Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

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  1. $2,821.00

    FINANCE FOR: $68.87/mo.

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  2. $2,451.00

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  7. Special Price $1,160.80

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  8. $3,120.00

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  9. $3,600.00

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  10. $1,840.00

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  11. $2,000.00

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  12. $1,440.00

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There is one thing that we use in every step we take in the kitchen; clean water. We all need clean water to survive. In some areas and sometimes, you cannot drink or use tap water in kitchen operations because there might be bacteria and germs living in it. Even if you can safely use the tap water, there is a way to enhance its quality and taste; reverse osmosis water filtration. At Chef’s Deal, you will find the best reverse osmosis system in the market for your business!

How reverse osmosis works?

Do you know how reverse osmosis removes contaminants from the water? If you don’t, let us introduce you to the world of reverse osmosis! Reverse osmosis water filtration system can clean up the water and turn it into 90% to 99% pure water. A reverse osmosis system can significantly decrease the scale and corrosive effects of chlorine. The system has a pre-filter that is used to eradicate the chlorine and remove sediments. Thanks to the pre-filter, the reverse osmosis membrane filter is protected.

Benefits of the Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

There are several reasons to invest in a commercial reverse osmosis system. The first one is acquiring clean and nearly pure water has never been easier. The second thing is you don’t need to spend the valuable space in the kitchen. The compact design of the reverse osmosis storage tank enables you to fit it into under the counter. Another benefit of the reverse osmosis water filter system is the largest models can produce up to 1500 gallons per day. You can compare different models of a reverse osmosis water filter system and choose one by deciding on the tank size and daily production you need.

The reason for our growing popularity in the kitchen equipment business is that we have the best deals and financing options in the market. If you want to learn more about our offers and products, you can always reach out to us. Every day between 7 AM - 11 PM CST, you can have a chat with our customer service agents by calling them on our toll-free call centerline or writing to us on ChefsBot. We are here to answer all of your questions about our services.