Commercial Tortilla Grills, Makers & Presses

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Speed Up Business With Commercial Tortilla Grills, Tortilla Makers & Presses

Commercial tortilla grills, tortilla makers & presses are machines that automatize the whole tortilla-making process, from flattening dough balls into tortillas to grilling them. Everyone loves hand-made tortillas, but no hands can pace up the heavy demands in commercial settings. Commercial tortilla presses can make flour or corn tortillas more quickly and consistently than human hands. Although mass-produced, they are still your freshly rolled tortillas as tasty and fluffy as hand-pressed ones. Your chefs can focus more on displaying their culinary crafts in preparing delectable tacos, quesadillas, burritos, or enchiladas.

Types Of Commercial Tortilla Makers And Presses  

Serving freshly-made and warmed tortillas rather than using frozen ones in your tortilla recipes can set you apart from your competitors. Various commercial tortilla makers and presses streamline and speed up the tortilla making and baking tasks. Some units offer combo solutions. These presses and grills decrease the production time, improve the quality, and drive up profits in your tortilla business.

Tortilla machines are commercial tortilla makers and presses, turning dough into finely-rolled tortillas. Delivering hundreds of products per hour, they can provide fresh tortillas even during the busiest periods. For example, Tortilla Masters Ventura Flex Corn Tortilla Machine can produce 840 tortillas per hour. The top-loaded dough turns on the machine’s strap and goes through the rollers. The 6-inch cutter creates tortillas of 6 inches in diameter. You can buy separate cutters to produce tortillas in different diameters. You can also customize the thickness by adjusting the distance between the rollers.

Commercial tortilla presses are compact countertop devices with a clamshell design used for flattening dough quickly and easily. Manual machines are simple and need no power source but human effort. Electric tortilla presses promise faster and more effortless production. Dough rolls placed in between the two platens are flattened with the force of pressure and heat. Each platen can have separate temperature controls. This dual-heat technology also shortens the baking times and allows for creating crispy crusts. You can customize the shape (round or rectangular), diameter, and thickness. These machines can also press pizza crusts and flatbreads.

After making thin dough discs using commercial tortilla makers and presses, the next step is cooking them. Tortilla grills are countertop or freestanding griddles designed for warming tortillas. The floor models often have casters for portability. You can choose various cooking surface sizes based on your tortilla production volume. The power source is also your choice. If you want a gas grill, you may need to specify the gas type you want. Some models have a rotating griddle area. Tortillas cook as the flat grilling surface rotates.

Some commercial tortilla makers and presses are combo units that minimize human effort, speed up the process, and increase product consistency. For instance, tortilla press and ovens can automatically deliver up to 900 tortillas per hour. Feed the dough rolls and let the machine flatten, and bake them. Another combo that promises the same hourly production capacity is the commercial tortilla press and grills. The machine presses doughs into tortillas and drops them on the flat non-stick grilling area. 

Commercial tortilla makers and presses provide you with speed and efficiency in the fiercely competitive Mexican cuisine market. The versatility and popularity of tortillas require an accelerated workflow. Therefore, you may wish to add parts and accessories to your tortilla line for a smoother operation. For example, a dough trolley loader can be attached to an auto tortilla press to feed dough rolls continuously. You can also use your tortilla warmer with a tortilla conveyor to collect and carry the cooked tortillas to the operator.


Check out a wide selection of commercial tortilla makers and presses at Chef’s Deal from elite brands, BE&SCODoughXpressJade, Tortilla Masters Equipment, and more. You may also need dough preparation equipment, a tortilla server, or a taco rack for your Mexican food-inspired business.