Commercial Meat Grinders & Choppers

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Commercial Meat Grinders & Choppers: The Fresh Taste at the Edge of an Auger

Commercial meat grinders are among the most prominent commercial food prep equipment to be added to the inventory of any meat shop, butcher shop, restaurant, deli, or catering establishment for smaller and large meat processing jobs. They are designed to facilitate the meat processing time for busy kitchens by presenting a quick and easy way to chop and grind meat to prepare delicious sausages, burgers, or any other recipe consisting of ground meat.

What is a Commercial Meat Grinder?

A commercial meat grinder is commercial kitchen equipment used to chop the meat fine through a  cylindrical tunnel in which the meat is chopped under the mechanical pressure of blades or cutting knives.

How Does a Commercial Meat Grinder Work?

A commercial meat grinder comprises a meat tray standing atop the head. The meat grinder machine is fed with meat through the hole in the tray, and an auger-shaped bar called a worm starts rotating and grinding the meat. The meat is pushed forward and chopped by the cutting blades, and extruded through the hole plate.

What is the Best Commercial Meat Grinder?

The best commercial meat grinder is the one that fits your needs and the conditions in your establishment. Therefore, you can choose an exclusive assortment of industrial meat grinders with various features in the market. So, you are recommended to consider several features that will provide enhanced ease of convenience for the meat processing in your kitchen:

  • Commercial meat grinders feature a housing to protect the motor and other crucial components. This housing can be made from aluminum or stainless steel. While aluminum models cost lower, the stainless steel housing offers more durability.
  • Ground meat machines are manufactured to handle a large amount of meat daily. Their capacity is determined depending on their capacity per minute. While entry-level models can produce up to 2 Ibs per minute, top-of-the-line commercial meat choppers can process up to 66 Ibs per minute.
  • They’re also available with various motor powers, and you can find different levels of commercial meat grinders ranging from 1 HP to 7.5 HP.
  • You can also find countertop or floor-type models that match the available space in your kitchen layout.

Advantages of Commercial Meat Grinders

In addition to the features and options provided above, these commercial meat grinders offer high-quality construction, easy-to-use, clean design, sausage stuffing accessories, and overload protection switches. Hence, these food grinder machines will bring various advantages to your kitchen:

  • Commercial meat grinders enable you to make fresh ground meat in-house, maximizing the taste of your burgers, meatloaves, and sausages with a stronger flavor.
  • These industrial meat choppers offer precise cuts and produce finely ground meat without mash.
  • These commercial meat grinders offer durability with their sturdy construction and resistance against frequent and rigorous use.
  • Professional meat choppers can efficiently deal with large quantities of meat and streamline your food prep in the back of the house.
  • These units also present easy cleaning with their smart design.

Available Types of Commercial Meat Grinders

Commercial meat grinders are available with manual or electric-powered units.

1. Electric Meat grinders

Electric meat grinders are of great use with their electric motors, which carry out the process and only require an operator to feed the machine. You can find low-cost models with smaller processing capacities or heavy-duty models which can handle the daily production of meat shops or busy delis.

2. Manual Meat Grinders

Manual meat grinders are suitable for low-volume ground meat needs. These hand meat grinders are generally mounted on a counter or table. These hand crank meat grinders have a wooden handle, and the operator needs to rotate it while feeding the meat.


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