Specialty Refrigeration

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Specialty Refrigeration: Key to Safeguard Health

Specialty refrigeration is a type of commercial refrigeration which is designed to address non-standard refrigeration needs. Specialty refrigeration specialties are frequently needed in school cafeterias, hospitals, daily baby care establishments, and nurseries. These appliances are used to keep dairy products, milk, or medical products like vaccines and medical samples in a safe cold cabinet until use.

Depending on the intended design, these specialty refrigerators and freezers can be categorized as school milk coolers, breast milk coolers, and portable refrigerator freezers. These specialty refrigerations are of differing designs from the regular commercial refrigerators and freezers to meet the specific requirements of these facilities.

Design Features of Specialty Refrigeration

Specialty refrigeration units differ significantly from their commercial and residential counterparts with the features they are equipped with:

  • Specialty refrigeration is designed to maintain a stable level of chill to preserve the stuff inside safely.
  • Specialty freezers and refrigerators have additional safety features to prevent confusion and theft: lockable drawers, keyed locks, and self-latching.
  • They are built to ensure easy opening, loading, unloading, and closing to facilitate operation.

Advantages of Specialty Refrigeration

Specialty refrigerators and freezers are mainly designed and manufactured to meet the particular requirements of sensitive materials. Therefore, a specialty refrigeration unit will:

  • Allow storage of the dairy, milk, and medical products in a safe environment for later use,
  • Enable the transportation of temperature-sensitive materials and products without breaking the cold chain,
  • Facilitate the operation with smart design.


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