Corner 3 Compartment Sinks

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What Is A Corner 3-Compartment Sink?

A corner 3-compartment sink is a freestanding commercial sink composed of three basins seamlessly welded in L shape. The cornered configuration means adding space efficiency to your sink setup. National and local health codes require restaurant kitchens to possess at least one 3-compartment sink for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing kitchenware. Therefore, a commercial 3-compartment corner sink can help you stick to regulations, saving you space.

Why Need a Corner 3-Compartment Sink?

The answer is downright; it is a requirement. A power problem or malfunction may disable your commercial dishwashers. In that case, a corner three-compartment sink can be your lifebuoy. Besides, some kitchenware has irregular dimensions or delicate surfaces. It is not safe to wash such utensils in a dishwasher.

Cornered design is not a must but a wiser choice. The L shape allows the sink to fit comfortably into any cornered wall in your kitchen. A typical 3-compartment sink with drainboards covers a considerable amount of room. With a commercial 3-compartment corner sink, you can make the most of your valuable space. 

Standard Features of Corner 3-Compartment Sinks

A long-lasting construction is of prime importance considering the heavy-duty utensils, constant use of hot water, and chemical substances needed for sanitizing. The durable stainless steel is the standard material. You will come across various grades of stainless steel. 300 series come to the fore with its remarkable resistance to rust. You may also see variations in gauge indicated in tens like 16 or 18.

Corner 3-compartment sinks are stand-alone units, and their galvanized steel legs remove the need for a counter or wall for mounting. The legs have bullet feet that allow customization of the sink height. The backsplashes protect the walls and other kitchen equipment, and pre-drilled holes on the backsplash facilitate faucet installation. The rolled edges increase handling safety and keep the water inside the sink. Finally, the drainboards on either side can hold the dirty and clean dishes before and after washing.

Outfit your kitchen with a corner 3-compartment sink to abide by the relevant guidelines and efficiently utilize your dishwashing area. You may also want to see our wide selection of commercial sinks for your needs.