Produce Display Cases

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Produce Display Cases: The Glamour of Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Produce display cases keep produce fresh and perky to retain their attractive appearance and pleasant taste, and they're inextricable commercial refrigeration equipment for grocery stores, supermarkets, and other food shops. These produce coolers are of great use with their design to enable you to showcase veggies and fruits in a sleek refrigerated cabinet.

Produce display cases are configured to preserve the best conditions of the perishable products, and they slightly differ from the regular commercial refrigerators. Produce display coolers operate between 38°F and 41°F to store various vegetables and fruit at optimal temperatures. Furthermore, these produce display fridges have an air screen cooling system to maintain consistent temperature and humidity inside the cold zone to keep produce hydrated and fresh.

Features of Produce Display Cases

Produce display cases also offer versatile features to provide the best-storing utility for veggies to keep them safe and healthy:

  • Grocery store produce coolers feature an open front design while the sides are covered with transparent visible walls to enhance visibility.
  • Refrigerated produce display cases allow your customers to peruse all produce in the case and easily sort and take the ones they like.
  • Produce display cases offer an organşized presentation of vegetables and fruit with the 3-4 levels of shelving and wire baskets in some models.
  • Produce cases come with alluring LED lightings which can be at the top or along the shelves to enhance the appeal of products with clearer visibility and vibrant colors.
  • Some models of commercial produce coolers are equipped with top mirrors to enhance visibility also from the top.
  • Some models also present a separate dry section to enable you to place potatoes onions to present all your produce in the same place and allow your customers to find everything they need.

Types of Produce Display Cases

1. Shelf Quantity and Capacity

Produce display cases are available in various widths ranging from 39" to 147". In addition, you can choose models with different numbers of shelves (from 1 to 3 racks) depending on the amount that you store and exhibit at once.

2. Compressor Location

The location of the compressor is also essential for the performance of produce display coolers. Firstly, produce display coolers with self-contained or remote compressors are available. While remote-compressor produce display cases are lower-priced options, they require an expert to make the installation and an additional compressor unit in your establishment.

The self-contained systems offer easy installation, but they can cost more when compared to the remote-compressor units. Additionally, they have two variations: top-mounted and bottom-mounted models. While top-mounted units are better to keep dust and debris away from the air intake section, the bottom-mounted coolers are more energy efficient as they use the warmer air on the floor. Hence, if you have a place with much dust, you may want to have the top-mounted models while the bottom-mounted ones are more suitable for hotter locations.

3. Exterior and Interior Finish

To increase the sleekness of these produce coolers, they are offered in various finishes interior, such as white, black, or stainless steel. Produce cooler open display cases are also available in white, black, yellow, or stainless steel exterior coating, among which you can decide depending on your décor.


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