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Commercial Toasters: The Toasting Factory Just Next to You

Commercial toasters are of great use, particularly for high-volume restaurants, hotels, student canteens, delis, and burger shops. Their product design is intended to ensure you have enough toasted bread, buns, bagels, and even muffins for a large number of customers.

Some food serving establishments need to prepare an ample amount of toast to serve for the high customer traffic, which peaks particularly during the breakfast. And obviously, the regular toasters will be short of such a production rate and will not be able to catch up with this high demand. So, it would be best for a commercial kitchen to obtain a commercial toaster to constantly toast a sufficient amount of bread and other products with consistent speed and equally colored. These toaster machines are perfect kitchen equipment with their smartly-designed features and will successfully meet your requirements and needs.

Features of Commercial Toasters

Commercial toasters are precisely designed for commercial kitchen use, and therefore, they are manufactured with several features as follows to serve your toasting operations constantly:

  • Industrial toasters boast sturdy construction to withstand rigorous use, and most of the models are made from stainless steel materials.
  • Many commercial-grade toasters are configured to provide single/double-sided toasting for more speed.
  • They are equipped with heavy-duty heating mechanisms to rapidly heat up to be ready in seconds to get to work.
  • Some of the models are equipped with replaceable heating plates to keep the toaster going for years to come.
  • Commercial bread toasters mostly arrive with crumb trays to collect the bread leftovers inside, and it is removable for easy cleaning and washing.
  • Commercial toasters allow you to adjust the browning level through electronic temperature controls as well as the speed controls for the conveyer belt toasters.
  • They're available with different capacities ranging from compact units that are able to toast up to 60 slices per hour to heavy-duty commercial toasters with larger capacities up to 1300 slices per hour.

Types of Commercial Toasters

Before deciding on the commercial toaster you want to buy, the first thing that needs to be evaluated is you're the volume of demand an hour. And the second one is the products that you want to toast.

The answers to these two primary issues will provide a sound base to make the right decision among the available types to find the right and suitable commercial toaster for your business.

1. Commercial Conveyor Toasters

Commercial conveyor toasters are the real stars of the tasting with their continuous conveyor line on which the slices of bread, halves of bagels, and buns are placed and slowly toasted and browned through a tunnel.

These heavy-duty toasters will consistently keep you supplied with thousands of bread slices, buns, and bagels toasted in much shorter periods. Therefore, if you need a commercial toaster in a college dining hall or a breakfast buffet, these revolving toasters will add much practicality and functionality to your business.

2. Commercial Pop-Up Toasters

Commercial pop-up toasters are the upgraded versions of the residential pop-up toasters, and even though they can accommodate up to 4 slices at a time, they can provide you up to 500 slices per hour with the commercial 4 slot toasters. So, it would be wiser to install one of them at the buffet to meet the low and mid-volume demand use.

3. Commercial Bun Toasters-Bagel

Commercial bun toasters are designed to provide a large volume of the bun, bagels, muffins, and bread to enable you to serve a customer influx for your busy burger or a bagel shop for a daily rush for breakfast or dinner.

4. Commercial Toaster Ovens

Commercial toaster ovens are designed to present a piece of compact commercial cooking equipment to toast, reheat, or re-thermalize the bread slices, bagels, tarts or finish the dishes with a brownish touch.


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