Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

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Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases: The Chilled Zest

Refrigerated bakery display cases are manufactured to keep pastries, pies, desserts, cakes, and beverages cold and chilled in a safe cabinet. These display cases for bakeries also make an enticing product showcasing area that is enclosed with glass fronts to attract customers to your delicious creations. Therefore, bakery cabinets are a perfect addition to any bakery, convenience store, pastry shop, or café.

Refrigerated bakery display cases are designed to preserve delicacies at optimal conditions by providing a consistent temperature ranging from 33°F to 46°F. Additionally, bakery fridges offer higher humidity when compared to deli display cases to ensure the protection of products' soft texture.

Features of Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

Refrigerated bakery display cases also present various features that will be valuable commercial kitchen equipment both for keeping your products safe and ensuring your products' being noticed by customers.

  • Refrigerated bakery display cases are available in different sizes from 31" 96" and various capacities from 3 to 16 bakery pans (18 "x26").
  • Pastry display chillers are designed in different shapes. So, you can find square display cases, rectangular pie display cases, round or corner refrigerated bakery cases that will easily fit in the available spaces in your kitchen layout. It is also possible to find rotating refrigerated cake display cases that will enable your customers to see all sides of your desserts and cakes.
  • Most of the bakery refrigerators are equipped with LED lighting and a mirrored interior to create an eye-catching and spacious appearance to attract as many customers as possible.
  • Some refrigerated pastry display case models have ETL certification for high sanitation standards, and some are NSF-listed which makes them safe for food contact.
  • Cake display refrigerators are of great use with their adjustable shelves, which not only maximizes the usable area but also enables you to place tall products or stacks as well.
  • Refrigerated bakery display cases can also be preferred with caster wheels to have mobility around the establishment.

Types of Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

When you start looking for a refrigerated bakery display case, you will realize that there are different types of bakery display cabinets that will present utmost efficiency for diverse conditions.

1. Fully Refrigerated vs. Dual-Zone Bakery Display Cases

Bakeries both need dry bakery display cases as well as refrigerated bakery cases since they offer many products that may require differing preserving conditions. The fully refrigerated units provide a single temperature cabinet. On the other hand, the dual-zone pastry display refrigerators have a dry display cabinet for cookies or bread, while you can place desserts, cakes, or soft drinks in the refrigerated space.

2. Floor Type vs. Counter Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases can be placed on all the available spaces in your business. If you have enough space and have a large stock of products to be displayed in the refrigerated bakery display cabinets, you can opt to buy a floor type or free-standing.

However, if your available space is limited or you want to showcase your delicacies next to your counter or register, you can buy a refrigerated countertop bakery display case. Tabletop dessert displays will also allow your customers to see and have grab-and-go snacks to boost impulse sales.

3. Dual Serve, Full Serve or Self Service Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

Pastry display refrigerators are also designed to comply with various service types by offering different constructions. Self-service commercial dessert display cases have an open-front design, allowing customers to quickly grab the products they want.

Full-service display cases feature a rear door to let personnel load or serve the customers by giving them their selections. Dual service refrigerated bakery display cases are suitable for both systems with their back doors and open fronts.

4. Curved vs. Straight Glass Front

Thanks to their front and sidewalls, refrigerated bakery display cases boast a large and transparent showcasing area. Straight glass bakery display counters are lower-priced, but they may need additional supports, which may hinder the visibility. Curved glass refrigerated display cases feature a curved glass front that maximizes visibility from the top.


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