Wood Burning Charbroilers

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  1. Special Price $14,087.15

    FINANCE FOR: $343.91/mo.

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    FINANCE FOR: $279.55/mo.

  3. Special Price $10,413.70

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  7. Special Price $9,843.68 $10,286.20

    FINANCE FOR: $240.31/mo.

  8. Special Price $12,367.59 $12,967.03

    FINANCE FOR: $301.93/mo.

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Charbroilers offers a unique way to cook delicious steaks, chicken breasts, and juicy burgers. The grill marks of charbroilers make them more appealing to your customers. There are several types of charbroilers, and one of the most popular ones is the wood burning charbroiler. Commercial wood burning charbroiler will be a great addition to any commercial kitchen, whether it is a little town diner or a fancy restaurant. Here on Chef’s Deal, you’ll find the best wood burning charbroiler for your foodservice business.

A Closer Look to Wood Burning Charbroilers

Wood burning charbroilers work with both wood and charcoal. Any wood or charcoal can be used in wood burning charbroilers. Wood burning types of charbroilers are easy to use even though they seem complicated. They have a built-in gas lighter system, meaning that you or your staff do not need to use any lighter fluids or electric starters. Commercial wood burning charbroiler’s maintenance process is easy. You can remove the burner to clean. The stainless-steel surface of the charbroiler gives it a shiny and sleek look.

Best Wood Burning Charbroiler Brands

At Chef’s Deal, you will find the best and high-quality brands of commercial kitchen supplies. Imperial is one of the best commercial cooking equipment brands in the market, and they have an excellent line of top-notch wood burning charbroilers. The width of the Imperial wood burning charbroiler changes to accommodate different capacities of meals.

If you have any questions on wood burning charbroiler price lists or financing options, we are here to answer them! Reach us by calling us or writing to us by using the ChefsBot.