Portable Ice Bins

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Ice Caddy: A Portable Ice Bin

An ice caddy is a portable ice bin that can increase the speed and quality of your frozen drink treats, so it is a must-have for your catering company or mobile bar. Hosting indoor or outdoor events in spacious venues with limited electricity access implies ice demand is ubiquitous. A mobile ice caddy ensures an uninterrupted provision of ice and bottled drinks, making your beverage service impeccable.

Standard Features of Ice Caddies

An essential hallmark of portable ice bins is the use of sturdy materials, which enables ice storage for several hours or even days, depending on the weather. Rushing ice back and forth might result in crashes, so these mobile ice bins feature a dent-resistant exterior structure, contributing to their overall durability. While stainless steel or polyethylene construction prevents rusting, thick polyurethane foam insulation helps to preserve inner temperatures cold.

The primary function of an ice caddy is to transport ice or keep bottled and canned drinks cold anytime, anywhere. Therefore, they are portable with casters. One or several of the casters have brakes for fixing the ice caddy on wheels when necessary. Plus, in some models, two or four of these are swivel casters for easier maneuvering through rough surfaces or narrow doorways. Rolling is further facilitated with push handles.

Finally, ice caddies have a recessed well underneath for water drainage. This keeps ice free from water, improving the storage time, and maintains easy cleaning. Some models have a removable faucet to do the draining more efficiently and effortlessly.  

Distinctive Features of Ice Caddies

These portable ice bins are simple in design with many shared attributes. There are still a few details that you can attend to while choosing your ice caddy on wheels.

Mobile ice caddies differ in the amount of ice they can hold. Considering your business volume and ice requirements, you can choose from storage capacities ranging between less than 100 and several hundred pounds.

Ice caddies come in various bin cover types. Sliding lids slide back and under the base lid, providing quicker access and reduced risk of contamination. A hinged cover can be more effective for temperature retention. With a removable or no-lid model, you can keep ice scoops or other accessories standing by for ease of use.

The quality of a food or beverage service does not only rest on taste. Appearance matters a lot, too. You may wish to purchase a brown or grey ice caddy that goes with your furniture or other equipment in your establishment.

In food service and catering operations, saying "no" to a customer is unacceptable, especially in the ice business. After getting an ice maker to produce ice, combine it with an ice caddy to improve your service quality. You can also buy a portable bar unit and attach it to a mobile ice bin to offer nonstop service.