Bar Glass Storage

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Keep Your Glasses Clean In Bar Glass Storage

Bar glass storage units are compact cabinets designed to fit under a standard bar counter to dry and store all glassware or other bar supplies. Bars are packed with glasses of all kinds and sizes. Bartenders want to quickly reach clean glasses while preparing delicious drink blends. Likewise, customers wish to see a neatly organized bar area with underbar equipment before they are attracted to a drink. Bar shelves for glasses hold glass racks or other beverage prepping items in a sanitary condition and within easy reach. 

Key Points For Buying Bar Glass Storage

The primary purpose of bar glass storage is the same: to store glassware in racks. Their construction is also very similar. Still, these wine glass rack shelves are available in various heights, widths, and shelving options. Your choice may influence the back bar space, storage capacity, and serving speed. Attention to the following points can help you find the right wine glass holder under cabinet.

  • Rack Size: Bar glass storage cabinets aim to hold glass racks, so their widths often match rack sizes. You can remove glass racks from your glasswasher and stack them inside these units. Therefore, check the rack sizes in your dishwashers.
  • Top Configuration: Bar glass storage units can come with or without a top. The back bar area is your mixologist’s working space besides beverage equipment storage. Therefore, a cabinet with a drainboard or flat top allows for blending drinks without worrying about spills over freshly cleaned glasses. A perforated drainboard top also lets glasses continue air drying. An open top means bartenders can access glasses quickly, improving serving speed when traffic peaks.
  • Base Configuration: Bar glass storage can feature an open or enclosed base with a fixed or adjustable shelving system. You can pick a cabinet with two or three shelves. The bottom shelf is usually fixed, while the middle shelves can be adjustable or not. Floating shelves with wine glass holders can have rack slides or roll-out shelves. Some cabinets can have a completely open base. In that case, you can stack your glass racks on top of one another.


Bar glass storage units help keep your bar area organized and provide your bartenders with easy access to all glassware. Plus, your glasses will always remain clean. You can find the model that best meets your needs and completes your bar layout at Chef’s Deal from elite brands, GlastenderLaCrosse, and more. You can also check out our other underbar equipment for your establishment.