Conveyor Dishwashers

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Keep Your Dishes Clean Quickly With Conveyor Dishwashers

Conveyor dishwashers are enormous toys that are used for dishwashing in commercial kitchens. They are primarily designed for use in crowded food establishments such as cafes, dining facilities in schools and universities, hospitals, or other businesses like busy restaurants or hotels. Since these commercial dishwashers require significant initial investment and careful layout planning, you need to know them better to choose the most suitable option.

What Are Conveyor Dishwashers?

Conveyor dishwashers are large commercial dishwashing machines that are equipped with a conveyor belt running on a moving chain. The commercial dishwasher racks are placed on this belt, and the dishwasher conveyor system moves these towards the washing cabinet. Running on a “first in, first out” principle, these monster commercial dishwashers for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other food catering businesses are furnished with different features and capabilities.

How Do Conveyor Dishwashers Work?

Initially, conveyor dishwashers work through a cycle system that includes washing, power rinsing, final rinsing, and drying (these stages can vary depending on the model). At the washing stage, these commercial kitchen dishwashers wash away the dirt and food residues by spraying heated water onto the dishes through the nozzles. These nozzles may have different directions and can be made from other materials to improve durability. Some models, the conveyor dishwashers with prewash, have an additional tank for making a preliminary cleaning of the dishes in addition to this first stage.

Then, the rinsing stage starts. This is a crucial step of commercial dishwashing as the FDA requires the sanitation of utensils and dishes that contact food either with hot water or rinsing aids. Here, you will see that there are mainly two options available for you.

The Types of Conveyor Dishwashers

The first type, high temp commercial dishwashers, starts rinsing with the water heating around 180°F to kill all the bacteria and microbes to prevent cross-contamination and ensure hygiene. These grade commercial dish machines require an additional booster heater and more electricity to reach that temperature level, increasing the initial investment cost. However, they do need fewer chemical rinsing aids which decrease the upkeep costs, and the dishes and the cutlery will be ready for service sooner as they dry up rapidly.

The other type of conveyor machine is the low temp dishwashers. These business dishwashers need additional detergents and rinsing aids to complete the sanitation, and this will create an ongoing running cost all the time it runs. Despite low commercial dishwasher prices in this class, these chemicals make a substantial sum. If you want to have both features, you can also prefer the convertible models.

The Capacity and Additional Features of Conveyor Dishwashers

Another point that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a conveyor dishwasher is its capacity. Although these conveyor belt dishwashing machines are the prime items of commercial dishwashing, they vary in size and equipment. For instance, low-end commercial conveyor dishwashers can wash up to 70 baskets or 1260 plates per hour, and high-end units can sanitize more than 350 racks or about 6000 plates per hour. We carry many models of the best commercial conveyor dishwashers with different capacities. You can find the most suitable one by considering the needs of your restaurant or hotel supplies.

Since a considerable budget is allocated for these conveyor dishwashers, it is natural to expect long-lasting use. These commercial warewashing machines are manufactured from stainless steel and have a sturdy frame, legs, and parts. Conveyor dishwashers are designed for heavy use, and hence they have resistance against the cleaning and sanitizing chemicals to assure the machine's durability. Additionally, conveyor belt washing machines are equipped with digital controls which are mounted within the easy reach of the operator. The chain conveyor system also facilitates dish loading and unloading by providing space for your staff to put the racks in series for sequential and auto washing.

You can select Energy Star qualified conveyor dishwasher models that will decrease your energy bills while they contribute to your business through speedy cleaning. Besides, water is consumed at large volumes during dishwashing. However, this type of commercial kitchen dishwasher requires much less water than you expect (less than a gallon of water per rack).

Conveyor Dishwashers In Brief

After all details, the main features and benefits of conveyor dishwashers can be summarized as follows:

  • Extensive cleaning and sanitation capacity with fast cycles of washing, rinsing, and drying,
  • Up-to-code sanitation and effective cleaning,
  • Able to handle a high volume of dishes in a short time,
  • Ample entrance clearance for cleaning the large kitchen items,
  • Contributing to your business with clean, clear, and sparkling flatware and cutlery,
  • Saving personnel labor by conducting massive operations only with an operating dishwasher.


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