Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration Units

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Walk-in Cooler Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration is the system that creates cold temperatures inside a cooler or freezer. A walk-in cooler refrigeration unit or also called as walk-in cooler refrigeration system is composed of a compressor, condenser, and evaporator. These components cooperate to compress the refrigerant gas and circulate it inside the unit to provide temperatures for the safe storage of perishables. You may wish to replace your existing walk-in refrigeration or buy a walk-in box only and its refrigeration separately. In either case, you'll have to invest in a walk-in cooler refrigeration system.

Compressor Types and Refrigeration Systems in Walk-in Cooler Refrigeration Units

The three types of refrigeration compressors used in walk-in cooler refrigeration units are scroll, screw, and piston. Scroll compressors, also known as spiral compressors, are more common in walk-in cooler refrigeration units due to several benefits. The main advantage is the fewer number of parts, which means better output and greater energy efficiency. As they don't have many components, mechanical failures are less likely, and maintenance is minimal. Finally, they're much quieter than screw and piston compressors.

The three refrigeration systems used in walk-in cooler refrigeration units are fully hermetic, semi-hermetic, and open. Fully hermetic systems step forward with their distinctive features. These systems accommodate the compressor and the motor sealed in a steel shell, removing the risk of refrigerant leakage. The enclosed unit also prevents dust or other contaminants from interfering with the operation. You can easily change the location of the refrigeration as all the components are sealed in a box. They are more affordable and perfect for applications where regular maintenance isn't always possible. All scroll compressors are hermetic.

Installation Types of Walk-in Cooler Refrigeration Units

Whether remote, installed away from the walk-in, or self-contained, mounted on top or one side of the walk-in box, you have indoor or outdoor installation options. While purchasing an indoor walk-in cooler refrigeration unit, it is advisable to consider specific clearance requirements for proper ventilation of air dumped from the system. For locations with a low ceiling, a side mount system is better than a top mount one. Yet, if you need larger interior shelf space, then a top mount is a better option. When it comes to remote systems, they are less expensive, installed outside, so don't limit your internal space usage.


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