Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

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Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators: Space Saving And Economical Solution

Commercial undercounter refrigerators are compact solutions for restaurants and other food businesses. They can conveniently fit under counter spaces, small areas to save space on your kitchen floor. Additionally, these commercial undercounter fridges enable more energy efficiency and save you money on your electricity bill.

Commercial undercounted refrigerators can suitably be used in restaurants, convenience stores, markets, delis, gas stations, food trucks, hotels, convenience stands, or any other business that serve beverage, food, or snacks. Therefore, these lowboy refrigerators present various sizes, capacities, styles, and constructions to make them beneficial and long-lasting under different conditions.

Finding the Most Suitable Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator

To derive the maximum performance from a commercial undercounter fridge, you need to select the most appropriate features that will be helpful for your needs in your business. We have, therefore, presented the basic options that are available on the market:

1. Solid vs. Glass Door

The doors of the commercial undercounter refrigerator freezers come with mainly two options solid doors and glass doors. Solid door lowboy coolers are more energy efficient since the doors are also insulated to keep the cold inside. These solid door commercial undercounter coolers are better to be used in the back of the house or as under bar refrigerators owing to their durably constructed structure and sturdy steel doors.

Although the glass door undercounter refrigerators are less energy efficient due to the glass front, they compensate for this energy loss through their advantage for visibility. The glass doors provide a see-thru protective layer; the customers or personnel can observe the interior without opening the door. Then, they can grab what they want, thereby decreasing the energy losses because of the frequent door openings. Hence, these commercial undercounter refrigerators are best when used as commercial beverage coolers, store refrigerators, or beer coolers.

2. Doors vs. Drawers

Commercial undercounter refrigerators have versatile designs to address different needs in every type of business. You can have the models with hinged doors, or you can make a selection among the lowboy refrigerators with drawers. It may also be an advantage considering the models that combine both drawers and doors in one model.

3. The Size and Capacity

The volume of storing foods and beverages can vary, and therefore, you will discover different models with various capacities. You can opt for purchasing one section commercial undercounter refrigerators for small volume needs or hotel rooms. If you need a larger capacity for busy kitchens and bars, you can go for the multiple section models, which can have up to 5 sections.

There are also various commercial undercounter fridges with different heights ranging from the ADA compliant models of 32" to the regular undercounter fridge models up to 36".

4. Bottom Mounted vs. Rear Mounted vs. Side Mounted

Commercial undercounter refrigerators come with three different options for compressor locations. Bottom mounted refrigerators have their compressor at the top. Therefore, they compromise some storage space, but they use the cooler air at the bottom to be more energy efficient. The rear mounted models need some gap from the wall to have enough airflow to the compressor and decrease the depth of the cooler. The side mounted models provide utmost storage space in the cabinet but they larger footprint on the floor.

5. Other Notable Features

  • Caster Wheels: These commercial undercounter food and beverage refrigerators are perfect for keeping the drinks and food ingredients with your easy reach all the time to facilitate service, food prep, and impulse sales. Therefore, you can have them equipped with caster wheels to enable mobility around the kitchen and the flour.
  • Finish, Stainless Steel vs. Black vs. White: The commercial undercounter coolers have different finishing options. While the stainless steel exterior models offer more durability and resistance against the scratches and impacts in the back of the house, the white and black finished coolers are suitable for use in the front of the house, as display fridges, hotel mini bars, or countertop merchandisers.

The Types of Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

Thanks to their various features and compact sizes, these commercial undercounter fridges can be used as:

  • Hotel Minibars: These commercial refrigerators offer sleek designs and finishes to match your hotel room decoration. Hence, you can easily find commercial mini fridges to add to your hotel decoration.
  • Counterheight Coolers: Somme models of commercial beverage and food refrigerators we carry are ADA compliant, and they can be safely and suitably used by customers or staff with disabilities.
  • Standard Undercounter Refrigerators: These are regular types of commercial undercounter refrigerators, and they are the most common models in the commercial kitchens of restaurants, hotels, delis, bakeries, and other food establishments.


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