Butcher Shop Supplies

Butcher shop supplies will be your reliable partner when you want to enhance your workflow efficiency for higher quality service to your customers with complete hygiene, product diversity, and freshness. Read More

Meat Processing Equipment

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Meat processing equipment works out of heavy tasks without sacrificing the quality of the meat in the butcher shops and any meat seller foodbusiness.

Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers

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Reach-in refrigerators and freezers store your foods fresh without degrading their quality and keep them in the proper temperatures with their large capacity.

Walk-in Refrigeration

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Walk-in Coolers & Freezers keep your perishable food fresh at a safe temperature economically and eco-friendly until you cook or serve them.


Meat Display Cases

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Meat display cases are ideal for conserving, storing, cooling, and showcasing red meat, poultry, ham, beef, pork, and other cold meat products.


Deli Display Cases

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You can create safe storage for the food in your establishment with deli display cases and merchandise the products by placing the display case in an easily spotted space.


Commercial Meat & Sausage Mixers

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Commercial meat mixers are designed to mix ground meat, fat, and other ingredients, including seasonings, smoothly and easily.


Commercial Work Tables

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By putting a work table in your restaurant, you can make prepping and cooking stations. With these tables, you can organize your kitchen effectively.


Commercial Sinks

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Outfitting your place with the right commercial sinks allows you to pass the sanitation codes. We offer a wide range of sinks according to your place's needs.


Vacuum Sealer Machines

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Vacuum sealers provide proper storage, help you keep the food fresh and safe, reduce the costs by preventing spoilage, and contribute to the sous vide recipes.


Smoker Ovens & Pig Roasters

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Commercial Smoker Ovens' impact on the taste and texture of the meat is unmatched. You can enrich your many with a commercial cabinet-style or countertop smoker.


Butcher Shop Supplies: The Perfect Meat is Possible

Butcher shop supplies will be your reliable partner when you want to enhance your workflow efficiency for higher quality service to your customers with complete hygiene, product diversity, and freshness.

As meat processing and butchering include risky duties while dealing with a temperature-sensitive food product, the butcher shop supplies should be designed to provide utmost operational security. Additionally, valuable and delicate meat products must be stored under optimal conditions to prevent bacteria growth, so shortening/lessening the time that is spent on preparation with the right butcher shop supplies poses greater importance. Thus, it would be wise to keep your business stocked fully with the necessary butcher supplies whether you run a deli store, a butcher shop, a high-traffic restaurant, or a catering business.

1. Meat Processing Equipment

Meat processing is the most laborious and sensitive job for the butchering businesses and food serving establishments. Additionally, it is significant for presenting high-quality and fine-cut meat products. These butcher shop supplies will also contribute to your business by growing your product range.

Commercial Meat Tenderizers

Commercial meat tenderizers are designed to soften the tough meat strands to make them tastier for consumption. These butcher supplies enable you to maximize the taste by making steak, sirloin, pork, or chicken breast more tender and juicier, which also facilitates marination.

Commercial Sausage Stuffers

Commercial sausage stuffers can be cited among the sales-boosting butcher shop supplies by enabling you to produce your own links of sausages. These butchers supplies are available in different sizes to allow you to handle varying amounts of batches.

Meat and Bone Saws

Commercial meat and bone saws will bring practicality to your butcher shop with their adequate meat and bone cutting capabilities which are powered by a strong motor and built with robust commercial-grade construction. This butcher shop equipment is also designed to provide enhanced safety for the butchers and operators, which makes it one of the best butcher shop and slaughterhouse supplies.

Commercial Meat Grinders & Choppers

Commercial meat grinders and choppers are manufactured to provide a suitable solution to chop and grind a large amount of meat in shorter periods. These meat processing supplies feature sturdy construction and can be found with different capacities to allow butchering facilities to catch up with their production volume. With these butcher grinders, you can easily prepare ground meat for your sausage stuffers or burger presses.

Commercial Meat and Chicken Slicers

Commercial meat slicers and chicken slicers are the prominent butcher shop supplies and reliable partners in deli stores, restaurants, and even the supermarkets to enable you and your staff to cut fresh and cooked meat at the desired thickness rapidly and with higher security. This type of butchery equipment will undoubtedly facilitate and accelerate your meat slicing with its electric-powered meat slicers, while manual models are also offered for lower volume needs.

