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Extend The Life Of Your Cooking Equipment with Cooking Equipment Parts and Accessories

Cooking equipment parts and accessories help maintain your restaurant ranges, fryers, ovens, grills, charbroilers, steam kettles, and all other commercial cooking appliances in working condition. Cooking equipment is the bread and butter of foodservice establishments. Machine downtime can cause irreversible situations. Canceling an order because of a minor malfunction in your cooking equipment may ruin your image. Therefore, storing commercial cooking equipment parts to replace broken components keeps the wheels turning without any loss.

How Can Cooking Equipment Parts Help?

The availability of cooking equipment parts and accessories in your facility is vital in several respects.

  • Replacement: You can fix any malfunction with spare parts. For instance, the top grate on your charbroiler may not function properly due to heavy use. Changing it with a replacement broiler grate is a DIY job, allowing you to continue your grilled menus’ crispiness, flavor quality, and sear marks.
  • Longevity: Cooking equipment parts and accessories also help extend the life of your appliances. For instance, crumb scoops, crumb screens, and oil filtration supplies can keep the burners and drain valves of fryers safe from food particles. Thus, a well-maintained commercial fryer will remain with you longer. You can do the same favor to your grills and griddles with grill wipers and griddle scrapers.
  • Functionality & Capacity: Roll-in oven racks will increase your output if you have difficulty meeting the rush-hour demands. Similarly, you can’t afford to say no to overcrowding customers hungry for a roast turkey or chicken. An extra spit rack for your rotisserie oven would be an excellent proactive move against such cases. When french fries orders peak, mobile fryer basket racks can hold the ready-to-serve products and reduce wait times. 
  • Flexibility: The conversion kits are typical examples of how cooking equipment parts can enhance flexibility. They enable you to shift between propane and natural gas. You may have a compact appliance that saves space but limits you in specific ways. A stacking kit allows you to add a unit on top of another. You can serve mouthwatering paninis with attractive grill marks in your microwave by adding a panini press mechanism.
  • Safety: Steam connector hoses or gas connectors and hoses may wear out over time. Regularly changing them will lead to a safer and code-compliant operation.

Quick Tips For Buying Cooking Equipment Parts

You can use category or type filters while browsing cooking equipment parts and accessories. For example, if you are in the market for spare or add-on components for your ovens, commercial ovens parts and accessories is your category. Or, if you know what exactly you need, like a range top grate or a griddle plate, the type filter will help you. In either case, it is crucial to check compatibility with your unit. 


Given the number of cooking applications in a restaurant kitchen, it may be hard to know what commercial cooking equipment parts and accessories you might need for each. Please contact the experienced representatives at Chef’s Deal for any questions you may have.