Catering Supplies

Catering is a profitable business with an extensively growing market size, and a complete set of catering supplies can create an uninterrupted revenue stream. Today’s hectic lifestyles speed up the expansion of the catering industry, and caterers are expected to organize every step of birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, company luncheons, or weddings, rendering catering more versatile and inviting more entrepreneurs. All it takes is premium catering supplies. Read More

Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

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Buffet line equipment enables your customers to serve themselves easily. You can keep your food warm or cold with stylish hot/cold food tables at your buffet.


Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers

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Refrigerated beverage dispensers keep your beverages cold and refreshing and help you serve quickly. They come with different capacities to suit your business.


Hot Water Dispensers

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Hot water dispensers heat and dispense water for your hot beverages, soup, & cleaning tasks. You can use water-line or pour-over dispensers at the self-serve stations.


Iced Tea Dispensers

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Commercial ice tea dispensers enable you to hold and serve tea easily with their low footprint on your countertop. They’re portable and can also be used with a brewer.


Coffee Urns & Percolators

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Coffee urns & percolators are great kitchen equipment for catering businesses and convenience stores that enable your customer to serve their coffee easily.


Coffee Warmers

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Single burner or multi-tiered coffee pot warmers are easy and safe to use while keeping the coffee hot and ready for a long time.


Airpot Coffee Brewers

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Airpot coffee brewers help you brew large quantities of coffee, keep it warm and fresh, and serve efficiently in bars, offices, restaurants, dining halls, and cafeteria.


Decanter Coffee Makers

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Decanter coffee makers help you serve a large amount of hot coffee by keeping the flavor. You won't have to make coffee multiple times, so they save you time & labor.


Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Dispensers

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You can create an enjoyable warm beverage with cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers. They’re automatic, easy to use, and produce drinks quickly.


Countertop Warmers & Displays

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You can keep the food fresh, warm, and ready to be served at safe temperatures with the commercial countertop warmer & displays.


Holding & Proofing Cabinets

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Holding and dough proofing cabinets provide optimal temperature and humidity levels to achieve the best fermentation process to make the most out of dough.


Queen Mary & Banquet Carts

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You can store and transport food and tabletop items and keep the food at safe & ideal temperatures with Queen Mary carts and banquet carts.


Outdoor Griddles

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Natural gas or propane-fueled outdoor griddles are one of the most convenient catering equipment since you can cook all kinds of meat hassle-free.


Commercial Outdoor Deep Fryers

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Commercial outdoor deep fryers have a unique construction with casters, LP tank holders, and push handles, enabling you to serve crisp fried menus outdoors.


Commercial Outdoor Grills

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Commercial outdoor grills offer delicious meals without worrying about moving the equipment and make it easy to transport the grill inside & outside due to the weather.


Countertop Induction Cooktops

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You can benefit from the functionality, safety, & mobility of countertop induction cooktops which present high-efficiency cooking by innovative cooking technology


Commercial Hotplates

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You can effectively use the limited space with electric or gas commercial hot plates and add an extra burner to boil a pot or keep a pan warm.


Stock Pot Ranges

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Stock pot ranges are heavy-duty, high-performance, and powerful commercial cooking equipment to heat a large amount of liquids, sauces, and soups.


Wok Ranges

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With the intense heat they generate, raised rings, and holes to accommodate woks, Wok Ranges are perfect for preparing stir-fried menus and more.


Portable Butane Stoves

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Portable butane stoves are convenient catering equipment that can make a great omelet, cook eggs, and sear steak indoors or outdoors.


Carving Stations

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Modern or classic wooden carving stations enable you to process specialty meat while keeping them warm, and let your customers choose freshly cut meat.


Portable Bars

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Portable bars are the recessed countertop bar equipment that enables you to provide perfect weddings, banquets, and outdoor events with mobile bartending.


Insulated Food Carriers & Beverage Dispensers

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Insulated food carriers and beverage dispensers provide proper and safe temperatures to keep and transport food and beverages.


Portable Refrigerator Freezers

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You can keep your ingredients and frozen foods at safe temperatures and sustain the cold chain with portable refrigerators freezers.


Meal Delivery Carts

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Insulated meal delivery carts provide safe storage and transportation for hot and fresh meals and cold food.


Dishwasher Glass & Cup Racks

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You can wash, store, and transport your glassware in the dishwasher glass and cup racks that protect your glassware and cups and extend their usage times.


