Stackable Chairs

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Stackable Chairs – Practical Solution To Restaurant Seating

Stackable chairs are space-efficient restaurant seating solutions designed to stack on top of one another. A great benefit they offer is keeping 10-15 chairs in the same footprint during storage and transportation. Stacking chairs look neat, so you can even put them in a corner. When you stack multiple chairs, you can open up space, providing a more flexible seating arrangement and making floor cleaning easy. Moving them around is also hassle-free and safe with a chair trolley. 

3 Key Points About Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs provide a cost-effective, practical, and reliable way of seating large groups of guests in restaurants, cafes, schools, hotels, churches, or auditoriums. Plus, the ability to stack chairs is a great feature if you often cater events. You do not have to sacrifice comfort and style when buying stackable dining chairs. They come in various designs and color options, like the standard restaurant seating.

  1. Type: Stackable chairs are typed in several ways. The armless side chairs are almost the standard for casual events. They are usually lighter and occupy less room. Most banquet chairs are of this type as they offer flexibility in indoor and outdoor events. The armrests on armchairs provide extra comfort, making them more suitable for formal venues like conference rooms. 
  2. Frame: The frame material is crucial for durability, stacking height, and weight. Stacking chairs are generally made of sturdy plastic, wood, or metal. 
  • Plastic stackable chairs are lightweight and multipurpose. 
  • Wooden frames can add a rustic touch and reveal a classic look. They cannot withstand different weather conditions, so they are better suited to indoor use. 
  • Stackable metal chairs can complete a chic and modern décor.
  1. Upholstery: Upholstered padded chairs offer maximum seating comfort and enhance your venue's look. Most brands allow you to specify your choice. You should consider your overall furnishing concept. 
  • Leather is easy to clean, shiny, and strong. 
  • Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are soft to the touch. You can create any visual impact with many colors, patterns, and textures. 
  • Vinyl is known for its high resistance to stains. 
  • You can pick synthetic fabrics for stackable outdoor chairs as they can resist weather damage and fading.

2 Critical FAQs About Stackable Chairs

1. What is the Ideal Stacking Height? 

Although stacking 10 to 15 chairs looks ideal, always remember to check the number specified by the manufacturer. Stacking more than that may be risky.

2. Can You Stack Different Types of Stackable Chairs?

It is better not to, as you may damage the frame and upholstery. Plus, the stack will be unstable.


Stackable chairs are as comfortable and stylish as other restaurant chairs. They also have the convenience of easy storing in small spaces and are available as stackable dining chairs, stackable senior living chairs, and stackable outdoor chairs. Browse the restaurant seating category at Chef's Deal for all your seating needs.