Deck Ovens

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  1. $25,937.00

    FINANCE FOR: $633.20/mo.

  2. $22,820.00

    FINANCE FOR: $557.10/mo.

  3. $10,183.25

    FINANCE FOR: $248.60/mo.

  4. $25,267.00

    FINANCE FOR: $616.84/mo.

  5. $22,589.00

    FINANCE FOR: $551.47/mo.

  6. $8,075.10

    FINANCE FOR: $197.14/mo.

  7. $5,534.00

    FINANCE FOR: $135.10/mo.

  8. $6,508.70

    FINANCE FOR: $158.90/mo.

  9. $6,063.20

    FINANCE FOR: $148.02/mo.

  10. $6,776.00

    FINANCE FOR: $165.42/mo.

  11. Special Price $7,457.28 $8,049.00

    FINANCE FOR: $182.05/mo.

  12. $6,224.90

    FINANCE FOR: $151.97/mo.

  13. $12,298.32

    FINANCE FOR: $300.24/mo.

  14. $12,515.80

    FINANCE FOR: $305.55/mo.

  15. Special Price $7,064.33 $7,607.00

    FINANCE FOR: $172.46/mo.

  16. $13,147.75

    FINANCE FOR: $320.98/mo.

  17. Special Price $5,489.00

    FINANCE FOR: $121.82/mo.

  18. Special Price $8,075.65

    FINANCE FOR: $197.15/mo.

  19. Special Price $5,410.07 $5,844.00

    FINANCE FOR: $132.08/mo.

  20. $21,235.00

    FINANCE FOR: $518.41/mo.

  21. $6,229.30

    FINANCE FOR: $152.08/mo.

  22. $15,660.00

    FINANCE FOR: $382.31/mo.

  23. $5,092.00

    FINANCE FOR: $124.31/mo.

  24. $6,999.85

    FINANCE FOR: $170.89/mo.

  25. $7,430.73

    FINANCE FOR: $181.41/mo.

  26. $35,847.08

    FINANCE FOR: $875.13/mo.

  27. Special Price $12,127.04 $12,965.00

    FINANCE FOR: $296.06/mo.

  28. Special Price $16,378.85 $17,535.00

    FINANCE FOR: $399.86/mo.

  29. $9,034.85

    FINANCE FOR: $220.57/mo.

  30. Special Price $10,705.42 $11,690.00

    FINANCE FOR: $261.35/mo.

  31. Special Price $3,465.00

    FINANCE FOR: $76.90/mo.

  32. Special Price $5,114.34 $5,549.00

    FINANCE FOR: $124.86/mo.

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We know choosing the right kitchen equipment for your restaurant or café can be overwhelming sometimes; deciding on an oven is one of them. Even if you determine which type of oven you need, like a deck oven, there are still different types of deck ovens. But don't worry, we are here to help you whether you are looking for an electric deck oven or a small deck oven!


The Deck Oven Suits Your Budget the Best


We know there are several factors to consider while you are looking for a new commercial deck oven: the deck oven price is one of them. This is why here at Chef’s Deal, we aim to bring the best deals to you! In our catalog, offering high-quality brands like Bakers Pride deck oven, you’ll find the right deck oven for sale. So, let’s start choosing your new deck oven without worrying about the price. 


And the Deck Oven Suits Your Kitchen the Best


You need to consider a few things before deciding on a new deck oven for restaurants or cafes. The first thing is whether you will power your new commercial deck oven with gas or electricity. These matter a lot, for example, an electric deck oven usually offers more control since it enables you to manually set different temperatures and cook different foods at the same time. With a gas deck oven, you may not have this feature and be limited to one set temperature. 


The second thing is the space you have in your kitchen for the deck oven. The size of a deck oven varies greatly; you can get either a small deck oven or a bigger one with four decks. As expected, the size of the deck oven is heavily related to the capacity of it. You can purchase one with a different number of decks, hence different capacities. For example, a single deck oven might be the right one for you if you don’t have enough space and don’t mind the smaller capacity. If not, you can purchase a double deck oven, or even a larger one: the number of decks can go up to four. 


Chef’s Deal is Here to Help You!


If you are having trouble with which type of deck oven you need or on your finances, let us help you! You can contact us using the ChefsBot on our website or calling us on our toll-free call centerline.