Coffee Shop Supplies

Coffee shop supplies primarily include coffee grinders, brewers, and servers. A strong fragrance covers the ambiance when world-famous coffee beans, each with unique flavors, are ground and brewed in high-quality equipment. Then, the frothy and creamy sight of an espresso shot or a coffee cup satisfies customers’ eyes before it spreads through their taste buds. The aroma and smell of coffee are already powerful drivers and attractions. Still, your coffee shop will be everybody’s favorite if you create a cozy atmosphere. Read More

Pour Over Coffee Makers / Brewers

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Pour-over coffee equipment will be of great use for your business to brew tasty coffee beforehand for later use with decanters, pots, or airpots.

Coffee Grinders

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Your business can serve the best coffee all the time by grinding your coffee in your establishment with commercial coffee grinders.


Espresso Machines

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Commercial espresso machines help you prepare a freshly brewed cup of espresso or cappuccino in seconds with rich flavors.


Coffee Warmers

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Single burner or multi-tiered coffee pot warmers are easy and safe to use while keeping the coffee hot and ready for a long time.


Coffee Urns & Percolators

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Coffee urns & percolators are great kitchen equipment for catering businesses and convenience stores that enable your customer to serve their coffee easily.


Cold Brew Dispensers

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Nitro or flat cold brew dispensers enable you to prepare and serve relaxing cold coffee that maintains its taste and flavor.


Milk Frothers & Steamers

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Milk steamer frothers enable you to aerate the milk to obtain foamy dairy to be used for cappuccino, macchiato, or other drinks!


Satellite Coffee Warmers & Servers

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Satellite coffee brewers and servers help your business accelerate coffee prep and service by keeping coffee fresh and hot.


Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Dispensers

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You can create an enjoyable warm beverage with cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers. They’re automatic, easy to use, and produce drinks quickly.


Commercial Blenders

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You can chop ice, vegetables, and fruits with commercial blenders that are heavy workers in commercial kitchens to make smoothies, cocktails, soup, and more.


Reach-In Refrigerators

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Reach-in refrigerators are the most preferred type of commercial refrigeration unit since they are intended to be used both at the front of the house.


Glass Door Refrigerators & Coolers

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You can create an attractive space for your packaged foods and beverages and contribute to the sales with glass door merchandiser refrigerators.


Refrigerated Prep Tables

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Refrigerated prep tables keep the ingredients cool and fresh. They're practical commercial refrigeration equipment that makes the prep process easy.


Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

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Commercial undercounter refrigerators are energy-efficient and functional, enabling you to save space by fitting under counters.


Refrigerated Display Cases

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Refrigerated display cases promote your products to a food exhibit while keeping them at a safe temperature and ensuring their freshness and taste.


Commercial Ice Machines

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From professional ice machines to ice crushers, commercial ice machines are must-have equipment in a typical American foodservice business.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Coffee Shop?

Coffee shop supplies primarily include coffee grinders, brewers, and servers. A strong fragrance covers the ambiance when world-famous coffee beans, each with unique flavors, are ground and brewed in high-quality equipment. Then, the frothy and creamy sight of an espresso shot or a coffee cup satisfies customers’ eyes before it spreads through their taste buds. The aroma and smell of coffee are already powerful drivers and attractions. Still, your coffee shop will be everybody’s favorite if you create a cozy atmosphere.

1. Coffee Machines

Coffee is, of course, not the only delicacy served in a coffee house, but one without the coffee scent and flavor is nothing. Everyone has their beloved coffee taste, so you should form a wide variety to prepare and serve different shades of coffee. You can develop a solid customer base with several deluxe coffee machines that can meet the demands as your business grows.

