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Door Type Dishwashers: Trendy, Space-Saving, And Economical Kitchen-Mate

Door-type dishwashers are vital for the smooth running of commercial kitchens in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and other food-serving establishments. They ensure the cleaning and sanitizing of the dishes and cutlery, which are crucial to preventing cross-contamination and presenting a healthy, secure, and elegant eating experience to your customers. Door-type dishwashers are suitable for most food catering and servicing businesses with their various and flexible features.

Door-type dishwashers constitute one of the most widespread dishwasher types that are used in commercial kitchens. Door-type dishwashers mainly operate through a lift-up door, which enables you to slide the dishwashing racks inside. When the doors are closed, the fast washing and sanitizing begin. Then, you can easily take the dishes out through the same entry or the other door for pass-through models.

There are also several types and various capacities of door-type dishwashers. Firstly, the sanitation method of these industrial size dishwashers differs. As FDA regulations require the sanitation of the dishes, cutlery, and glassware before they are re-used, door-type dishwashers utilize sanitation agents or high temperatures to complete this process. Low-temperature door type dishwashers use more chemicals, yet high-temperature commercial dishwashers heat the water to 180 Fahrenheit and spray it onto the dishes to kill bacteria and microbes.

Although the initial investment cost for the low temp door type dishwashers and their electric consumption is low, they need a constant supply of chemicals and detergents, which form an additional cost. The high-temperature door-type dishwashers use a lower amount of sanitation chemicals but require more electricity to heat the water. Furthermore, some models may need a booster heater as well.

Another factor that you should be considering is the capacity and door clearance of the restaurant dishwashers. Door-type dishwashers are mainly classified per the number of standard dishwashing racks they can sanitize per hour.  This sanitation capacity is also dependent on the rack capacity of these door-type dishwashers. While some models can clean and prepare 20 racks for use per hour, you can find more developed models with a capacity of 100 racks per hour, depending on the workflow and necessities of your business. Single rack commercial dishwashers present a quick cleaning of the dishes for smaller food establishments. However, there are also businesses conducting a large volume of operations, and they need a large number of clean and sanitized dishes and crockery. Hence, double rack commercial dishwashers will be best to carry out their kitchen duties.

Door-type dishwashers also have different design features to make them more compatible with the commercial kitchen conditions. They are made of stainless and rust-free steel to increase their durability in heavy use conditions, even in a busy commercial kitchen. Furthermore, different models with different door-entrance clearance heights enable the sanitation of different kitchenware in these door-type dishwashers.

Since the commercial dishwashers take up a remarkable space in your kitchen, you should also be careful when deciding on their outer shape and design. While some models we carry are designed to fit your kitchen layout directly and finely, some models are aimed to work as a corner commercial dishwasher. You can also decide between the regular shaped or round shaped.

Chef's Deal offers the best commercial dishwasher brands at affordable prices and high-quality service. You can find lower commercial dishwasher prices among our listings and make a selection from Champion Dishwashing MachinesCMA DishmachinesElectrolux Professional DishwashersEurodib USA / Lamber DishwashersJet-Tech DishwashersMoyer Diebel Dishwashers, Blakeslee, and Ampto.