Glycol Power Pack Draft Beer Chillers

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Draft Beer Systems: Glycol Power Pack Draft Beer Chillers

Glycol beer chillers are specifically-designed commercial refrigeration solutions that are appropriate for commercial beer serving businesses such as bars, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants. These glycol chillers work as a part of the cooling chain that ensures the beer is served as chilled and refreshing.

How does a Glycol Cooling System Work?

Glycol beer chillers comprise mainly three components: Glycol power pack, trunkline, and beer towers.

  • Glycol Power Pack: The glycol power pack is the centerpiece of the glycol beer system as it cools and pumps the glycol liquid.
  • Trunkline: Trunkline is the insulated bundle of beer and glycol-filled tubes.
  • Beer Tap Towers: Tap towers are the final parts of the draft beer system where the chilled beer is served.

The glycol-cooled draft beer system starts in the main beer cooler, where the beer is stored. Glycol Power Pack is installed next to the storing unit, and the glycol, a kind of alcohol, is pumped into the lines in the trunkline. The beer is carried inside the trunkline while the surrounding cooling glycol pipes maintain the beer's chill. Finally, the beer reaches the kegerator almost as cold as it is in the walk-in cooler, and the glycol goes back to the Glycol Power Pack through the returning line.

Advantages of Glycol Beer Chillers

Glycol beer systems offer remarkable advantages to facilitate the operations of commercial beer brewing or serving establishments:

  • Glycol chillers safely allow the chilled transfer of beer from the primary storage cooler to the beer dispensing units.
  • Glycol never contacts with beer and thus, does not affect the taste or health.
  • Commercial glycol chillers enable the preservation of cold beer temperature even through long-way systems.
  • Glycol beer chillers enhance customer satisfaction as well by boosting the taste and quality of the beer as it is served cold.


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