Meat Curing Chambers

Meat curing chambers are designed to provide an optimal place to age or thaw meat and meat products. These butcher shop supplies are equipped with the necessary temperature, humidity, and airflow controllers to create optimal conditions for perfect meat curing.

Food Dehydrators

Commercial food dehydrators are becoming more popular as fruit and meat dryers to preserve these products for more extended periods without being wasted or spoiled. This butchers supply is a functional unit to dry meat to remove the water inside the meat to hinder bacteria growth.

Commercial Meat Mixer

Commercial meat mixers are built to evenly and consistently mix the ground meat with the spices by presenting you with much convenience of use. These butcher shop supplies will help you prepare sausage mixes quickly, and you can opt to purchase the electric-powered models for larger volumes.

Hamburger Patty Presses

Hamburger patty presses serve as a compact butcher supply to make burgers just by placing some ground meat and lowering the press to make consistently shaped burgers. This butchering equipment can make the burgers in different sizes.

2. Butchering Tools

Butchering tools are essential to conducting your operations smoothly. Butchering requires much manual power, and suitable butcher shop supplies such as butcher knives, meat slicing, and carving knives will facilitate skinning hide, deboning meat, or cutting fillets. You can also expand your inventory with chicken butchering supplies to easily debone chicken thighs.

Furthermore, you will also need additional butchers’ tools to conduct these works safely. Cutting boards will allow you to cut and process meat and bones in a secure and sturdy place, while the knife block racks are best to keep and store your butchering knives within your reach.

3. Meat Room Work Stations & Racks

Meat processing is needed to be conducted in a properly cooled environment to keep the meat in the best condition for healthy storage and easy processing. Meat rooms are perfect for this, but they should be equipped accordingly to continue working at the highest efficiency.

Commercial Work Tables

Commercial work tables are basic butcher shop supplies to organize your kitchen layout. These stainless steel work tables will help you form a butchering station with enough space and sturdiness.

Commercial Sinks

Commercial sinks will help you maintain vital sanitation and hygiene in a butcher shop where you can easily wash your hands, knives, parts of meat grinders, cones of stuffers, or other butcher shop supplies.

Meat Department Racks

Meat department racks are designed to store and transport meat with ease, chicken, sausages, or beef. You can also select models to hang the large meat parts or sausage lines with the right meat hanging equipment.

4. Meat Packaging Supplies and Sales Equipment

Meat products are to be protected from external contaminants. Therefore, the safetiest way to present meat to the customers is to keep them in closed and cooled cabinets for storing or displaying purposes. After a sale, meat products should be appropriately packed with suitable food packaging machines to protect them.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machines

Additionally, you can prolong the preservation period of meat products by placing them in sealed packs with a vacuum sealer machine. This butcher shop equipment will hinder bacteria growth by removing the air.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are a must in every food processing and serving business with their contribution to food hygiene. You can use these butcher shop supplies to move to another task without having to wash your hands rapidly.

Commercial Scales

Commercial scales are among the first butcher shop tools you have to buy when starting a butchering business. The commercial scales ensure you give the correct amount of product to your customers as well as enable you to control the mixes with the correct ratios of ingredients precisely.

5. Refrigeration Equipment

Meat requires extreme attention to its refrigeration to preserve its texture, taste, and safety. Thus, you must obtain sufficient refrigeration equipment and units for your business.

Walk-in Refrigeration

Walk-in refrigeration is the inextricable part of any food serving business to have central refrigeration with a high capacity to hold stocks. Walk-in freezers can retain and keep/preserve frozen beef, steak, chicken, burgers, sausages, and other meat products for longer periods. They can contribute to your sales by helping you keep a large stock as a butcher freezer to meet customers' demands.

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are of great use if you deal with a lesser volume of meat or use them in your back of the house to refrigerate the meat and other products during meat processing and food preparation. This butcher equipment will let you easily reach the meat products you need for dishes while allowing a close storage point to transfer them to the main butcher freezer later.

Meat Display Cases and Deli Display Cases

Meat display cases are designed to provide eye-catching meat showcasing cabinets while retaining lower temperatures which is vital for the safety of these products. You can also opt to buy deli display cases which are also styled to create attractive butcher equipment to exhibit its pre-packaged product range.


Chef’s Deal offers durable, versatile, and practical butcher shop supplies from top vendors to equip your butchering business, increase product diversity, and keep your products secure and personnel safe. You can find the best financial options and free consulting, layout, and design services at Chef’s Deal.