Tortilla Grills

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Heat Your Fresh Tortillas With Tortilla Grills

Tortilla grills are compact cooking equipment designed to heat fresh tortillas with a flat surface. Tortilla has become so widespread and valued that making and baking it cannot be left to inexpert appliances. Many commercial tortilla makers and presses are now on the market to streamline and improve the efficiency of the whole tortilla line. Burritos, tacos, wraps, or fajitas all need warmed tortillas. A tortilla grill is easy to use and has a griddle area to heat soft fluffy tortillas quickly.

Points To Consider When Buying Tortilla Grills

Tortilla grills are usually straightforward to use. They only feature a flat cooking surface with burners under it. Still, there are a few considerations worth noting to find the best tortilla grill matching your needs, kitchen design, and space.

  1. The first is the power source. Electric grills are convenient and portable; with this ease, you can move and use them anywhere with an electric outlet. On the other hand, gas tortilla grills are more flexible because you can choose between natural or propane gas. 
  2. The dimension of the griddle area relates to the frequency and number of tortilla-based menu orders in your establishment.
  3. Tortilla grills are usually countertop equipment because tortillas are delicate enough to warm in seconds. That's why these grills don't need a thick plate. Plus, tortillas are most loved when freshly made and cooked. Therefore, using a large appliance and stocking volumes of cooked tortillas might not be wise. You can develop a fast production line using your tortilla warmer grill with a tortilla machine or tortilla press. Thus, you will pace up the busiest demands of warm and fresh tortilla dishes.

    Tortilla grills are also available as floor models with adjustable leveling legs. There may be several tortilla-making stations in your facility. A freestanding grill with casters enables you to move it around the kitchen easily. Some floor models have a rotating griddle area, and tortillas cook slowly on a rotating plate. These grills have manual controls to customize the rotating speed. The size of these units is measured in diameter, ranging from 34 to 67 inches. A rotating tortilla grill can meet your demands more efficiently while creating a sleek look.


Few recipes are more mouthwatering than ingredients wrapped in fresh and fluffy tortillas. Check out the tortilla grills at Chef's Deal from elite brands, BE&SCODoughXpressJade, and more.