Bar Refrigeration

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Bar Refrigeration: Space-Saving, Functional, And Durable

Bar refrigeration is a critical necessity in a bar or a restaurant to maximize customer satisfaction through cold drinks and fast service. However, in contrast to the back-of-the-house, bars are generally designed to provide a limited space to increase the available floor that is allocated for the customers’ use. Hence, bar refrigeration primarily aims to present convenience and space-saving to enable efficient work and easy reach even during rush hours.

Advantages of Bar Refrigeration Equipment

Bar refrigeration equipment is particularly intended to address the drink serving businesses’ needs at their bars. Advantages of these bar fridges:

  • Bar coolers are of sturdy construction with stainless steel to withstand the heavy using conditions of the bars.
  • These commercial beverage coolers for bars are equipped with more powerful cooling mechanisms to maintain the interior chill better.
  • Bar refrigeration equipment such as undercounter bar refrigerators has a generally smaller and compact footprint to fit the limited spaces under bar counters or on the back bar tables.
  • These commercial drink coolers offer easy to use for bartenders and servants to reach the drinks rapidly and comfortably.
  • These pub refrigeration units enable your staff to quickly respond to the incoming orders with the readily available cold drinks in the beer fridges, wine coolers, keg coolers, or back bar refrigerators.

Types of Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigeration equipment is suitable for use in any kind of bar, and they offer a long-time efficient service. However, It’d be good to select the most appropriate alternatives among the following models to use them with utmost efficiency.

1. Keg Coolers

Keg coolers or kegerators are practical commercial beer coolers/dispensers to rapidly serve cold beer directly from your storage in front of you. While this commercial kegerator allows you to serve different varieties of beer through its tap, you can also give your customers their desired brand of beer cold and refreshing.

2. Bottle Coolers

Bottle coolers are designed for bartenders to keep bottles and cans ready till they are served. This type of bar refrigeration allows you to store your canned or bottled beer, soda, or wine and preserve them in a chilled cabinet. So, you can quickly grab one of the bottles or cans upon order and serve it chilled to the customer.

3. Back Bar Coolers

Back bar coolers are one of the must-haves of a bar as they ring both functionality and practicality to the drink service. These commercial bar refrigerators can store many bottles of drinks and be placed at the back of the bar for easy reach. Additionally, some models are designed as glass bar refrigerators, perfect for merchandising your drink diversity to entice customers to buy more drinks.

4. Commercial Wine Coolers

Commercial wine coolers are brilliant choices with various capacities and designs to store and showcase your best wines. These wine refrigerators are suitable for restaurants, bars, and cafes to keep their wine bottles while creating glamorous and practical display merchandisers. You can find a variety of wine cabinets with glass doors, racks, and LED lighting, which permit customers to read the labels easily. Commercial wine coolers with glass doors have better visibility and are furnished with self-closing doors.

5. Glass Frosters & Chillers

Glass frosters and chillers are essential for serving cold and tasty drinks in restaurants. Maintaining the cold of a drink after pouring it into the glass is also effective in the drink’s taste. Therefore, you need a glass chiller or a glass froster to serve a cold beer or a coke to your customers.

6. Glycol Power Pack Draft Beer Chillers

Glycol power pack draft beer chillers are designed to maintain the draft beer systems and beer dispensers’ temperature low enough to keep beer and other drinks cold. A reliable glycol power pack ensures the sound running of the bar refrigeration in your business.

7. Tap Towers

Tap towers are essential for any bar that serves draft beer and barrel-type wine. While this bar refrigeration equipment presents an attractive look, it also allows you to serve various brews of beer and wine. You can both find wine tap towers and beer tap towers on our website.


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