Tortilla Masters TM105 Ventura Flex Countertop Corn Tortilla Machine

Tortilla Masters TM105 Ventura Flex Countertop Corn Tortilla Machine


Tortilla Masters TM105 Ventura Flex Countertop Corn Tortilla Machine



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Ventura Flex Tortilla Machine, countertop, electric, automatic corn tortilla production, top load dough, manual controls, push-button stop/start, includes (1) TC16 cutter for 6" tortillas, gear transmission, automatic overload protection, stainless steel construction, 1/30 HP, 115v/60/1-ph, 2.0 amps, NEMA 5-15P, NSF, cETLus


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Manufacturer Tortilla Masters Equipment
Model Number TM105
Weight 128 lbs
Width 24"
Height 18"
Depth 23"
Tortilla Machine with grill

Tortilla Masters TM105 Ventura Flex

The Ventura Flex is a Corn Tortilla Maker capable of producing up to 840 raw corn tortillas per hour with flexibility of producing different tortilla sizes from 4 to 6 1/4 of an inch. It can also produce different tortilla thickness from 1 to 2 millimeters.

The Ventura Flex has a 60-watt custom built motor with overload protection and gear driven, high torque permanently lubricated transmission. Constructed of stainless-steel frame with food grade plastic rollers, an on/off selector switch mounted on the front along with a green push button and an red E-Stop button.

The Ventura Flex has an interlock system mounted on all 3 covers to prevent access to moving parts while in operation. It has a 115V, 2 amps, single-phase electrical rating, and is NSF and ETL listed. One-year parts and labor warranty.

The Ventura Flex has the capacity to produce tortillas from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch with the thickness adjuster plates on both sides.

Simply loosen the knobs and adjust the distance between the rollers to the desired thickness for the tortilla. The thickness adjuster plate is in between the two slotted locks that indicate the thickness limit allowed.

A sturdy hand lever disengages the tortilla cutter from the roller system with ease, while an interlock spring-loaded system engages the tortilla cutter to the roller system to start making tortillas.

Tortilla Machine

More productivity from your kitchen staff.
The ease of operations mean that your staff will be able to produce more, better corn tortillas in a faster and more efficient manner. That means improved productivity which goes directly to your bottomline.

A better restaurant experience.
A better restaurant experience. Your establishment will be elevated in atmosphere almost immediately. Happy patrons mean increased sales, referrals, reviews and repeat customers.

The Ventura Flex is manufactured from the highest grade materials and produced to exacting standards that ensures years of dependable operation. And the machine is certified by NSF so you can have confidence in safety.

Because for the small footprint there's no need for a special stand or location. The Ventura Flex can be placed virtually anywhere in you kitchen which means you'll be able to maximize line efficiency and productivity. Plates will go out faster and have delicious fresh corn totillas.

There are many more benefits to the Ventura Flex Corn Tortilla Machine and you'll begin seeing them the moment you add it to your kitchen

Tortilla Machine

Production Advantages

The Ventura Flex Corn Tortilla Machine production advantages for your restaurant will be noticed almost immediately.

The versatility, durability and economy of the machine will enhance your production capabilities while helping to lower product costs because of standardized output and reduced labor costs.

Variable Production Settings

Whether you need a single tortilla, 100 or 1,800, the Ventura Flex gives your kitchen operations the ability to immediately produce delicious corn tortillas that will have your patrons eager for more.

If you'd like to add the production advantages of the Ventura Flex Corn Tortilla Machine to your operations, contact us today to learn more

Tortilla Machine

How long do fresh tortillas stay warm?

We conducted a test by putting 500 tortillas in an ice chest. The results were measured from the first 100 tortillas.

  • The starting temperature was recorded at 144 degrees fahrenheit.
  • After one hour, it measured 130 degrees.
  • After two hours, the batch was measured at 112 degrees.
  • Three hours later, the measurement was 103 degrees.
  • After four hours, the final measurement was recorded at 95 degrees.

Easy Making Tortillas!

Nothing separates a restaurant from the competition like fresh ingredients. And when it comes to Mexican food that will turn new customers into repeat clients, nothing is better than a freshly made corn tortilla.

Whether for the main dish or as the basis for delicious tacos, a freshly made corn tortilla simply can't be matched.

The challenge in the past for restaurant managers, chefs, and owners has been efficiently producing fresh corn tortillas while minimizing manpower.

Fortunately today there is a solution to economically and efficiently producing delicious corn tortillas. It's the Ventura Flex, tabletop corn tortilla machine from Tortilla Masters. Whether you need a dozen or lots of tortillas, the Ventura Flex produces beautiful tortillas with a standardized size that you control.

Ventura Flex is an easy to use restaurant quality, a tabletop machine that meets UL and NSF standards. If you're searching for the key to easy making tortillas, choose Ventura Flex.

Customer Q&A

This machine is for Corn Tortillas only.

It can make up to 840 raw tortillas an hour.

Yes, it meets NSF and UL standards.

You can use Nixtamal masa or Maseca.

No, it uses a standard 115V outlet, found commonly in restaurant kitchens.

Yes. It was engineered and constructed to make clean-up simple and quick.

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