Commercial Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers

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Commercial Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers: Crispier and Delicious Salads

Commercial salad spinners, also known as salad tossers, help you offer preserving herbs and leafy veggies for extended periods and present tastier salads to your customers. Scientific researches have shown that eating vegetables and green herbs is beneficial for human health, and more people prefer salads as a part of their daily diet.

Hence, restaurants, cafes, and catering businesses include various kinds of salads and vegetable sides on their menus. There are even many salad shops that serve a wide variety of salads. However, preparing enough lettuce and leafy greens for your salad takes too much time without the right commercial kitchen equipment, one of which is salad spinners and dryers.

What is a Commercial Salad Spinner?

A commercial salad spinner is a large and deep cylindrical bowl with an inner basket that can be rotated manually with a knob on the lid or with an electric motor to remove the excess water on the lettuce or other vegetables.

This rotating movement creates a centrifugal force that pushes the water down to the bottom of the bowl and enables you to serve dry vegetables. However, you should be noted that these vegetable and lettuce dryers do not get completely dry, and there will still remain little water on them.

Features of Commercial Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers

Commercial salad dryers are designed to present practical salad prep equipment that will enhance your work efficiency while delivering the intended goals at the best level possible.

  • Commercial salad spinners come with a lid to minimize the hassle around during drying veggies.
  • Some models of these vegetable spinners feature a stabilizing base to provide a smooth and faster drying.
  • Industrial salad spinners may be constructed with stainless steel to provide more durability and more prominent capacity to handle the large-scale needs of busy kitchens.
  • These restaurant salad spinners can have a separate drain to empty the water at the bottom to offer comfortable use.
  • Commercial salad dryers are available in various drying capacities ranging from small-sized units with a 2-gallon capacity. You can also find 10-gallon salad spinners for medium volume needs or get a commercial lettuce spinner with more than 20-gallon interior size.

Advantages of Commercial Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers

Commercial salad spinners and dryers bring in several advantages for your business with their features:

  • They will decrease the prep time by accelerating the drying procedure.
  • Commercial salad spinners help you avoid foodborne illnesses and give you the chance to clean greens without hands-on.
  • These commercial vegetable spinners can also be used for other leafy greens, such as spinach.
  • Removing excess water on the leaves can prolong the waiting life of vegetables and prevent them from going limp with too much water.
  • Commercial lettuce dryers enable you to serve crispier greens and lettuce.
  • Drying vegetables will allow oil and salad dressings to stick to the leaves much better, and this will enhance the taste of your salads while decreasing the oil and dressing consumption.

Types of Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers

There are mainly two types of salad spinners: electric salad spinners and manual salad spinners.

Manual salad spinners have less capacity and need manual labor to spin and attain enough water removal. However, the crank on the lid facilitates rotating the inner basket, and these manual salad dryers cost less than electric salad dryers.

If you have a high-volume commercial kitchen, you need larger units, and the electric salad spinners are perfect. They start drying the vegetables with a slight hit on the start button and offer easy use with bottom drains.

Maintaining and Cleaning of  Commercial Salad Spinners

Since commercial salad spinners help you prevent foodborne illness, it is vital to clean and sanitize them regularly and adequately. Some parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but some must be clean by hand and a brush.

Where to Buy Commercial Salad Spinner?

Chef's Deal is a reliable restaurant supply store with high-quality commercial kitchen equipment to ensure the preservation of your ingredients, streamline your food prep, enhance food quality and accelerate service. We present commercial salad spinners and lettuce dryers from industry-leading vendors such as Dynamic USA, FMP, and other top brands.