Senior Living Center Supplies

Senior living center supplies and equipment are not only a remarkable portion of the investment budget when starting or renovating an independent or assisted living center but are also crucial for the efficient and effective care of the residents. Read More

Commercial Ovens

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Having the right commercial oven puts you at a high level on your menus. They allow you to cook and bake efficiently and save time and food waste.

Commercial Deep Fryers

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You can fry vegetables, dough products, chicken wings, and fish; also prepare healthy and satisfying appetizers with commercial deep fryers.

Commercial Grills

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Outfitting your business with the appropriate commercial grills is essential for achievement. You can serve healthier grilled foods for your customers.

Commercial Dishwashers

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Commercial dishwashers facilitate and accelerate the cleaning process in commercial kitchens and ensure the fulfillment of sanitary conditions.

Commercial Ranges

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Commercial ranges allow you to steam, simmer, grill, fry, and saute foods. There're many kinds of ranges to supply any of your cooking needs.

Commercial Toasters

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Breakfast as a king! You can provide your customers with the best toasts and breakfast with this toaster equipment in the mornings.

Countertop Warmers & Displays

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You can keep the food fresh, warm, and ready to be served at safe temperatures with the commercial countertop warmer & displays.

Beverage Equipment

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Whether if it is cold or hot, serve your tasty, and refreshing drinks to your customers. Here you will find the beverage equipment you are looking for.

Coffee Machines

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Commercial coffee makers help you offer your customers customized hot beverages. From coffee brewers to percolators, they come in different capacities & features.

Bar Refrigeration

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Bar refrigerations keep the beverages cold and help you serve your drinks fast. With their stylish designs, they also contribute to your place’s ambiance.

Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers

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Reach-in refrigerators and freezers store your foods fresh without degrading their quality and keep them in the proper temperatures with their large capacity.

Merchandising Refrigeration

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Merchandising refrigerations are elegant commercial refrigeration units that showcase your meals and drinks to attract customers.

Food Display Cases

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Food display cases entice your customers with delectable baked products by showing them off. They’ve led lights, glass sides, and tops to present the food better.

Food Prep Equipment

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Food preparation tools and equipment enhance your foodservice business with high quality, and we have a wide range of products for your kitchen.

Commercial Carts

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Make it simple to transport anything from dishes to flatware with commercial carts. You can smoothly move large products around your establishment with them.

Storage Racks

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Commercial kitchen storage racks with wall-mounted or free-standing shelving and rack units are ideal for maximizing storage spaces.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

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Refrigerated prep tables keep the ingredients cool and fresh. They're practical commercial refrigeration equipment that makes the prep process easy.

Refrigerated Display Cases

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Refrigerated display cases promote your products to a food exhibit while keeping them at a safe temperature and ensuring their freshness and taste.

Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

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Buffet line equipment enables your customers to serve themselves easily. You can keep your food warm or cold with stylish hot/cold food tables at your buffet.


Holding & Proofing Cabinets

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Holding and dough proofing cabinets provide optimal temperature and humidity levels to achieve the best fermentation process to make the most out of dough.


Salamander Broilers

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Commercial Salamander Broilers are a type of broilers mounted on a range, oven, or countertop. With their high temperature, you can brown the top layer of the food before serving.


Commercial Ice Machines

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From professional ice machines to ice crushers, commercial ice machines are must-have equipment in a typical American foodservice business.


Commercial Kitchen Hoods

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Commercial hoods are a must for all safe kitchens and to make your operation code-complaint. Choose the right appliance for your business needs.


Walk-in Refrigeration

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Walk-in Coolers & Freezers keep your perishable food fresh at a safe temperature economically and eco-friendly until you cook or serve them.



Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

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Ice cream dipping cabinets enable you to maintain ice cream and other frozen items at the most suitable temperatures and keep their consistency of taste and texture.


Commercial Sinks

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Outfitting your place with the right commercial sinks allows you to pass the sanitation codes. We offer a wide range of sinks according to your place's needs.


Commercial Ice & Water Dispensers

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You can serve your employees, customers, and guests clean, cold water with chewable ice or large ice cubes consistently all day with commercial ice dispensers.


Commercial Work Tables

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By putting a work table in your restaurant, you can make prepping and cooking stations. With these tables, you can organize your kitchen effectively.


Restaurant Seating

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Create a comfortable dining experience for your guests. From bar stools to booths, we carry all the restaurant seating for your business requirements.


Restaurant Dining Tables

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Restaurant dining tables provide comfort and complete your dining area by adding decoration options with various materials, seating capacity, and table top selections.


Commercial Outdoor Furniture

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Discover our commercial outdoor furniture to extend your restaurant’s dining space. With this furniture, your customers enjoy nice weather with ease.


Senior Living Center Supplies: Diversity, Versatility, Flexibility

Senior living center supplies and equipment are not only a remarkable portion of the investment budget when starting or renovating an independent or assisted living center but are also crucial for the efficient and effective care of the residents.

