Bar Supplies

Bar supplies will have a determining influence on the success of your drink serving business, whether it is a pub in a town, a bar in your restaurant, or a nightclub. Should you consider the fact that people prefer to refresh after work or enjoy some time along with a drink at parties, or on special occasions, it is clear that they will want to have a good experience of drinks and service. Read More

Bar Refrigeration

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Bar refrigerations keep the beverages cold and help you serve your drinks fast. With their stylish designs, they also contribute to your place’s ambiance.

Underbar Equipment

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Durable, easily cleanable, and practical underbar equipment helps you prep beverages, store, and washing glassware for high-traffic businesses.

Commercial Ice Machines

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From professional ice machines to ice crushers, commercial ice machines are must-have equipment in a typical American foodservice business.

Commercial Blenders

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You can chop ice, vegetables, and fruits with commercial blenders that are heavy workers in commercial kitchens to make smoothies, cocktails, soup, and more.


Commercial Juicers

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With their long-lasting performances, commercial juicers are one of the staple tools for bars, gym centers, and places where the quality of the juice should make a difference.


Milkshake Machines

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You can prepare milkshakes, malts, ice creams, and frozen drinks with commercial milkshake machines, aka milkshake makers, milkshake mixers, and spindle mixers.


Portable Bars

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Portable bars are the recessed countertop bar equipment that enables you to provide perfect weddings, banquets, and outdoor events with mobile bartending.


Glass Washer Machines

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Commercial glass washers clean & sanitize all your glassware efficiently. They eliminate manual labor & enable you to comply with the local codes. 


Bar Glass Washers & Polishers

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Bar glass washers and polishers provide clean & hygienic glasses and help you run your bar smoothly by providing an efficient workflow.


Underbar Sinks

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You can install stainless steel, heavy-duty, and compact underbar sinks to add additional sinks wherever you need as long as you have undercounter and plumbing.


Hanging Bar Glass Racks

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Hanging bar glass racks help you store wine glasses and stemware ideally. They keep your place neat and organized while providing an additional workplace.


Stainless Steel Work Stations

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Stainless steel working stations create an organized front house,  a fine-looking appearance, and a safe place to store your supplies and some tools.


Glass Filler Faucets & Water Stations

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Glass filler faucets are the best solutions with their easy usage to fill the glasses quickly with drinking water at any suitable beverage stations at your bar or restaurant.


Bar Supplies: A Cocktail of Success

Bar supplies will have a determining influence on the success of your drink serving business, whether it is a pub in a town, a bar in your restaurant, or a nightclub. Should you consider the fact that people prefer to refresh after work or enjoy some time along with a drink at parties, or on special occasions, it is clear that they will want to have a good experience of drinks and service.

Bar supplies are designed and manufactured in compliance with the specific conditions of bars. Therefore, they are of great use as reliable partners to meet the diversified demands of customers under commercial working conditions. Having the right bar tools will significantly contribute to your business by improving workflow efficiency, and increasing the service speed and quality, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

So, you should fully equip your front of the house with the right bar supplies and conduct a well-performing back-of-the-house operation to support your service. Bar supplies will provide a consistent and high-quality service with a smooth workflow even during rush hours by efficiently organizing the bar and enabling your personnel and bartenders to conduct their duties effectively.

1. Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigeration serves as the most crucial part of bar supplies. It is directly related to the customer experience in a drink serving establishment by keeping drinks cool, showcasing them to customers, and chilling the glassware. There are several different types of bar refrigeration units manufactured to address varying needs in a bar.

  • Back bar coolers: These bar supplies are of great use with their low-height design, which makes them suitable for underbar use. Hence, these restaurant bar supplies will harness every inch of your bar by opening up more areas in your valuable counter space.
  • Commercial Wine Coolers: Wine coolers are designed both to cool your wine inventory and to present an alluring wine showcasing cabinet that attracts customers.

  • Bottle Coolers: Bottle coolers are handy bar supplies that will provide an easily accessible chilled storage for bottle cases.

  • Glass Frosters and Chillers: Beverages and drinks are best when they are consumed cold. However, freshly washed and sanitized glasses are hot, which may warm the cold drink that your bartender pours. So getting a glass froster or a glass chiller will provide you with rapid chilling of glasses to make them perfect for drink service.

