School Milk Coolers

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School Milk Coolers: Ensures Students' Health with Safe Milk Storage

School milk coolers are specialty refrigeration units that are designed to preserve a large volume of school milk cartons in the school cafeterias, dining halls, or canteens. These milk fridges are excellent additions to any school as they ensure the safe storage of milk cartons and milk crates in a cold cabinet. In addition, they are smartly designed to meet the specific requirements for storing and serving milk in these high-traffic areas.

Features of the School Milk Coolers

Commercial milk coolers have a versatile and smart design and construction feature to suit the needs at a school canteen:

1. Material

School milk coolers come with various options both for exterior and interior. The body is constructed with stainless steel to assure the durability of the school milk cooler under rigorous conditions of schools. Additionally, the milk refrigerator can be purchased either with a white epoxy finish or a plain stainless steel finish.

The interior surface of the dairy milk cooler is offered with stainless steel or galvanized steel. Both options are corrosion-resistant and can last for long years to continue their service, but the stainless steel interior presents more durability and easier cleaning than the galvanized steel.

2. Cooling System

School milk coolers conduct chilling through mainly two methods. The dairy milk coolers cool the milk inside with forced air technology by blowing air into the cabinet and circulating it around the stocked materials. Other commercial milk refrigerators feature cold wall technology, and they cool the walls around the coolers and form a cold interior atmosphere. As the cold-wall milk coolers have fewer parts to carry out cooling, they offer a larger storing capacity when compared to similar-sized forced-air milk coolers.

3. Design  

School milk coolers feature a large cavity to enable the stocking of milk cartons and milk crates as a whole to accommodate high volume needs. Additionally, they are also a part of milk serving the students for their lunchtime. Hence, all the school and cafeteria coolers have lift-top lids which are opened upwards by swinging. Some models are furnished with drop-down side doors, which can only be opened when the top cover is up. While these side doors provide a larger clearance for loading the large crates and packs, they also allow short students to grab the milk carton without help.

4. Capacity

You can make a selection from the various-sized school milk coolers in accordance with your service and sales capacity. Small dairy milk chillers can handle up to 8 cases with cartons, while the larger stainless steel milk coolers offer enough space to store up to 16 cases.

5. Other Features

School milk coolers also offer easy control with digital temperature controls, which is very useful to prevent a possible waste of milk due to a higher temperature. Moreover, some models are equipped with heavy-duty caster wheels to transform them into mobile milk chillers. Hence, you can transfer your milk cases and cartons to the different parts of your establishment by stocking and moving them with portable milk coolers.


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