Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers cook quickly and efficiently by dipping food in hot oil, so they're among the core cooking equipment in many restaurants, cafeterias, concession stands, burger joints, bars, and more. Read More

Electric Deep Fryers

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Floor or countertop model commercial electric deep fryers operate at lower temperatures and quickly reach desired temperatures batch after batch.


Gas Deep Fryers

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Commercial gas deep fryers have faster heating times and are more cost-effective while enabling & creating delicious food for high-volume kitchens.


Commercial Countertop Deep Fryers

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You can cook buffalo wings, chicken tenders, fish fillets, french fries, and more quickly with the space-saving commercial countertop deep fryers.


Commercial Air Fryers

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Commercial air fryers are greaseless hot air fryers with simple but functional designs, enabling you to cook crispy items with less oil.


Ventless Fryers

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Ventless fryers are self-contained units and enable you to cook a wide range of products quickly and efficiently without needing a restaurant hood.


Commercial Outdoor Deep Fryers

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Commercial outdoor deep fryers have a unique construction with casters, LP tank holders, and push handles, enabling you to serve crisp fried menus outdoors.


Specialty Fryers

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Specialty fryers are specialized commercial deep fryers designed for specific menu items, offering efficient & customized frying options for dishes.

Commercial Pressure Fryers

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Commercial pressure fryers combine deep frying, steam, and pressure cooking and help you create tastier and healthier food faster.


Built in Deep Fryers

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Built-in deep fryers occupy a designated space within your countertop, which saves space in your kitchen and provides a more streamlined appearance.


Fry Dump Stations

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Fry dump stations keep fried food hot & crispy until they're ready to be served. These tabletop or cabinets are valuable for buffets, catering, and fast food restaurants.


Bread and Batter Stations

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Bread and batter stations help you streamline the process of breading & battering foods before deep-frying, resulting in a more efficient work line with less mess & waste.


Fryer Oil Filtration

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Fryer oil filtration lets you keep your equipment in good condition, decrease oil consumption, and extend the oil life, saving time, labor, and money.

Deep Fryer Baskets

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You can fry your food safely thanks to its stainless steel, chrome or nickel fryer baskets and its heat-resistant structure and handles.


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Commercial Deep Fryers – Dip Your Food In Hot Oil

Commercial deep fryers cook quickly and efficiently by dipping food in hot oil, so they're among the core cooking equipment in many restaurants, cafeterias, concession stands, burger joints, bars, and more.

Commercial deep fryers are often associated with french fries, but you can do more. They are versatile enough to fry vegetables, dough products, chicken wings, or fish, and you can prepare healthy and satisfying appetizers, side dishes, and the main course menu. Food submerged in hot oil may worry healthy food fans, yet, deep fryers can minimize the possible harms of frying with their unique construction and design.

Commercial Deep Fryer Types

All commercial deep fryers work in the same method. They have single or multiple tanks filled with oil, heated to the desired temperature, and each tank accommodates a basket. Items to be fried are placed in the basket and lowered into the hot oil. When the products turn slightly brown, the basket is raised. What food you fry and the volumes needed will specify your fryer type. 

1. Commercial Deep Fryers By Burner Styles

This classification relates to the shape of fry pot and burners, affecting the eat distribution and the amount of sediment produced during the frying process. Open-pot commercial deep fryers have their burners on the outside of the oil tank, freeing up larger interior space for frying. Relying on the oil capacity, they can fry large quantities of various food. However, they are particularly ideal for low-sediment products like chicken tenders and french fries.

Like open-pot fryers, flat-bottom commercial deep fryers have external heating elements, too. They produce minimal sediment so that products can float freely inside the oil tank without a basket. When battered items are dropped, they sink and then go up to the surface once frying is done. If you often serve doughnuts or funnel cakes, you can pick a flat-bottom fryer. Finally, tube-style fryers distribute heat through the tubes resting on the bottom of the fry pot. They are perfect for high-sediment items that require heavy frying.

2. Commercial Deep Fryers By Model Type

You will often see two types: countertop and floor models, and your available floor space and cooking volumes will specify your choice. Commercial countertop deep fryers are compact units occupying a minimal footprint. Facilities like food trucks or fast-food stalls with space limitations can do with a countertop model. Floor models are larger and have faster temperature recovery, heating oil more quickly between each frying batch. They can consistently handle high frying demands. Some floor-model commercial deep fryers feature a battery setup with multiple fryers running on the same electric or gas connection.

3. Commercial Deep Fryers By Fuel Type

Most cooking equipment runs on electricity or gas. Commercial electric deep fryers are easier to install and clean. Recovery time between frying batches is quicker, making them more efficient, especially in low-volume businesses. That's because fat heat-up time is longer, so they are more common in commercial countertop deep dryers. Commercial gas deep fryers heat oil more quickly and retain frying temperatures longer. Therefore, they are more efficient for establishments with heavy foot traffic. Yet, the downside is that you must have access to a gas hookup.

4. Other Commercial Deep Fryer Types

You may also find specialty fryers for more specific needs. You can get better outputs with corn dog fryers and doughnut fryers, which are more common in bakeries. You can benefit from ventless fryers if you operate in a place where traditional restaurant hoods are not practical or allowed. If time is your primary concern, you can consider commercial pressure fryers combining frying with pressure cooking and fry chicken faster batch after batch. Your customers may fall for deep-fried food but have concerns about the harms of fat. Then, you can prefer commercial air fryers using much less fat.  

Sizing Your Commercial Deep Fryer

You can determine your commercial deep fryer's capacity in several ways. One is, of course, to check the physical dimensions and the number of oil tanks. Units with multiple fryers provide you with higher cooking volumes. Another way is to measure the fat capacity for each tank. In this measurement, the general rule of thumb is 1.5 or 2 times the specified fat capacity. For example, you can fry 45-60 pounds of food per hour in a fryer tank with a 30-pound oil capacity.


Chef's Deal has a wide selection of commercial deep fryers from industry leaders, FMP, Frymaster, Giles, Imperial, Pitco, Vulcan, Henny Penny, and more. You may also want to see oil filtration equipment and supplies for your fryer's maintenance.