Countertop Display Cases

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With curved or rectangular glass, countertop display cases draw customers' attention by displaying bread, pastries, cookies, doughnuts, and other non-refrigerated foods.


Pastry Display Cases

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Pastry display cases, generally made of acrylic-metal or glass-stainless steel, keep the food's quality and taste while keeping the bakery products from contamination.


Portable Hand Washing Stations

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You can create a mobile hand washing station in any working area with portable hand washing stations and provide sanitation for your staff and customers.


Commercial Outdoor Furniture

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Discover our commercial outdoor furniture to extend your restaurant’s dining space. With this furniture, your customers enjoy nice weather with ease.


Folding Tables & Chairs

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The folding tables and chairs are an affordable and elegant choice for any catering or hospitality establishment. It is also easy to transport and store.


Stackable Chairs

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Stackable chairs, also known as banquet chairs, combine comfort, aesthetics, and function. You can stack all the seating easily for cleaning & transportation of the place.


Catering Supplies For Foodservice Business

Catering is a profitable business with an extensively growing market size, and a complete set of catering supplies can create an uninterrupted revenue stream. Today’s hectic lifestyles speed up the expansion of the catering industry, and caterers are expected to organize every step of birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, company luncheons, or weddings, rendering catering more versatile and inviting more entrepreneurs. All it takes is premium catering supplies.

1. Cooking Equipment

Like in almost all foodservice ventures, the biggest pie of your catering supplies investment will be cooking equipment. No matter your business, you need ranges, grills, fryers, or cooktops that will expose your chefs’ culinary crafts. It would help if you prioritized portability and flexibility in buying your cooking appliances so they can cook outdoors.

  • Commercial Hotplates: These countertop appliances are often stainless steel to withstand rugged conditions. Unlike traditional restaurant ranges, commercial hotplates do not require much space with no base configuration.
  • Specialty Ranges: The low-height stock pot ranges are designed uniquely for cooking large-batch soup, sauces, or pasta in sizeable pots. You will also need high-output generating wok ranges for stir-fried or other Asian-inspired dishes.
  • Countertop Induction Cooktops: Induction cooktops are tiny, mobile units covering no space. They have the most recent technologies to accelerate cook times and minimize energy use. They are fast and practical enough to satisfy hungry crowds.
  • Outdoor Cooking Equipment: A catering supplies list would be incomplete without portable cooking appliances primarily manufactured for outdoor use. You can serve French fries and fried proteins, the staples of catered events, with outdoor gas fryers. The sizzling spreading from outdoor griddles and grills can hypnotize all your guests.

2. Beverage Equipment

Can you imagine an event without toasting? Attendees will crave a drink to quench their thirst once they get to the event venue. They will also want to finish their meals with a coffee or hot tea. Therefore, the catering supplies below are necessary for designing an all-inclusive beverage station.

3. Transportation And Delivery

Catering supplies for the transportation and delivery of foods and drinks to the event venue are crucial. They must be well-insulated to hold their contents at safe temperatures. Plus, durability and easy maneuverability are critical because you must carry hot and cold treats between stations.

  • Insulated Food Carriers: A dependable food delivery system is the backbone of catering. Insulated food carriers & beverage dispensers can hold and transport products at proper temperatures for several hours.
  • Meal Delivery Carts: You can load all your cooked dishes and deliver them hot to guests with meal delivery carts. They have insulated walls for temperature retention, a perimeter bumper for protection, and swivel casters for making turns without hassle.
  • Queen Mary & Banquet Carts: Queen Mary & banquet carts are multipurpose carts that store and transport bulky pots, pans, dishes, and other heavy loads on multiple shelves.

4. Hot-Holding Equipment And Display Cases

Cooked food will lose heat quickly, particularly if the event is open-air. You will need catering supplies to keep precooked menus at serving temperatures and build an eye-catching display.

5. Seating Furniture

A successful caterer should also consider catering supplies to develop a comfortable dining experience for guests to enjoy the nice weather outdoors. Stackable chairs and folding tables & chairs are easy to transport and store. Other outdoor furniture, including benches, sofas, bar stools, and patio heaters, can be chosen according to the organization. 


The catering supplies list may be longer depending on the event type and contract details. You might also need portable handwashing stations, serving utensils, decorative elements, portable refrigerator-freezers, and more. Chef’s Deal can be your catering supply store for anything necessary to be a professional caterer, from affordable financing options to exceptional customer service for intelligent consultancy, design, and layout solutions.