Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

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Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial Dishwashing Equipment: Faster Cleaning and Better Sanitation

Commercial dishwashing equipment purchase is one of the principal tasks in the checklists of food serving businesses. All businesses serving food, beverages, or drinks use plates, glasses, cutlery, and cooking utensils, and these are used repeatedly by many customers. All these restaurant equipment must be washed and sanitized to meet the health requirements to prevent cross-contamination and enhance customer satisfaction.

However, residential dishwashing tools and appliances are not suitable for commercial use as they are short of enough power, durability, and sanitation, which are vital for food catering establishments. Therefore, all the kitchens in the food catering and drink serving establishments are to have necessary commercial dishwashing equipment to comply with FDA regulations and to catch up with the business capacity.

Advantages of Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

As this commercial dishwashing equipment are designed and constructed for the specific needs of commercial kitchens, they offer remarkable advantages:

  • Commercial dishwashing equipment is built with sturdy materials to ensure consistent running.
  • Commercial dishwashing equipment is designed for commercial areas, and they can handle large-volume operations.
  • Commercial dishwashing equipment and gadgets are developed to create an efficient workflow in the dish pit.
  • Industrial dishwashers and other commercial dishwashing equipment help your staff conduct their dishwashing duties in a shorter time and more efficiency.
  • Commercial dishwashing equipment enables you to handle the dishes much more rapidly.

Types of Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are the centerpiece of commercial dishwashing equipment in any food and drink serving establishment. These industrial dishwashers are designed for the specific needs of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and hospitals. Therefore, they offer higher capacity, much faster cleaning, and better sanitation, which are all crucial to maintaining a healthy and safe service.

There are various types and styles of commercial dishwashers designed for different volumes and different materials. Commercial glass washer machines are designed to rapidly clean and sanitize the glassware, while the cutlery cleaner machines are intended to wash dinnerware. Additionally, you can opt to buy pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers to facilitate the cooking equipment cleaning.

Moreover, this type of commercial dishwashing equipment also varies depending on their sizes and capacities. Commercial undercounter dishwashers are perfect choices for limited-space areas like bars and food trucks, and the door type dishwashers are appropriate for many restaurants and cafes. Conveyor dishwashers are the biggest commercial dishwashing equipment that will meet the large-volume dishwashing needs of hotels, hospitals, schools, or busy restaurants.


Dishtables are required commercial dishwashing equipment in a warewashing pit to organize the clean and dirty dishes during cleaning. As sanitation is the key to healthy service in commercial kitchens, dirty and clean dishes must be kept separately. Stainless steel dish tables provide suitable places to accommodate dirty dishes before washing, and the clean dishes can be stacked on another dishtable just after washing.

Dish Cabinets

Dish cabinets are must-have commercial dishwashing equipment as they are the most suitable option to store your plates, mugs, glasses, and other dinnerware. These stainless steel cabinets feature a strong solid top and shelves which can accommodate the dinnerware and beverageware stacks. The stainless steel storage cabinets present an open design to facilitate stocking and unloading.

Restaurant Grease Traps and Interceptors

Restaurant grease traps and interceptors are special commercial drainage equipment designed to separate the fat, oil, grease, hair, and other solid waste that may get stuck in the plumbing system. These grease interceptors are mandatory for hospitals, restaurants, malls, hotels, and cafes in many states to prevent earth pollution and clogging in the sewage system. These grease trap interceptors will ensure the constant running of your business by maintaining a safe and open sewage system by eliminating solid and oil waste.

Booster Heater

Booster heaters are the critical equipment that enables you to sanitize your dishes and plates at the appropriate temperature levels when you prefer a high temp industrial dishwasher. These dishwasher booster heaters can raise the water temperature by more than 185 °F, which FDA requires for high temp sanitation.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Equipment

Commercial disposal equipment allows easy and safe solid waste disposal through the sink drain. Industrial garbage disposers can send the trash to the sewage by converting them into compost or liquid, which reduces your waste bill. You can also prefer food waste collectors that allow you to quickly empty pans and pots directly onto the scrap collector section of these commercial garbage disposers.

Dishwashing Equipment Parts and Accessories

Dishwashing equipment parts and accessories are required to ensure the consistent running of all the commercial dishwashing equipment. To avoid the unexpected breakdown of the main commercial dishwasher during a busy night, it is always better to have the necessary commercial dishwashing equipment spare parts at hand.


As an experienced and reliable restaurant supply store, Chef’s Deal presents an extensive commercial kitchen dishwashing supply that will be sufficient to meet all your needs. We carry a large inventory of commercial dishwashing equipment from the leading brands, Champion, CMA Dishmachines, Dormont, Eagle Group, Electrolux Professional, Eurodib USA, Jackson WWS, Glastender, Jet-Tech, Moyer Diebel, Serve-Ware, Tarrison, Salvajor, FMP, and more, to allow your commercial kitchen to work with greater efficiency and less staff.