Sushi Display Cases

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Sushi Display Cases: Better Cooling, Greater Taste, More Profit

About Sushi Display Cases

Sushi display cases are crucial for the success of Japanese restaurants or other sushi serving food businesses since they ensure the maintenance of maximum freshness and taste of sushi, sashimi, or other cold served Japanese fish meals.

Sushi display cases are versatile additions to any restaurant with refrigerated display cases to hold delicious sushis ready for customers' taste while letting them view the options through the transparent glass enclosings. These sushi cases are manufactured chiefly from stainless steel to keep up with the heavy traffic of commercial areas while presenting a sleek and attractive appearance to enhance its attraction for the customers.

How Long Can Sushi Be Refrigerated?

After two hours of preparation, sushi must be consumed when kept under room temperature. However, sushi display cases can prolong this period up to 2 days, as concluded by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Features of Sushi Display Cases

Sushi cases are designed to provide the best conditions for the preservation of sushi since:

  • Sushi coolers feature high-quality insulation for higher efficiency and more stable cooling.
  • The consistent and durable cooling system retains the heat around 40°F inside the cabin when the ambient temperature ranges from 50°F to 80°F.
  • Sushi fridges are equipped with gravity coils that increase the humidity level inside to prevent products from drying up during cooling.
  • Sushi display cases like Hoshizaki sushi display cases boast an alluring design with LED lightings and tempered glasses which are also sturdy enough to withstand the commercial running conditions.
  • Most of the sushi refrigerators are of great use with their sliding back doors, which facilitate loading and serving for your personnel.
  • The operation of the sushi display cases is also pretty practical with their reliable temperature controls that will allow you to adjust the temperature depending on your products' requirements entirely.

Styles and Types of Sushi Display Cases

Compressor Type

Compressors are crucial for cooling in sushi merchandise cases, and you can make a selection between the built-in compressor type models and remote compressor types. Integrated compressors of the refrigerated sushi display cases can be mounted either on the left or right part of the sushi display case. These units are easier to install and can be placed everywhere with an electric outlet. The models with remote compressors need more expertise to be installed while they are cheaper to purchase and operate.

Glass Design

The primary benefit of sushi display cases is their merchandising construction, which features curved or straight glasses that enable customers to peruse the colorful options of the sushi or California rolls inside.


Sushi display cases are produced with various sizes ranging from 43" to 84" in width, adequately meeting your storage needs.


Chef's Deal is a dependable restaurant supply store with an extensive collection of commercial kitchen equipment from the most trusted manufacturers and brands. Countertop and portable sushi display cases are also available to choose the most suitable option for your business among Omcan USA, Turbo Air, Hoshizaki sushi cases, and more. You can also add various tastes and keep them safe with our other refrigerated display cases.