Commercial Garbage Disposal Equipment

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  1. $1,850.00

    FINANCE FOR: $45.16/mo.

  2. $7,573.00

    FINANCE FOR: $184.88/mo.

  3. $10,488.00

    FINANCE FOR: $256.04/mo.

  4. $7,573.00

    FINANCE FOR: $184.88/mo.

  5. $7,573.00

    FINANCE FOR: $184.88/mo.

  6. $10,488.00

    FINANCE FOR: $256.04/mo.

  7. $10,488.00

    FINANCE FOR: $256.04/mo.

  8. $11,380.00

    FINANCE FOR: $277.82/mo.

  9. $11,380.00

    FINANCE FOR: $277.82/mo.

  10. $11,380.00

    FINANCE FOR: $277.82/mo.

  11. $11,380.00

    FINANCE FOR: $277.82/mo.

  12. $3,431.00

    FINANCE FOR: $83.76/mo.

  13. $10,488.00

    FINANCE FOR: $256.04/mo.

  14. $5,136.00

    FINANCE FOR: $125.39/mo.

  15. $2,458.00

    FINANCE FOR: $60.01/mo.

  16. $4,586.00

    FINANCE FOR: $111.96/mo.

  17. $5,321.00

    FINANCE FOR: $129.90/mo.

  18. $3,365.00

    FINANCE FOR: $82.15/mo.

  19. $4,380.00

    FINANCE FOR: $106.93/mo.

  20. $3,150.00

    FINANCE FOR: $76.90/mo.

  21. $4,102.00

    FINANCE FOR: $100.14/mo.

  22. $2,805.00

    FINANCE FOR: $68.48/mo.

  23. $2,957.00

    FINANCE FOR: $72.19/mo.

  24. $3,674.00

    FINANCE FOR: $89.69/mo.

  25. $3,656.00

    FINANCE FOR: $89.25/mo.

  26. $3,193.00

    FINANCE FOR: $77.95/mo.

  27. $2,623.00

    FINANCE FOR: $64.04/mo.

  28. $5,321.00

    FINANCE FOR: $129.90/mo.

  29. $5,090.00

    FINANCE FOR: $124.26/mo.

  30. $5,090.00

    FINANCE FOR: $124.26/mo.

  31. $2,438.00

    FINANCE FOR: $59.52/mo.

  32. $4,198.00

    FINANCE FOR: $102.49/mo.

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Commercial Garbage Disposal Equipment: Cut Your Expenses on Thrash Dumping

Commercial garbage disposal equipment is designed for grinding food waste and turning it into liquid form to dump it into the drainage system in commercial kitchens easily. These industrial garbage disposals facilitate waste management in cafes, restaurants, and other food catering businesses by accelerating waste disposal and lowering garbage expenses.

How Does Commercial Garbage Disposal Equipment Work?

Commercial garbage disposal equipment comprises mainly three parts: Disposer Control Panel, Food Waste Collector, and Disposer. Commercial garbage disposal equipment operates through the food waste collector, where the leftovers are put into the sink drain along with running water. The disposer cuts all this waste into tiny pieces and mixes them with water. Then this compost is sent into the sewage system.

Hence, your garbage collecting and dumping bill will decrease as you save labor, time, and money on garbage bags and bins. Your establishment will also reduce its carbon footprint by minimizing the waste that is sent to the dump. Additionally, commercial kitchen waste disposals lower the risk of clogging in the building's plumbing system, whose breakdown and the fix may cost thousands of dollars.

Features of Commercial Garbage Disposal Equipment

The main components of commercial garbage disposal equipment are manufactured with high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability for a smooth workflow in your commercial dishwashing area. Furthermore, they feature corrosion-resistant bodies and extended water seals to prolong their working life.

The most important option that should be considered when buying a restaurant garbage disposal system is its motor size. Commercial disposers with 1 to 3 horsepower can handle the daily waste of a regular diner. Busy restaurants, hotels, cafes, and fast-food restaurants are recommended to prefer more powerful models with at least 5 HP.


Chef's Deal retains an extensive collection of Disposer Control Panel, Food Waste Collector, and disposer and whole commercial garbage disposal equipment systems by Salvajor.