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Open Air Merchandiser Coolers: Attractive And Eye-Catching Product Display Point

Open air merchandiser coolers present an attractive and eye-catching product display point to increase sales. Open-air coolers are perfect for exhibiting cold beverages and drinks, bakery items, dairy products, desserts, pre-packaged foods, and salads. These units offer great use, which will be beneficial for grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, bakeries, delis, or supermarkets to improve their business through rising sales.

How do Open Air Merchandiser Coolers work?

Open-air merchandiser coolers do not have front doors to facilitate loading for the staff and experience of the customers to grab and go their needs. They lack door insulation to keep the cold inside. Hence, these open refrigerators utilize an air stream and blow cold air horizontally or vertically to create a cold air curtain barrier to prevent the loss of cold. This creates a cold atmosphere in the cabin to maintain the low interior temperature to preserve the food and drinks.

What are the advantages of Open Air Merchandiser Coolers?

Open coolers are designed to provide versatile food and drink storage to enable the operators:

  • Open-air merchandiser coolers provide refrigerated storage to keep the cold drinks and food safe for consumption.
  • They bring doorless display cabinets to facilitate your customers' reach to the products. Hence, they are excellent for self-service areas.
  • Grab-and-go coolers can boost last-minute sales when placed next to the check-out counter. Your customers can see and grab what they want or need just before paying, and this will increase your impulse sales.
  • With its larger loading front gap, open-air refrigerators will allow you or your staff to make your stocking and counting much faster.

Types of Open-Air Merchandiser Coolers

Open-air merchandiser coolers have different shapes and styles to address various needs in food and drink selling businesses.

Horizontal Open Display Refrigerators and Undercounter Open Display Merchandiser Coolers: These open-air refrigerators have a broader construction to offer a much wider shelf to enable you to store more products. The undercounter open-air merchandiser coolers can fit into compact spaces such as under counters to allow more space on the counter. They are shorter than the vertical open merchandiser coolers and hence, can be a better option to place next to the cashier to increase impulse sales.

Island Type Open Refrigerated Display Cases: These open-air merchandisers offer an elegant oval shape to attract more customers by creating an attention-grabbing point of sale. You can stock your best-selling foods all around this food and beverage display cooler to show them to your customers from all angles.

Vertical Grab and Go Fridges: These open-air merchandiser coolers have a taller design to provide more storage room and feature up to 7 tiers of shelves. They can be placed on the same line as the other merchandising coolers and freezers.

The Available Features for the Open Air Merchandiser Coolers

These commercial open-air merchandiser coolers present a wide variety of options to adapt them to your needs in your business. Nearly all of these commercial coolers have LED lighting to illuminate the interior cabinet better and create an alluring appearance inside. Additionally, these lights do not produce extra heat, and hence, they are suitable for use in these cooling items. Furthermore, some models come with back-lit top displays to let you advertise brands or store names.

Many open-air refrigerated displays are equipped with side glass walls to increase energy efficiency. The shelves are adjustable to let you arrange them for different heights to display various-sized bottles, cans, and packs. Apart from these, digital temperature controls are offered for many models, while there is an open refrigerated merchandiser with caster wheels to facilitate mobility.


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