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Types of Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Water is the primary ingredient of commercial kitchens, so how you provide water to meet different requirements in your kitchen is significant. With varying types and mount styles, commercial faucets help you deliver tempered water at the most suitable flow rate for all the sanitation and food preparation purposes in your kitchen.

Equipping your kitchen with restaurant faucets can be a bit tedious. The first thing to note is the lead content. Commercial faucets listed on Chef's Deal are all lead-free or contain low lead not exceeding the limits issued by the relevant codes in effect. Next, you need to identify your purpose. Handwashing, food preparation, warewashing, and janitorial services each call for a different faucet. There is a wide range of types, styles, and brands. Here is a more practical way to categorize commercial-style kitchen faucets.

Commercial Faucets by Mount

Commercial wall-mount faucets attach to your water lines through the wall, not the That'sThat's why the installation of commercial wall-mount faucets can be more costly and require more expertise. When assembled over a 3-compartment sink, a wall-mount faucet cannot reach all the compartments. You can overcome this by installing a swing/swivel nozzle or a double-joint spout. These commercial kitchen faucets' most significant one of many advantages is that you can install a wall-mount faucet anywhere in your kitchen. It gives you flexibility. Besides, it frees more countertop space to use for other purposes.

Deck-mount faucets are much easier to install as they have pre-drilled holes. You will not have to bend over backward to align the faucet with the drain. Their relatively reasonable prices and ease of installation make them the most common commercial faucets. Manufacturers offer more style options because they are the standard type, so you indeed find the commercial faucets that fit your kitchen and wallet.

Commercial Faucets by Function

The multitude of tasks carried out in an industrial kitchen is incredible. If you match the commercial faucet type with the tasks required in your kitchen correctly, you can oil the wheels and provide convenience for your employees. Pre-rinse faucets facilitate the rinse, wash, and sanitize procedure. Spraying the leftovers off the dishes before washing can reduce energy and water costs. If your employees are fed up with trying to stuff large stock pots in your sinks, get them pot and wok filler faucets. These commercial kitchen faucets feature a flexible hose and fill pots at much faster rates. You may wish to lessenemployees'oyees’ burden also with a mop sink faucet so they can effortlessly fill mop buckets. With their ergonomic design, the multi-functional pantry faucets can be used for cooking and washing.

For your handwashing sinks or restrooms, you can purchase commercial touchless faucets or metering faucets. Touchless faucets run on batteries or electricity and offer hands-free operation, improving sanitation and conserving energy and water. Metering faucets are self-closing faucets that shut off after dispensing a specific amount of water. These two commercial kitchen faucets are particularly ideal for preventing cross-contamination.

Commercial Faucet Parts and Accessories

Commercial faucets are composed of a base, handles, spout, and cartridge. These may break over time and need changing. You may want to add extra features to your existing faucets by purchasing accessories like hoses of varying lengths, nozzles, adapters, valves, and more. You can also get a repair kit and keep your kitchen in good condition all the time.

FAQs about Commercial Faucets

When shopping for professional kitchen faucets, you may still have questions in your mind. The answers below can enrich your knowledge and guide you through a more informed decision.

Why Does The Spout Length Matter?

Water splashing onto food contact surfaces can be a hot potato for industrial kitchens. Generally, the taller the spout is, the more likely it will cause water to splatter. High-arching spouts like gooseneck can offer more clearance between the faucet and the sink but increase the chances of splashing. It is better not to use tall spouts with shallow sinks.

What Do Faucet Centers Signify?

This is important for faucet installation. Most sinks have pre-drilled holes to accommodate the faucet, and the center refers to the distance between these holes. Some industrial kitchen faucets have adjustable centers, increasing installation flexibility.

How Many Mounting Holes Are Necessary For Installation?

Commercial faucets can have 1 to 4 holes, one for the spout and two for hot and cold water handles. The fourth or any additional holes are for accessories like a soap dispenser or side sprayer.

Which Is Better, A Single Or Two-Handle Commercial Faucet?

Two-handle faucets offer more individualized control over water temperature and flow rate. Temperature control can be more precise with a mixing valve attached to your single handle faucet.


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