Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

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Features of Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are the two starring members of the commercial kitchen equipment. Although cooking and the presentation of the meals or the drinks are also determinative factors for the taste and appearance of dishes you serve in your restaurant, café, or bar, storing and keeping them in a suitably cool and safe place is of vital importance. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers can accommodate all the raw or prepared meals and ingredients at the appropriate storing temperature.

Commercial reach-in coolers and freezers are designed to comply with the requirements of working in a commercial kitchen. Unlike residential fridges, commercial reach-in coolers and commercial reach-in freezers can cope with the repeated opening and closings during a busy shift. Hence, they can still maintain the inner cooling with ample items inside as long as enough space for air circulation.

Moreover, reach-in refrigerators and freezers for restaurants, cafés, bars, and other food establishments are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure durability and long-term use. Additionally, most of the models feature stainless steel shelving to hold your food products and necessities safely.

You can find reach-in refrigerator and freezer models with Energy Star certification, which will reduce your electricity bill and contribute to your business with more profit. In addition, you can also find NSF-listed reach-in refrigerators and freezers that will provide safe storage in case of food contact.

When choosing the most appropriate option for purchasing a commercial reach-in refrigerator and freezer, you will realize the availability of many products with different features. Thus, it is beneficial to have a clear idea of what to look for among the options.

Reach-In Refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerators are vital equipment in restaurants and cafes. While its large capacity handles your products and ingredients, its efficient and powerful cooling keeps them fresh. Furthermore, a reach-in fridge maintains its tasty and tempting look even against the repeated door openings in a busy restaurant.

To address different needs, reach-in refrigerators include reach-in refrigerators with glass doors as well as stainless solid reach-in refrigerators with 1, 2, or 3 doors. You can also find these commercial refrigeration systems with bottom-mounted or top-mounted compressors. While some reach-in cooler models are equipped with caster wheels for mobility, the commercial stationery refrigerators stand on stainless steel legs.

Reach-In Freezers

Reach-in freezers are among the indispensable part of the food business, thanks to their benefits. They can provide a suitable waiting room to preserve your ingredients and ready-made foods until they are used or served. Moreover, you can use these commercial upright freezers as a perfect storage space for the burgers, fish fillets, and any other product you wish. Depending on your needs, you can choose commercial reach-in freezers with different capacities, sections, and doors.

Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combos

Commercial refrigerator freezer combos offer versatile use, practical working, and efficiency by bringing the benefits of reach-in refrigerators and freezers together. As both frozen and fresh ingredients are necessary during the food preparation, these commercial fridge freezer combos present a cooling section next to a freezing compartment. Therefore, you can safely store your daily frozen and chilled ingredients in these reach-in fridge freezer combos. You can also open up more space for the staff with more working space and kitchen floor.

Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers are the reliable partners of the owners and workers of the food establishments. Whether you run a restaurant, café, food truck, supermarket, or gas station, these types of reach-in refrigerators and freezers provide you with an appropriate place to store your frozen foods and ingredients. Thus, they are also perfect as a supermarket chest freezer with sliding glass doors. Furthermore, if you prefer a commercial glass-top display chest freezer, it will let your customers easily grab ice cream and other frozen foods.

Fish File Refrigerators

Fish file refrigerators offer a versatile use and secure storage room for the fish and poultry that you will use later in your meals. Thanks to these versions of the reach-in refrigerators and freezers, you can easily keep the fish and poultry fresh and tasty until they are served to customers. While their drawers provide you with practical use, their cooling will prevent the dehydration of these foods and maintain their delicate look and texture. Furthermore, these fish refrigerators will protect the poultry and fish from bacteria growth.

Wall Mount Refrigerators

Wall mount refrigerators are perfect for compact commercial kitchens as they leave remarkable floor space for under-counter kitchen equipment or stainless steel working table. These wall mount fridges provide a comfortable working position eliminating the need for bending down for storing. Additionally, this type of reach-in refrigerator presents an efficient food preparation process by keeping the ingredients within reach in a cool and safe place.


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