Booster Heaters

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Booster Heaters: Natural Terminator

A booster heater is a piece of crucial equipment in commercial dishwashing to ensure the cleanliness of the tableware. The FDA requires all dinnerware, cooking equipment, and utensils to be sanitized either with chemicals or hot water rinsing. If you equip your commercial dishwasher with the proper booster heater, you will be able to rest assured that your cleaning and sanitation meet the FDA standards.

What is a Booster Heater?

A booster heater is designed to quickly heat the rinsing water and maintain the heat around 180°F to kill the contaminants, microbes, and germs. If you prefer a high-temp dishwasher in your commercial kitchen, you must connect a buster water heater to the system to provide hot water to the sanitation process.  

Types of Booster Heaters

Commercial dishwasher water heater boosters are available in three main models, which are fuelled with different sources:

  1. Gas Booster Heater For Dishwashers: Gas booster heaters for dishwashers heat the water with natural gas. Therefore, they offer a cheaper cost of running when compared to electric booster heaters. However, commercial dishwasher gas booster heaters need a higher initial investment cost and require more work to be installed.
  2. Electric Booster Heaters: Electric booster heaters can be purchased at lower prices and can easily be installed by an experienced electrician. However, electric booster heaters are the most expensive option when the heating cost is considered.
  3. Steam Booster Heaters: Steam booster heaters operate using the water provided by the water boiler in the establishment. Therefore, these booster heaters present cheaper running expenses, but they cost more than the electric booster heaters.

Features of Booster Heaters

Many booster water heaters are equipped with an inner tank to heat and provide consistent water at the sanitizing levels. This tank is protected from outer damages with a stainless steel panel. Additionally, dishwasher booster heaters feature an external digital display and digital thermostat to allow you to monitor and control the temperature level.   

Booster water heaters will be a reliable and practical addition to the commercial dishwasher in your dish pit by ensuring compliance with FDA sanitation rules and facilitating the dish drying. Furthermore, high-temp sanitation eliminates the need for chemical sanitation, which will prevent the possibility of soapy taste on the tableware.


Chef's Deal presents a Hatco booster heater collection for your dishwashing needs. You may also wish to check out our other commercial dishwashing equipment.