Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration systems are critical elements of restaurant kitchens since storage is one of the main issues to keep your food fresh. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, café, food truck, or any other food service establishment, you need to find suitable commercial refrigeration to satisfy your customers with fresh food. In addition, having the right commercial refrigeration system will keep the food at the right temperature while improving the quality of the daily operation and decreasing the possibility of foodborne diseases. Read More

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

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Reach-in refrigerators and freezers store your foods fresh without degrading their quality and keep them in the proper temperatures with their large capacity.

Merchandising Refrigeration

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Merchandising refrigerations are elegant commercial refrigeration units that showcase your meals and drinks to attract customers.

Bar Refrigeration

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Bar refrigerations keep the beverages cold and help you serve your drinks fast. With their stylish designs, they also contribute to your place’s ambiance.

Ice Cream Freezers

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Ice cream freezers keep ice cream frozen, in good shape, & safe until you serve. You can select chest, drop-in, free-standing, or modular types for your need.

Commercial Ice Cream Makers

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Ice cream is an indispensable taste for everyone. Serve to fans of this dessert, delicious and just the right flavor with commercial ice cream makers.

Refrigerated Display Cases

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Refrigerated display cases promote your products to a food exhibit while keeping them at a safe temperature and ensuring their freshness and taste.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

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Refrigerated prep tables keep the ingredients cool and fresh. They're practical commercial refrigeration equipment that makes the prep process easy.

Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers

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Undercounter refrigerators and freezers can fit easily under the counter, and they are suitable for many foodservice establishments like cafes & food stands.

Specialty Refrigeration

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Specialty refrigeration units are designed with safety features for highly risky places and offer the best solutions when regular refrigerators cannot answer.

Blast Chillers

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Blast Chillers, also known as blast freezers or flash freezers, are designed to drop the temperature so fast to prevent bacteria growth in the food.


Chef Bases

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Chef bases are one of the most functional commercial refrigeration equipment in the restaurant kitchens that save you space and time organizing your stations.


Refrigeration Parts & Accessories

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Commercial refrigerations require careful maintenance & immediate repair with the commercial refrigeration parts & accessories to continue their best function.


Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Commercial refrigeration systems are critical elements of restaurant kitchens since storage is one of the main issues to keep your food fresh. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, café, food truck, or any other food service establishment, you need to find suitable commercial refrigeration to satisfy your customers with fresh food. In addition, having the right commercial refrigeration system will keep the food at the right temperature while improving the quality of the daily operation and decreasing the possibility of foodborne diseases.

Differences Between Commercial Refrigeration and Residential Refrigeration

Many characteristics differentiate commercial refrigeration and residential refrigeration. But the main aspect is commercial refrigeration units are heavy-duty restaurant equipment. They are designed to be used by many people and keep a lot of food. Their exteriors are stainless-steel, and interiors are made of durable material to acidic spills, humidity, and other possible damage.

Secondly, residential refrigeration systems cannot be able to cool or freeze quickly as commercial refrigeration units. Since commercial kitchens operate in too hot temperatures, commercial refrigeration units have large cooler and freezer systems to enable the food to keep the set temperature or bring the temperature so fast to set level.

Because of too often usage, residential refrigeration systems may not be able to keep the food temperature at the before use and serving temperature; thus, they may not be able to prevent bacteria formation and possible related foodborne disease. Due to The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code, commercial refrigerators' internal temperature should be at 40°F; the food should be kept in commercial freezers between 10°F to 5°F.

Advantages of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration systems are durable and efficient kitchen equipment. They enable you to keep the fresh food longer, increase your kitchen efficiency and save you money.

Commercial refrigeration systems are also mostly energy-efficient. You can see many ENERGY STAR certified brands with their products that meet the U.S. Department of Energy standards. Especially the brands like True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, Manitowoc, HoshizakiAtosa, Beverage Air, Delfield, Traulsen, and Migali are well-known for energy-saving products.

Another advantage of using commercial refrigeration is functionality. The manufacturer doesn't cover the warranty if residential refrigeration is used for commercial purposes or in a very busy environment.

Choosing The Right Commercial Refrigeration System

Your commercial kitchen refrigeration needs might change based on the type of business you are running, capacity, and what you serve to your customers. You should consider commercial refrigeration systems' weight, width, height, depth, capacity, ventilation system, manufacturer and customer service, and finally, equipment maintenance before choosing the suitable one for your kitchen.

Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators are critical equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, and other food service businesses. They allow these businesses to keep and present cool drinks, fresh food, and delicious meals. Commercial fridges are designed to run under busier and heavier conditions and provide more advantages for your business. These commercial coolers have the following benefits:

  • Commercial refrigerators have more powerful condensers and compressors.
  • They can store more food and drinks.
  • Commercial refrigerators can maintain the inner chill for more extended periods.
  • Commercial refrigerators can cool a larger space.
  • They can keep the inner temperature stable despite numerous openings of the doors.

