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If you are running a bar, then you must have already noticed that the back bar has a limited space. That’s why a commercial back bar cooler is a must in almost every bar. Especially during busy hours, having a draft cooler within an arm’s reach will definitely help your bar’s daily operation. At Chef’s Deal, you can find different types of bar coolers to match your capacity needs.


Outfit Your Bar With a Fundamental Bar Equipment


A commercial back bar refrigerator is a fundamental part of a high-quality bar kitchen. The reason why it’s a fundamental device for bars is that you have to keep drinks cool at all times in a bar. Thus, finding the best back bar refrigerator for your business is sure to maximize the productivity throughout the day. Besides, as refrigeration systems are more heavy duty than domestic refrigerator parts, reaching consistent temperatures is easier. So, to keep all the drinks at a consistent temperature, have a look at different types of back bar fridges.


Draft Beer Coolers


Draft beer coolers are necessary parts of a commercial bar equipment. The reason behind that is the craft beer industry has surged in recent years. Thus, beer consumers want a whole different beer experience now and draft beer coolers are there to give it to them. What they do is to help you serve an authentic beer experience for your customers. Besides, draft beer coolers commercial Chef’s Deal products offer are built with drip trays underneath their taps so that you don’t have to deal with cleaning the excess beer foam.


Bottle Coolers


Many bar bottle coolers are designed for bartenders to keep bottles and cans ready till they are ready to serve them. They are like the restaurant back bar coolers but bottle coolers are generally used to create more storage area without using another commercial product. You can either use a refrigeration system or bulk ice to keep bottles cool with a bottle cooler.


Back Bar Coolers


Using a back bar cooler effectively is important when it comes to running a bar. At Chef’s Deal, you can find different commercial back bar types of leading brands. From True back bar coolers to Atosa back bar coolers, there are many high-quality products to choose from. Besides, you can find Beverage Air back bar coolers and cabinets to match your high-capacity needs. Whether you need a 2-door bar cooler or a 3-door bar cooler, Chef’s Deal products are there to provide it. You also have a back cooler for sale option at Chef’s Deal so that you don’t have to go over your budget while equipping your kitchen with the best bar equipment.


Back Bar Kegerator


Storing and dispensing kegs is always easier with a commercial kegerator. Whether you need a restaurant kegerator or a bar kegerator, the working principle is the same. By keeping the keg in a refrigerator and using CO2 to dispense it, you will allow the content to stay fresh at all times.


At Chef’s Deal, there are many back bar restaurant or bar coolers to choose from. From bottle coolers to draft beer coolers, you can choose whatever you need among them. Besides, you can match your capacity needs at Chef’s Deal. Find 2, 3 door bar coolers to help your bar’s rush hours pass smoothly. Beverage Air, Atosa and True back bar cooler types are waiting for you to decide to enhance your business. Have a look at all the back bar coolers for sale options Chef’s Deal offers for you and give us a call to get a special payment plan once you reach a decision.