Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

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  10. Special Price $2,382.76

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  11. Special Price $3,099.16

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  12. Special Price $2,745.19

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  13. Special Price $3,789.05

    FINANCE FOR: $68.63/mo.

  14. Special Price $2,510.88

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  15. $1,407.74

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When it comes to kitchen appliances functionality is key. We understand the struggle one goes through when shopping for appliances for their kitchen that bears both functionality and good features at the same time. As most of the kitchen appliances you purchase will be working with you for a long time, you need to pick out the best model of appliances. We have gathered over three hundred models for you that will serve you at the best of their capacity. All you have to do is determine your need and delve into our undercounter refrigerator category!


Compact But Mighty


Going through refrigerators you might think to yourself: Where am I going to fit this? Well, this is the exact reason why we decided we needed to separate the undercounter refrigerator models from normal refrigerators. All the commercial undercounter refrigerator models you see in this category are just as feisty as the big ones. The True undercounter refrigerator for example has stainless steel sides and interior along with 2 heavy duty stainless steel doors and steel handles. With its 4 shelves and electronic temperature control with digital temperature display it will give you the efficiency of a standing one door refrigerator. The Turbo air undercounter refrigerator on the other hand has other qualities such as a front breathing system, with side mount self-contained compressor, 2 stainless steel doors with recessed handles and LED interior lighting.


Yes, these restaurant undercounter refrigerator models are small, but we advise you to be specific about the size of the model you are looking to purchase. If you have a spacious kitchen, you could consider the 48 inch undercounter refrigerator with more doors. Or maybe you don't have as much space, then the 24 inch undercounter refrigerator would be a perfect fit for you. In the end, whether your choice is single, 2 door undercounter refrigerator or a 30 inch undercounter refrigerator among others, you can be rest assured that these little helpers will not let you down for a very long time.


And last but not least, the tiniest, yet handy single door undercounter refrigerator model! This little thing only has one door but is really handy when it comes to keeping it cool. It has wheels on the legs, so you can move it around easily and is stainless steel all around making it hygenic and durable.


Stylish Little Helpers


Whether you are looking for an under counter mini refrigerator for your home or restaurant kitchen, you should not give up on your style! We know when you think of a commercial undercounter small refrigerator all that comes to mind is chunks of steel. But many brands have adopted different models for their stainless steel undercounter refrigerator models. The undercounter beverage refrigerator glass door for example has two doors opening up but have glass panels. Now, not only does this have a more aesthetic look, it is also helpful in many ways. Seeing what is inside your beverage air undercounter refrigerator will help you plan accordingly with your ingredients and maybe even inspire you!


After all this searching and reading, you probably have something in mind. Whether it is turbo air, beverage air and true undercounter refrigerator or an undercounter glass door refrigerator you know that you can find it here on our site! From 2 door undercounter refrigerator models to the under counter beverage refrigerator brand, we have your back! Yes, it may be overwhelming but with our expertise and dedicated team, we give you our word in finding the best undercounter refrigerator for your precious kitchen!


Don't hesitate to give us a call, or better yet, write to us on our online chat box and we will solve your problem in no time! Remember, these helpers will accompany your journey for a long time, it is important to choose wisely.