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Whether you are in your home kitchen or a professional kitchen, safety should come first. In a kitchen, accidents are not rare situations, but you should always be prepared and take the necessary precautions. One of the steps you should take is not leaving a bladed object without a cover. Almost at any given moment, there is rush and chaos in a professional kitchen, and that is why accidents may occur. You and your staff should use and store kitchen equipment with their proper protection.

Put Safety First with Food Slicer Safety Cover

One of the kitchen items that can cause severe accidents is food slicers. However, you can make your food slicer safer with food slicer accessories. For example, you can store a food slicer blade with a slicer knife cover and prevent unwanted accidents. Moreover, the cover will protect the blade as well and make it more durable.

Food Slicer Attachments to Change your Slicing Game

There are other types of food slicer gears besides safety covers. You can purchase different food slicer parts to increase the functionality of your food slicer. You can buy dicing blades of various sizes. One of the food slicer attachments you can buy is a meat pusher grip. With that, you can safely push the meat to your grinder or meat slicer.

If you have questions about the food slicer parts and accessories we offer in our catalog, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us or write to us on ChefsBot to learn more about the commercial kitchen supplies and financing and shipping options.