  • Keg Coolers: Keg coolers are sturdy stainless steel beer dispensers that provide cooling and serving. They’re space-saving and offer fast glass filling.

  • Glycol Power Pack Draft Beer Chillers: Glycol chillers work as a part of the cooling chain that provides the beer with chilled and refreshing.

2. Commercial Ice Machines

Ice will be starring during a busy day as a great way of retaining the chill of drinks and beverages. So a commercial ice machine that will be placed as part of your bar supplies will facilitate and accelerate clean ice production to keep you supplied with a sufficient amount of ice during rush time.

3. Bar Blenders

Bar blenders are versatile bar supplies and will enable your bartenders to serve the best recipes for frozen cocktails.

4. Commercial Glass Washer Machines

If you prefer to serve your orders in glass cups, then you should furnish your bar with a commercial glass washer machine. This type of bar equipment will provide you with much faster cleaning as well as better sanitation to prevent cross-contamination.

5. Underbar Equipment

As the countertop is allocated for drink service and customer use, under counter spaces are crucial to make the most out of available space in bars. You can use these areas to better organize your bar layout by placing underbar equipment.

You can install a bar glass storage under the bar to place the drinkware or a back bar cabinet within your bartender’s reach to avoid going back and forth between the bar and the back of the house for more bar supplies.

Additionally, it is possible to place an underbar sink to use clean and shiny glassware to serve you craft beer or delicious wine by washing them. Or, you can help your bartender make the service faster by installing speed rails to keep frequently demanded cocktail and drink bottles in front of him.

6. Bartending Supplies&Bar Service Supplies

When purchasing the bar equipment in your bar supplies list, you should also pay enough attention to the selection and obtaining of the bar service supplies and bartending tools in addition to the essential bar accessories and equipment. For instance, keg coolers are designed to provide a practical bartender tool to serve craft beer cold and refreshing through chilled units. You also have the option to install a glass filler to serve water to the customers within seconds.

You may also want to serve some snacks and foods with your drinks. It may be chips, French fries, or meals, but you will need relevant bar supplies to present them suitably. Food baskets and sauce cups are great options to serve wedges and hot wings, while plastic cutlery and napkin dispensers contribute to your cleaning.

7. Work Tables

  • Beverage Tables: Beverage tables are designed to organize your beverages and drinks to facilitate the service and refills. These bar supplies can be placed in bars and server stations to provide easy access.

  • Stainless Steel Work Stations: Stainless steel work stations serve as a robust base for your registers, menus, and other serving supplies with additional storage space underneath.

8. Bar Furniture

  • Bar Stools: Bar furniture is also an essential bar supply to comfortably seat your customers to keep them preferring your place. So, it would be best if you had suitable comfy bar stools from reliable bar stool suppliers and high chairs to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Bar Height Tables: You can offer comfortable seating to your customers while they enjoy their time drinking refreshing drinks and chatting with their friends with the high-quality bar height tables.

  • Restaurant Booths: Restaurant booths are iconic additions to any food and drink serving establishment. They offer comfortable seating while presenting enough space to accommodate a group of people around a table to enjoy eating and drinking.

9. Additional Bar Supplies

  • Portable Bars: These bar supplies are great to provide services for outdoor events and organizations by enabling you to carry your bar to other places. These units are made from stainless steel and will be of great use for outdoor events.

  • Hanging Bar Glass Racks: As a symbol of bars, these bar supplies present an elegant way of storing your drinkware without occupying your countertop and undercounter space.

  • Bar Condiment Holders: You can also organize your condiment while protecting these fresh treats from contaminants by keeping them safe in compartment condiment holders.
  • Ice Tools (Ice Scoops & Shovels): Ice will be demanded in almost all the drinks you will serve. Ice scoops will provide an easy way to fill your ice stocks with special tools that will ensure the maintenance of sanitation.

  • Bottle Display Stands: You can showcase your house-made liquors or best-selling drinks or recipes by pacing them on the countertop liquor bottle display stands, which will attract your customers to taste them.

  • Wine Bottle Racks: These bar supplies are produced to provide a robust and practical unit to organize your wine bottle inventory. These wine bottle racks are made from stainless steel and feature a design that will harness every space in your storage. You can also prefer the shelved models to provide a secure stocking place for the beer barrels.


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