Commercial refrigerators have different usage areas and additional purposes as well as cooling. Therefore there are many different types of coolers such as Reach-in refrigerators, commercial undercounter refrigerators, merchandiser refrigerators, and more. As a reliable commercial restaurant equipment store, Chef's Deal offers many sturdy, well-designed, and energy-efficient commercial refrigerations from leading brands.

Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers are one of the best partners of your operations in your food business. They are mainly designed to keep your perishable foods and ingredients at a freezing temperature. Thus, they prolong the shelf life of the food products and ingredients and protect them from spoiling and bacteria growth.

Restaurant freezers are a part of commercial refrigeration systems, but they have principal differences from commercial refrigerators. Firstly, commercial refrigerators run between 33°F to 40°F while the commercial freezer temperature ranges from -10°F to 10°F. Secondly, industrial freezers can store your foods and ingredients for extended periods, contrary to the relatively shorter time in refrigerators.

Since a commercial freezer contains most of your stock inside, the one you are using should be reliable and functional. There are numerous types of commercial freezers such as reach-in freezers, undercounter freezers, commercial chest freezers, glass door merchandising freezers, work top freezers, commercial ice cream freezers, and medical freezers for your establishment.

Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combination

Commercial refrigerator freezer combos bring versatility and flexibility to restaurants, cafés, or other foodservice outlets. As hybrid members of commercial refrigeration systems, they combine the functions of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers in one piece of equipment. Thus, commercial refrigerator freezer combos offer the practicality and benefits of two different commercial kitchen equipment.

You can keep your frozen and refrigerated foods in just one place with the help of commercial refrigerator freezer combinations, also called dual temp refrigerators. These commercial refrigeration units consist of multiple compartments insulated from one another that enables to maintain the temperature.

Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigeration systems include bottle coolers, back bar coolers, keg coolers, glass frosters & chillers, commercial wine coolers, and glycol power pack draft beer chillers. All these commercial refrigeration units have a specific function, ideal for stylishly storing beverages and foods, and also creates an impressive, eye-catching background in your bar or restaurant.

Commercial Ice Cream Makers and Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial ice cream makers, soft-serve ice cream machines, gelato machines, and commercial ice cream freezers are the commercial refrigeration units that prepare or keep the most joyful taste for every customer. You need commercial ice cream makers depending on the types of ice cream you would like to serve at your restaurant or ice cream shop. They offer you to create delicious tastes and attract your customers.

Refrigerated Display Cases

When it comes to serving your food, it is not always about serving it on the table. You can draw your customers' attention with the freshness and tempting images of your food while keeping your food safe with these commercial refrigeration units. Refrigerated display cases have a broad spectrum of use like keeping chocolate, red meat, seafood, sushi, bakery, fruits, vegetables, drinks, and you can choose the suitable one for your business.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated prep tables are mainly used as pizza prep tables and salad prep tables in restaurants. They combine the practicality of a table with the benefits of a commercial refrigerator and facilitate the preparational process of these foods. They keep the ingredients cool and fresh, and you don’t need to go back and forth between the prep tables and industrial coolers. Additionally, these stations accelerate food preparation and prevent lines in your restaurant during these days of pandemics.

Blast Chillers

Blast chillers or blast freezers can cool down the cooked and baked food's temperature so quickly and prevent bacterial formation in the food; thus, you can lengthen the shelf life of your food.

Chef Bases

Chef bases and base equipment stands are the lifesaver equipment in restaurant kitchens. Keeping the ingredients just within the prep station or keeping prepared food close to the cooking station enables the food prep smoothly and efficiently. Placing commercial cooking equipment like fryers or ovens on top of chef bases also reduces the staff travel in the kitchen. It prevents possible accidents arising from the chaos of the busy kitchens. You can have a refrigerated chef base or freezer chef base due to your need.

Specialty Refrigeration

Specialty refrigerators are the right commercial refrigeration equipment to store the milk. Sometimes regular refrigeration systems don't fully meet your needs, and you may require specialty refrigeration systems. School Milk Coolers are the perfect equipment for school cafeterias. You can store the milk and make it accessible to children easily. Breast milk refrigerators store the milk and pumping equipment at the best temperature to be placed in daycare centers, employee break rooms, and employee wellness rooms. Accucold, one of the best and reliable brands in the commercial refrigeration industry, offers a durable and high-quality breast milk refrigerator for the best performance.

Commercial Refrigeration Parts and Accessories

You shouldn't replace most parts of your commercial restaurant equipment, but there are also many things that can help you run your commercial refrigeration system smoothly. Replacement of small parts can help you lengthen the life of your kitchen equipment, and adding some accessories can increase the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration. Commercial refrigeration parts and accessories, from the thermometer, thermostat, rack shelf, security covers to condenser unit parts, air return assemblies, and other refrigerator mechanical components, will provide you maintain your commercial refrigeration longer and less costly.

Commercial Refrigeration