in the dish pit by allowing your dishwasher and staff to work smoothly without violating the hygiene rules.

The FDA 2017 Food Code (4-904.12) requires handling soiled tableware without contacting the clean plates, dishes, dinnerware, and utensils to prevent cross-contamination. Therefore, all commercial kitchens must allocate enough space to keep dirty dishes when they are brought from the table away from the cleaned and sanitized tableware.

Features of Dishtables

Commercial dish tables are designed as a durable and practical addition to the commercial warewashing areas. However, there are available various features that are intended for different conditions. To create a better-performing dish pit layout, you should choose the best stainless steel dish tables option.


Dishtables are primarily offered for two purposes. Soiled dishtables come with built-in sinks. Soiled dish tables with sink serve for the stacking of dirty dishes while they are waiting their turn to be cleaned and sanitized. As for the clean dish tables, they are connected to the commercial dishwashing line to hold the washed dishes until they are moved to the dish cabinets.   

Shape and Direction

Dishtables are constructed in three shapes which can be classified as L-shaped, U-shaped, and straight. They can also be chosen in the corner, straight, and island styles. Due to your layout, one of these matches can be the most suitable. Additionally, the running of these dishtables can be left to right or right to left, which should be selected in accordance with your dishwashing layout.


Dish tables are exposed to heavy working conditions as they handle large numbers of dishes, pots, pans, and utensils. Therefore, these dish landing tables are manufactured chiefly from corrosion-resistant 16 gauge steel to ensure sturdiness and long-term use. They are equipped with stainless steel or galvanized legs for a larger handling capacity. Some models are also furnished with adjustable bullet legs to ensure a stable and even counter. In addition, most models feature backsplashes and raised edges to prevent splashes and leakage.

Advantages of Dishtables

Commercial dishtables present significant advantages for the commercial kitchen owners:

  • They ensure a well-organized dish pit and increase the cleaning efficiency and speed.
  • Adding a dirty dish table and a clean dish table will prevent cross-contamination by separating soiled and sanitized dishes.
  • They facilitate the job of service personnel when they bring soiled tableware back to the warewashing area.
  • They allow the comfortable working of the dishwashers by providing space for stacking.

Chef's Deal presents an extensive collection of commercial kitchen equipment and carries dishtables from reliable brands, CMA Dishmachines, Eagle Group, Klinger's Trading, Serv-Ware, Tarrison, and Winholt.