Senior living center supplies are tailored to enable you to create a multipurpose, functional, and flexible commercial kitchen so that you can address the sensitive needs of seniors by providing nutritious and delicious meals. Additionally, the senior living equipment will help you comply with the regulations; establish various dining halls and foodservice systems, and offer a rich and versatile menu.

What to Consider When Choosing Senior Living Supplies and Equipment?

As stated in the FerMag, the baby boomer generation becomes the new seniors in these facilities, and their preferences differ from the previous silent generation. Hence, you should pay close attention to creating diverse and high-quality foodservice to maximize the satisfaction of your present residents and attract more guests by building a reputation for the exceptional dining experience.

The quality of the culinary services in independent and assisted senior living centers is thoroughly related to your establishment's commercial kitchen equipment and senior living supplies. Thus, you are advised to form a commercial kitchen, dining halls, and foodservice to meet these new demands.

  • Assisted living dining rooms are the main gathering and socializing place for the seniors, as well as a dining place. Hence, you should offer several dining halls with various themes ranging from cafes to restaurant-style venues where your senior residents have their time and enjoy their food along with a warm conversation.
  • Particularly after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, delivery kitchens became more popular, and many senior living centers offer this type of service to enhance resident satisfaction.
  • Independent and assisted living centers must prioritize accessibility to enable their guests to reach the necessary food and beverage products whenever they need them.
  • Seniors need to follow a prescribed diet which is crucial for their health. Hence you need to have the necessary senior living center and nursing home supplies to prepare the assisted living food menus which are suitable for your guests.
  • Both cultural and ingredient diversity is in high demand among the new guests of the senior living centers. Therefore, it would be better for you to equip your kitchen with the necessary senior living center supplies to present a rich menu with made-to-order items, snacks, and on-the-go foods.

What to Include in Your List to Install in an Independent and Assisted Living Center?

Senior living food preparation and service is a multi-layered process, which is required to be planned in detail and carried out with the best senior living center supplies and equipment.

1. Storage and Refrigeration

The best senior living menu ideas can only be actualized with the freshest and tastiest ingredients. So, you should start organizing your senior living center kitchen with suitable dry storage units and commercial refrigerators to keep your valuable perishables in the best condition. You can ensure the safety of your meat, herbs, fruits, and vegetables by getting an appropriate option from the following commercial refrigeration units:

  • Walk-in Refrigeration
  • Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Bar Refrigeration
  • Commercial Ice Machines

2. Food Prep

Senior living dining services must be punctual and effective in getting everything done and ready in accordance with the schedule to prevent inconveniences and health problems that may arise. So, by browsing the subsequent sections, you should create an efficient layout with necessary food prep equipment ranging from commercial work tables to mixers, blenders, and more.

3. Cooking

Commercial cooking equipment is the principal category that needs to be installed in any commercial kitchen to catch up with the large volume of cooking. Additionally, the senior living supplies and cooking equipment which are available in the following categories, are also suitable for made-to-order meals as they can rapidly get ready and start cooking.

4. Beverage And Service

Senior living centers generally have mixed dining options like dining halls, delivery service, or restaurant-café style. You can also equip your establishment with such facilities by using the buffet line equipment for an efficient dining hall or make use of the commercial carts to deliver the meals to the rooms. As for the refrigerated prep, tables are perfect for providing snacks, salads, or pizzas to the residents at any time of the day.

  • Beverage Equipment
  • Coffee Machines
  • Commercial Carts
  • Storage Racks
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables
  • Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

5. Display & Accessibility

Additionally, you can make sure that your residents can have full and timeless access to food and beverages while ensuring food safety and beverage chill. These merchandising units can either warm or cool the food and beverages while enabling their self-service. Moreover, you can use these to facilitate food service in your kitchen or create a convenience store in your establishment to allow your residents to get their needs with the senior living supplies below.

6. Sanitation

Cross-contamination or bacterial contamination can have fatal effects on seniors; thus, all plates, glasses, utensils, and cooking and preparation tools must be sanitized after every use. Additionally, all the employees in the senior living center must follow a strict rule of frequent handwashing and other sanitary regulations to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination. You can handle this issue by getting suitable commercial kitchen equipment like the following ones:

7. Restaurant Furniture

To maximize the dining satisfaction of your residents, it is necessary to provide them with a comfortable place. You can start your job by creating a restaurant-style dining hall. Afterward, you can form a cafeteria where your residents and their guests can relax with suitable restaurant furniture for senior living centers:

  • Restaurant Dining Tables
  • Restaurant Seating
  • Commercial Outdoor Furniture
  • Restaurant Booths


Chef’s Deal always aims to provide the best senior living supplies and equipment for independent and assisted living centers at the lowest prices to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of their residents.