  • Coffee Grinders: It would be wise to start your coffee shop supplies with coffee grinders because coffee addicts can quickly sense the difference between freshly ground and pre-ground coffee. In-house coffee grinding means starting up with a visible competitive edge. Commercial coffee grinders feature hoppers of various capacities to keep coffee beans fresh. Pick one that will pace up demands even when your business flourishes.
  • Pour-Over Coffee Makers: Coffee taste does not just come from the beans. Brewing style also makes a difference in flavor. Hence, your coffee shop supplies list must consist of various coffee makers. Pour-over coffee brewers are among the easiest machines to use. Although single-cup models are available, they are mainly designed to prepare coffee for thermal carafes, decanters, or airpots.
  • Espresso Machines: Espresso has an inexplicable flavor with relieving effects. An espresso shot’s aromatic and sensational delight is beyond words. Espresso machines can diversify the coffee servings and experience in your coffee house. They can prepare a latte, frappe, or many other milk-based coffee recipes. Therefore, your business can only thrive with these coffee shop supplies.
  • Satellite Coffee Brewers & Servers: If you are planning a high-traffic business, you must add high-output satellite coffee brewers & servers to your coffee shop supplies. They brew over one gallon of coffee directly into removable decanters, insulated to hold coffee warm and fresh. You can double the brewing capacity with a twin-satellite option. Satellite brewers can also improve your efficiency by establishing self-serve mobile coffee stations.
  • Coffee Urns & Percolators: Do you wish to keep warm and fresh coffee ready to fill cups anytime and anywhere? Then your coffee machines are coffee urns & percolators. These coffee shop supplies have a large tank and perforated basket for brewing and holding higher volumes of coffee. They are available in various capacities to meet low to high output demands.
  • Coffee Warmers: Coffee addicts are diverse. Not all want to accompany their cups with hours of friendly chat. Some need a quick energizer in midday. Therefore, you also need coffee shop supplies catering to such customers. Coffee warmers are small appliances that keep pre-brewed coffee hot until service. Thus, you can always catch up on rushing orders.
  • Milk Frothers & Steamers: You cannot survive in the competitive coffee business with only classical coffee and espresso. It would help if you had more unique coffee shop supplies to offer individual tastes. Milk frothers & steamers whip milk to add a thick foamy layer to a coffee cup. Your barista can soften the espresso with some frothy milk or enrich the menu with new coffee types and flavors.
  • Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Dispensers: Hot chocolate is a globally-recognized mood booster. Cappuccino & hot chocolate dispensers can be your profit boosters. These coffee shop supplies can prepare many specialty beverages, including cappuccino, latte, apple cider, and more. The rotating movement inside the bowl also ensures lump-free consistency in beverage texture.
  • Cold Brew Dispensers: Coffee is not only consumed hot. It can be a refreshing thirst quencher on hot summer days. Then, your coffee shop supplies shopping must also include cold brew dispensers. They make iced coffee without exposing the coffee beans to any chemical process, maintaining their rich taste. Some models have multiple tanks and taps for dispensing different flavors at once.

2. Coffee Serving Equipment

You can carry and serve your brewed coffee on coffee servers like airpots, carafes, and decanters. Coffee-to-go is popular and often a must for many coffee lovers because of their speedy lifestyles. Therefore, you should always have sufficient stock of disposable coffee shop supplies like paper hot cups, lids, and sleeves. Use cup dispensers & lid organizers to dispense cups and lids one at a time, preventing waste and the spread of germs. 

3. Food Prep Equipment

The long-lasting success of a coffee business also relies on the extent of assortments it can offer besides coffee. Therefore, you should consider coffee shop supplies that can quickly mix fruit, ice, or other ingredients to prepare different treats. For instance, bar blenders can make cocktails, smoothies, margaritas, and more, giving your customers an alternative way to slake their thirst. Many customers want to accompany their beverage with cookies, salads, or tasty sandwiches. Refrigerated prep tables allow you to prepare different kinds of snacks.

4. Refrigeration Equipment

You can offer your customers more desserts and snack options with high-quality refrigeration systems. Depending on your floor space, you can choose from one to three-section reach-ins with glass or solid doors to preserve your ingredients, pre-packaged foods, or cold beverages. If you are tight on space, you can pick undercounter refrigerators. Increase the visual attraction of your wraps, sandwiches, desserts, or other snacks to boost impulse sales. In that case, you should invest in glass door merchandisers and refrigerated display cases.

5. Commercial Ice Machines

Like other business types, your coffee shop supplies list would only be complete with ice machines. Commercial ice machines can produce, store, dispense, or shave fresh and clean ice in various capacities and shapes. Coffee shops usually put crushed ice or ice cubes in their iced coffee or frappes. The strong build of cubed ice prevents it from melting quickly and diluting the coffee.

6. Dishwashing Equipment

Your coffee shop will run on a smooth circulation of clean dishes. You need coffee shop supplies to wash your coffee cups, mugs, and barista tools daily. 3-compartment sinks can, of course, do the wash-sanitize-rinse cycle necessary for proper sanitation. However, you can save time and labor with commercial dishwashers


Some customers will drop by your coffee house on the way to work to wake up, some in the afternoon to boost their energy, and some in the evening to relieve the day’s stress. You will also host people looking for a cache to relish the quiet of the night. You can address distinct coffee demands if you have proper coffee shop supplies. And if you contact Chef’s Deal experts, you will reach all the design, layout, and financing suggestions leading you to success in your coffee business.