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Commercial Refrigeration

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The Best Commercial Refrigerators for Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant means that you need to keep your supplies fresh at all times. Whether you prepare ingredients, cook meals, store inventory or aim to provide the best-in-class dining experience, it is essential that you own suitable commercial refrigeration units and restaurant equipment.

According to the latest regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration, it is essential to store food at proper temperatures before their use and serving. The food must be kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below in commercial refrigeration.

This is where we help you. Irrespective of your needs – whether you run a food truck, restaurant, bakery or a small café – we have what you need. We have a wide variety of cooling and chilling solutions, consisting of freezers, food prep tables, blast chillers, ice cream dipping cabinets, read-in dual temps, bar refrigeration, walk-in coolers and freezers, and more!

A commercial fridge and freezer store food items such as drinks, frozen meat, cheese and more. Made up of stainless steel and glass front door, these refrigerators are large in capacity, better designed, and durable in construction when compared to residential refrigeration units.

Commercial refrigerators also come equipped with a range of advanced features like LED lighting, digital temperature readings, anti-condensate glass, compressors , and more.

Browse through our attractive range of commercial refrigeration equipment consisting of pass through refrigeration, reach-in refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, ice machines, display refrigerator and choose the one which fits you the best.

FAQ for Commercial Refrigeration

  • What is commercial refrigeration?

    A commercial refrigeration system is stand-alone equipment that provides cold storage for commercial purposes. Some of the common types of commercial refrigerators include walk-in refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, and bar refrigerators.
  • How to finance commercial refrigeration?

    We can provide you with easy and simple methods to finance your commercial refrigeration equipment. With our financing deals, you can buy the equipment for a low monthly installment that you can afford.
  • Which commercial refrigeration units are needed?

    The types of commercial refrigeration needed will depend on the size of your business, and your offering. You might need just an undercounter refrigeration unit, or reach-in refrigeration to meet your needs. Irrespective of what your requirements are, we have you covered. You can also visit to explore our vast variety of products and see what fits you the best.
  • How much does commercial refrigeration cost?

    The exact cost of commercial refrigeration depends on a range of factors – the refrigeration type, its size, and your needs. Rest assured, we offer products in all price segments and you can choose the one which fits your budget well.
  • How to clean commercial refrigeration?

    The exact cleaning procedure depends on your refrigeration unit. Every unit comes with an instruction manual that will tell you about the cleaning process. It is important that you clean your commercial refrigeration unit with the right products to keep it brand new for a long time.
  • What commercial refrigeration do you need for a restaurant?

    As a restaurant owner, it is important that you choose your commercial refrigeration properly as this is what will determine the success of your restaurant to a large extent. There are various kinds of commercial refrigeration units that could come to the rescue of your restaurant, however, the most important ones include reach-in refrigerators and freezers, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated prep tables, display refrigerators, and restaurant bar refrigeration.
  • How can I repair the commercial refrigeration?

    Every commercial refrigeration unit comes with an appropriate instruction manual that will provide you with an overview of the repair process. To learn more, you can call the customer support number on the manuals or file a service request on the manufacturer’s website.
  • What are the differences between commercial refrigeration and residential refrigeration models?

    Quite predictably, when compared to residential refrigeration models, commercial refrigeration units are more robust and are designed for the heavier demands of commercial use. These units have exteriors made up of stainless steel and interiors are designed such that they can handle acidic spills and humidity effortlessly.
    Also, since commercial kitchens are often hot, refrigeration units for commercial purposes are designed to withstand hot temperatures and are equipped with an efficient cooling system. A residential refrigerator might not fulfill all these requirements and keep up with the demands of commercial kitchens or preserve the food from getting rotten. This shortcoming could promote foodborne diseases and could land you in trouble.
  • What are the advantages of using commercial refrigerators?

    In addition to being robust in design and highly effective in cooling, commercial refrigerators are specifically designed to meet the varied demands of your business. They could help you in displaying food in maintained temperature, or store alcohol and drinks.
    Other reasons why businesses prefer using commercial refrigerators in addition to their functionality is the comprehensive warranty and insurance coverage that they come along with. This is generally not provided by residential refrigerators.
  • Are commercial refrigerators energy efficient?

    Most commercial refrigerators are equipped with robust and powerful equipment that helps them in maintaining temperatures without consuming a lot of energy. One of the best ways to determine the energy efficiency of your equipment is by taking a look at their energy star certification. This certification ensures that the device is independently checked, tested, and meets the required efficiency standards.
  • What are some common issues with commercial refrigeration models?

    The most common issues with commercial refrigeration models can be efficiently handled through proper maintenance.
    To boost the life of your refrigerator, we will highly recommend you to keep it unplugged for around 24 hours. This will allow the refrigerant, and other liquids inside the unit to settle. These liquids often get displaced during the entire delivery process which disturbs the normal functioning of the refrigerator.
    Once the refrigeration unit is installed, it is highly recommended to avoid overloading and keep its doors closed. Further, you must clean the condenser coils regularly to remove any debris which might degrade the performance of your unit.