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Experience the financial flexibility with Chef's Deal's Net 30 program, powered by our partnership with Credit Key. We understand the importance of managing your business's cash flow effectively. That's why we offer a seamless solution to buy now and pay later without the traditional financial paperwork.
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What is Net 30 on Chef's Deal?

"Net 30" is a financial service that allows businesses to purchase supplies and equipment with the flexibility to pay 30 days later. This service, offered in partnership with Credit Key, simplifies the buying process by providing quick credit approvals without requiring personal guarantees, ownership information, or social security numbers.

Simple & Secure Financing

Credit Key
No Personal Guarantee Needed:
We value your trust and privacy. Our program requires no personal guarantee, ownership information, or social security number.
Credit Key
Quick Application, Instant Decisions:
Don't let lengthy processes slow you down. Our application is simple, and you'll receive decisions instantly.
Credit Key
Expand Your Business Now:
With Credit Key, you can invest in your business today. Pay within 30 days and keep your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

How Our Net 30 Program Works?

Eligibility Check
Eligibility Check:
Ideal for industries like hospitality, food service, healthcare, and education. If your business is a school, hospital, government agency, church, non-profit, or a company with over $5M in annual revenue, this program is designed for you.
Simple Application
Simple Application:
Visit the Credit Key Application and fill out a straightforward form. No need for personal guarantees, ownership information, or social security numbers.
Instant Decision
Instant Decision:
Receive quick approval decisions so you can start purchasing immediately.
Flexible Payment
Flexible Payment:
After your order, choose to pay via bank details or check within 30 days.
We Handle the Rest
We Handle the Rest:
Credit Key takes care of risk, payment management, and customer communications post-order.
Credit Key

Experience the Ease of Net 30

Visit Chef's Deal and experience the ease and flexibility of our Net 30 program. We support your foodservice business growth by offering a simple, streamlined purchasing process. Purchase your equipment now through Credit Key and enjoy the benefits of quick payments and flexible payment terms. Take the first step towards a more efficient and financially smart future for your business. Start your application today and amplify the potential of Net 30 at Chef's Deal!