Commercial Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers

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Drying Vegetables

Drying your vegetables is essential for keeping them for long periods and a key point for a well-dressed salad. A salad vegetable dryer/spinner, also known as a salad tosser, provides you to remove the water from the salad. Another critical point is that a salad dryer helps you avoid foodborne illnesses and gives you the chance to clean greens without hands-on.

Different Options of The Same Device

Salad vegetable dryershave various configurations regarding your needs:

  1. Manual Vegetable Dryer: These dryers are low-capacity units and made of plastic. They have a crank handle and one inner basket. There fit small needs.
  2. Electric Vegetable Dryer: These units have large capacities. You don't require physical effort to operate, and you can transport easily. Electric vegetable dryers are made of stainless steel, so they are durable. They also have variations according to their capacity.

Maintaining and Cleaning

Since salad vegetable dryers help you prevent foodborne illness, it is vital to clean and sanitize them regularly and adequately. Some parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but some must be clean by hand and a brush.

Keep Them Updated

To use your equipment for prolonged periods,and keep your business going, you may need salad, vegetable dryers parts&accessories.With the replaceable parts and their durable design, you don't' need to worry about it. Please see also our other fruit, vegetable&salad prep and fruit&vegetable cutter equipment and take advantage of Chef's Deal's restaurant equipment financing. With our free consulting, you can find the absolute best of these products on Chef's Deal.