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Commercial Refrigeration

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Whether you run a restaurant, café or a food truck, you need to satisfy your customers with fresh food. However, keeping the food fresh at all times might be struggling for food serving businesses. Good restaurant equipment is what you need at that moment. Especially a functional commercial refrigerator is at your service when it comes to keeping the food fresh. Chef’s Deal is offering a wide range of commercial refrigerator types for you! It’s time to have a look at their advanced features and choose one!


Play It Cool with Your Restaurant Refrigerator


As a food serving business owner, you are responsible for the safety of food products. Using the right kitchen equipment is what matters at that point. Thus, a commercial refrigerator that will keep the food at the right temperature is a must to improve the quality of the daily operation and what you serve. Also, it is possible to decrease the possibility of foodborne diseases if you use a proper restaurant refrigerator. However, we know that there are varieties of refrigerators and it is hard to make a choice among them. Let’s begin with one of the most common ones: Coolers.


Deciding on the type of cooler you are going to get for your kitchen might seem challenging. But, if you answer some important questions before buying one, making the final decision will become easier. Some of them are as follows:


  • Does your business require for cold products to be stored the moment you receive them?
  • Do you need frozen or refrigerated products more?
  • How much storage space will be needed?
  • Do you need to keep the food fresher or longer?
  • What kind of ventilation system do you need?


These questions will help you figure out what you really need. You can also use the advanced filters on by narrowing down the options according to the price, manufacturer, etc. At Chef’s Deal, it is possible to find a wide range of cooler options from small commercial refrigerators to commercial bottle coolers.


Your professional kitchen refrigerator needs might change based on the type of business you are running. For instance, if you run a café, you’ll need a proper cooler to keep the daily operation fast and moving. A commercial beverage refrigerator that has the capacity you need would be a good option for you. If you have a restaurant, on the other hand, you might need a bigger option such as a walk-in cooler. At Chef’s Deal, there are numerous commercial kitchen refrigerator types. You can have a look at their weight, width, height, depth, and manufacturer and easily choose the one suitable for your kitchen.


Freeze Your Food with a Professional


Using cold is a traditional way of preserving food for a long time. And nearly all of the food serving businesses use it to keep their food fresh, make them last longer and prevent spoilage. Especially, frozen food is among the most long-lasting foods. They are not just a lifesaver for people who are working late but they are also very practical for most of the food serving businesses such as restaurants, ice cream shops, butcheries, etc. However, choosing the right freezer for your professional kitchen matters at that point.


If you don’t know where to start to choose a freezer, try comparing their features with each other. As a commercial refrigerator freezer contains most of your stock inside, the one you are using should be reliable. There are numerous types of commercial freezers such as reach-in freezers, upright freezers, and undercounter freezers. What you need changes based on the type and capacity of your business. Considering the daily or monthly food needs of your restaurant would be a good place to start. Also, what you serve is important when making a decision. If you are a frozen-food based business, then the capacity matters for you. If you are a fresh-food based business, then the advanced features like temperature control matter for you. At Chef’s Deal, there are lots of options that you can choose from. Have a look at the features of all the commercial freezers here and don’t wait up!


Display Your Food Wisely


When it comes to serving your food, it is not always about serving it on the table. You might as well serve some of them in a display cabinet for your customers to see before they order. There are different types of display cabinets for different types of businesses. Let’s dive in to discover them!


At Chef’s Deal, we offer a wide range of display cabinets from sushi display cases to refrigerated deli display cases. Among them, bakery display cases are the most popular ones because if you are running a bakery, showing your delicious goods is a must to get your customers’ attention. Display cabinets are also important for ice cream shops. Showing the colors of ice creams is not enough if you are not keeping them at the right temperature. Thus, what kind of business you are running and the type of food you are serving are important when it comes to choosing the right display cabinet.


Match Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs with High-Quality Products


Supplying your restaurant equipment might be challenging. However, it is a simple matter if you are working with a professional. Chef’s Deal, with more than 200 manufacturers, offers a good range of restaurant equipment for food serving businesses including commercial refrigerators. From bottle coolers to commercial undercounter refrigerator options, it is possible to find what you need immediately. There are even refrigerator-freezer combinations that will supply the different needs of your business.


Besides the high-quality products of Chef’s Deal such as Turbo Air, Beverage Air there are also financing options that will help you install your restaurant or café with the equipment you want without financial difficulty. When you decide what kind of commercial refrigeration you are going to get, you can get a financing consultancy and plan a monthly payment. Or, you might as well benefit from the commercial refrigerator for sale options in Chef’s Deal’s 20,000sq ft showroom. Have a look at Chef’s Deal’s world-leading brands and make your choice today.