Deep Fryer Baskets

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Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Baskets Of Different Shapes

Deep fryer baskets are wire baskets used for lowering foods into hot oil safely and efficiently in commercial deep fryers. These small commercial kitchen wares are often durable stainless steel and a chrome or nickel finish to withstand hot oil and constant use. They also feature a coated handle that prevents heat transfer to protect users against burns during the frying process. Therefore, your employees can safely and conveniently fry and serve batches of french fries, nuggets, mozzarella sticks, or seafood. 

Commercial deep fryers often come with one or more baskets. Deep fryer baskets have a simple design but are used for multiple tasks along the whole frying process. You can use them to dip your items into a batter or breading mixture before frying. They can also hold your products while cooking in hot oil. Finally, you can keep the fried foods in baskets to filter the excess fat before serving. Therefore, the more fryer baskets you have, the faster your cook line is.

Deep fryer baskets are available on the market in different shapes and styles. Standard deep fryers use rectangular or square baskets. Your choice depends on the size and shape of the oil pot in your fryers. Specialty fryers may need a round wire mesh or uniquely-shaped basket. For example, tostada baskets are designed to fry several tostadas at each batch. Similarly, taco salad bowl makers or taco shell baskets can help keep the curl taco shape customers love. If you want to serve more fresh and crispier dishes, you can choose a deep fryer basket with portion divider wires and cook each portion separately.

Fried items are often consumed as side dishes, salads, or snacks. That’s why they are always on the menu, whatever your main courses are. You can meet the high demands only by having extra deep fryer baskets on hand. Chef’s Deal has stainless steel fryer baskets from trusted brands, FMPWaring, and more. You may also wish to see our commercial deep fryers for renewing your deep frying equipment.