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Commercial Kitchen Sinks

Commercial sinks are one of the essential restaurant supplies for restaurants and other food service business establishments. Washing hands, kitchenware, food, or mops require a separate restaurant sink, each with specific requirements. Your choice will not rely only on your free will because federal and local authorities mandate stringent codes. Why are there so many regulations? The answer is downright. Commercial kitchens are replete with personal hygiene, utensil sterilization, and food preparation activities. With the addition of sewage and other disposal systems, industrial sinks may host many health risks. Therefore, compliance with codes must be your top consideration in buying the best restaurant sinks.

Know Your Codes About Commercial Sinks

Outfitting a commercial kitchen with the best industrial sinks is a serious business. There may be specific codes for each restaurant sink in your establishment. Knowledge of the relevant guidelines could directly influence your decisions about the number and type of commercial sinks you will need. Indifference to or ignorance of these regulations can lead to irreversible consequences for the health of your staff and customers, let alone the sanctions due to violation. It’s necessary to attend to related FDA requirements to relieve your conscience and remove your worries about legal consequences.

Besides these FDA guidelines, there may be some additional codes issued by your local healthcare department. For instance, the area allotted to your commercial sinks in your kitchen must have sufficient lighting. The fluorescent tubes over your commercial kitchen sinks should hold a plastic diffuser to prevent the landing of glass pieces on food if they break.

You will also have to be cautious about the drainage system attached to your commercial sinks. Water traps in drainage pipes can keep the unwanted scent away from the food prep area. In commercial kitchens, there are many greasy substances. These may readily block the sewage system and cause backflows in your industrial sink. Therefore, some municipalities also necessitate grease traps.

Types of Commercial Sinks

You may encounter many different types of restaurant sinks for sale. There are durable commercial stainless steel sinks with or without a faucet. Commercial kitchen sinks also differ in the number of basins they have. The following four types can help you stay at a safe distance from codes violation.

Portable handwashing stations are mobile commercial sinks for washing hands. They have separate clean and wastewater tanks with various capacities. The in-house water heater and water pump work together to meet the hot water requirements for hand sterilization. For the same purpose, most models feature a soap dispenser and paper towel holder. These mobile hand wash sinks can have up to 3 sink bowls. The featured design of their casters and the push handles facilitate maneuvering. These mobile hand sinks meet all the regulations. They are an excellent fit for kitchens of all sizes, particularly for self-serve stations.

Commercial hand wash sinks are single-bowl units for food employees’ hand sanitization. You can buy a hand sink with or without side splashes, which are necessary to prevent food contamination with soap or other sterilization chemicals. When you buy one without side splashes, you will have to purchase splash guards separately. Hand sinks bear differing style features. Commercial hand wash drop-in sinks fit directly into a countertop opening, while recessed models are located under the counter without its surface protruding over the counter. Pedestal mounted base hand sinks are supported with pedal valves and wall mount brackets. They provide hands-free access to water, minimizing contamination risks. A wall-mounted hand sink attaches securely to a wall. You don’t need a countertop or any other support unit to install it. 

3-compartment sink is the method of washing, rinsing, and sanitizing kitchenware in a different basin. They are self-standing units with stainless steel legs and mounted commercial sink faucets. According to state-level regulations, every industrial kitchen must own a 3-basin commercial sink, and each basin should be used only for the designated purpose to remain code-compliant.

Commercial drop-in sinks are easier to afford and install. Their 2- or 3- compartment models can effortlessly be recessed and secured into an opening on your kitchen counter. The rim of the sink sticks out of the counter to sit on it. This helps the counter carry the weight of the sink. Some have their commercial sink faucets mounted on them. There are also models with holes drained on their backsplash for faucet installation.

A commercial mop sink is another piece of sanitation equipment required for janitorial services in industrial kitchens. Also known as service sinks, they can only be used for washing mops or other wet floor cleaning tools. Floor mop sinks are more convenient for dumping wastewater. Free-standing models can mean more storage as you can keep your buckets and cleaning substances under them.

Faucet mount eyewash stations convert a regular faucet into a decontamination unit with suitable plumbing adaptors. Employees working with hazardous materials should be ready for emergencies. These functional units flush water to the face and eyes to prevent potential injuries.

FAQs Of Buying a Commercial Sink

Answers to the questions below will act as a quick guide, helping you choose the best industrial sinks for your establishment.

Are Commercial Sinks Durable?

Industrial kitchens are hectic workplaces with lots of heavy utensils. The rush in a commercial kitchen can frequently cause clashes of equipment. Also, there is continuous use of hot water and cleaning substances. Therefore, commercial sinks are made of robust materials like stainless steel or polyethylene to render them resistant to dents and rust. Some portable hand wash sinks can have stainless steel construction but laminate or plastic exterior finish for decorative purposes.

How Many Commercial Sinks Do I Need?

Even the smallest restaurant kitchen needs at least 2, but most require a minimum of 3. Foodservice is a rule-governed and fragile business. Therefore, not to operate on a slippery slope, you should have at least a hand wash sink, a 3-compartment sink, and a floor-mounted mop sink according to your needs.

What Is The Right Size For A Commercial Sink?

Size may depend on the physical dimensions of your kitchen. However, remember that FDA dictates sanitizing utensils with full immersion in a hot water solution. Find your largest kitchenware, measure its dimensions, and choose a commercial sink with a compartment deep enough to submerge it.

What Is The Best Location To Install A Hand Wash Sink?

The ideal place would be somewhere close to the food prep area in your kitchen. Thus, staff can sterilize their hands quickly and easily right before they start contacting food. Relying on the proximity to food prep surfaces, you may need a hand wash sink with splash guards to prevent food contamination.

I Have A Commercial Dishwasher, So Do I Still Need A 3-Compartment Sink?

Yes. In case of a power cut or a malfunction in your dishwasher, you can rest on your 3-compartment commercial sink. Plus, some kitchenware can have irregular dimensions making it hard to tuck them in a dishwasher.

Can I Use My 3-Compartment Sink For Food Cleaning?

Yes, but when warewashing is not in progress. You need to thoroughly clean your 3-compartment sink each time before you use it for washing produce or other food.


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