Commercial Deep Fryers

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  1. $1,360.00

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    FINANCE FOR: $330.91/mo.

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  14. Special Price $9,360.00

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  24. Special Price $30,636.00

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  27. Special Price $1,077.82 $1,114.68

    FINANCE FOR: $26.31/mo.

  28. Special Price $1,077.82 $1,114.68

    FINANCE FOR: $26.31/mo.

  29. Special Price $1,347.79 $1,393.87

    FINANCE FOR: $32.90/mo.

  30. Special Price $1,347.79 $1,393.87

    FINANCE FOR: $32.90/mo.

  31. Special Price $1,719.61 $1,778.39

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Famous for your delicious fries? You might need to upgrade your fry game with commercial fryers. Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of commercial deep fryers to choose from. Here is a brief guide to buy an ideal one for your food serving business.


Discover Commercial Fryers at Chef’s Deal


Restaurant fryers are part of your professional kitchen appliances designed to heat cooking oil at high temperatures so that it is possible to deep fry foods such as french fries, corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, etc. Restaurant fryers for sale at Chef’s Deal allow you to deep fry in large quantities helping you serve better during busy hours.


However, the way you use your restaurant deep fryer depends on the type of your business. For instance, if you use it just for french fries, then you don’t have to worry about the flavors. But, if you use it for both french fries and mozzarella sticks, then you might need a two-unit deep fryer. However, there is a basic method while deep frying no matter what type your commercial deep fat fryer is. First of all, heat your oil to the desired temperature, then lower your food into the basket and raise the basket when the battered food turns brown. You can get the excess oil with a paper towel before serving your customers.


After you picture the basic method, you might be wondering about the cleaning process. Whether you get a gas deep fryer or a commercial electric deep fryer, it is easy to clean them. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to clean them periodically. If you want to keep serving delicious fries, cleaning the sediment daily and draining the oil according to daily needs matter a lot. Don’t forget to cool down the cooking oil before draining it. Otherwise, you might experience an unexpected accident in the kitchen. Once you drain the oil carefully, it’s time to clean it with hot water and soap. You might even get help from the good old vinegar at that point. Cleaning a commercial gas, electric deep fryer is that simple!


Electric or Gas Commercial Fryers?


There are many types of commercial fryers. However, the basic types are electric and gas fryers. Both have their pros and cons. Let’s dive in to their features to help you choose wisely:


  • A commercial gas deep fryer is almost always the cheaper option. It heats up faster than an electric fryer and reaches higher oil temperatures. Its working principle is heating the metal container first and heating the oil later. Thus, it tends to be 35-50% capable of transferring the amount of energy burned into heat.
  • An electric fryer, on the other hand, has immersed elements in the oil heating it up internally. The most advantageous side of an electric fryer is that it has a higher rate of efficiency of energy produced by the heated oil. Besides, it is more portable depending on the size of your kitchen.


Whether you need a countertop deep fryer or a floor-model one, Chef’s Deal is on your side. You can have a look at the best commercial deep fryer options here and make your choice accordingly. Besides, you can find commercial deep fryers for sale here so that you don’t have to get over your budget!