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Commercial Freezer: A Reliable Restaurant Equipment

Commercial freezers are the reliable partners of your operations in your business. They are mainly designed to keep your perishable foods and ingredients at a freezing temperature. Thus, they prolong the shelf life of the food products and ingredients and protect them from spoiling and bacteria growth.

Restaurant freezers are a part of commercial refrigeration systems, but they have principal differences from commercial refrigerators. Firstly, commercial refrigerators run between 33°F to 40°F while the commercial freezer temperature ranges from -10°F to 10°F. Secondly, industrial freezers can store your foods and ingredients for extended periods, contrary to the relatively shorter time in refrigerators.

Advantages of Commercial Freezers

Commercial Freezers directly contribute to the improvement of your business by facilitating the daily operations and increasing the service and products quality thanks to their following features and advantages:

  • Commercial freezers offer lower storing temperatures.
  • They can preserve the foods for more extended periods.
  • They can serve as merchandisers.
  • Commercial freezers can be used as ice cream display cabinets.
  • They have sturdy and durable structures to handle heavy traffic and intensive use.
  • Commercial freezers provide stable and steady cooling to maintain the preservation quality.

To have these benefits in your own business, you only need to browse freezers by Accucold, Atosa USA, Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, Excellence, Hoshizaki, Summit, True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, and many others. You can find different types of commercial freezers, some of which have ENERGY STAR certification.

Types of Commercial Freezers

There are various industrial freezers to address the different needs of restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, food catering services, and other food serving businesses.

Freezer Merchandiser

Freezer Merchandisers serve as storage cabinets for the products that need freezing and as sparkling display freezers to showcase the frozen foods you offer. The glass door freezers have nice-looking designs and lighting that attract customers to your exceptional tastes or packaged products. Thus, they are suitable commercial freezers for convenience stores, restaurants, or cafes. You can prefer various sized freezer merchandisers ranging from 3 door freezers with glass doors to sliding door freezers.

Worktop Freezers

Worktop freezers bring mobility, practicality, and versatile use to your kitchen. They are equipped with a clean, smooth, and sturdy counter that enables the workers and cooks to work. Furthermore, these commercial worktop freezers have a freezer cabinet which provides an extra storage area for your preparational necessities. These table freezers are suitable as they easily fit a smaller place and offer practicality by keeping the ingredients within the workers’ and cooks’ reach.

Reach-In Freezers

Reach-in freezers are among the indispensable part of the food business, thanks to their benefits. They can provide a suitable waiting room to preserve your ingredients and ready-made foods until they are used or served. Moreover, you can use these commercial upright freezers as a perfect storage space for the burgers, fish fillets, and any other product you wish. Depending on your needs, you can choose commercial reach-in freezers with different capacities, sections, and doors. Most of them are manufactured from stainless steel to handle heavy use and high traffic and will serve as reliable commercial restaurant equipment for a long time.

Undercounter Freezers

Undercounter freezers serve as practical compact kitchen equipment that enables you and your staff to work in a smaller area without going back and forth between the freezers and the prep table. Thanks to these counter height freezers, your kitchen team can rapidly prepare and present pizza, salad, sandwich, or snack by quickly finding all necessities within her/his reach. Lowboy freezers are one of the most beneficial commercial freezers, and they will increase the efficiency in the back-of-the-house and satisfaction in the front house.

Commercial Chest Freezers

You can rely on a commercial chest freezer whether you run a restaurant, café, food truck, supermarket, or gas station. These types of commercial freezers provide you an appropriate place to store your frozen foods and ingredients. Thus they are also perfect as a supermarket chest freezer with sliding glass doors. In addition, if you prefer a commercial glass top display chest freezer, it will let your customers easily grab ice cream and other frozen foods.

Frost Top Drop-in

Frost tops and cold slabs bring style and further taste to your ice cream. They are perfect for mixing the ice cream on a chilled slab. Thus, these frost top drop-in machines prevent the possibility of melting during preparation. Furthermore, they can keep foods and ingredients cold and frozen until they are used.

Pass-Through Freezers

Pass through freezers are one of the vital pieces of equipment that connect the operational section of the restaurant to the service side. This type of commercial freezer is mainly designed for facilitating and accelerating the service, particularly in busy restaurants. Walk through freezers can hold your ready-to-serve desserts, ice cream, and other frozen foods until the servers serve them.

Mobile Freezers

Mobile freezers mainly intend to facilitate your frozen food transportation. Therefore, they are equipped with caster wheels and sturdy stainless steel for durability. Furthermore, this class of commercial freezers has the proper design to absorb vibration to transfer the foods safely.

Roll-in Freezers and Roll-Thru Freezers

Roll-in freezers feature a sizeable empty cavity contrary to the other commercial deep freezers. That is because some types of commercial freezers are particularly beneficial for the preparation processes of the bustling restaurants and roll-in freezers are among them. They enable the staff to prepare and easily store the foods on the roll-in racks during preparation. Later, they can be safely moved to the walk-in freezers on the roll-in shelves.

Another commercial freezer that will facilitate your operations at the back of the house is a roll-thru freezer. They have two different doors, one in the front and the other at the back. Thus, these roll-through freezers offer practical use by linking sections in your restaurant.

Finding Best Option for Your Needs

All commercial freezer types are designed for different specific purposes. Chef’s Deal presents a wide range of commercial freezers of the best brands to address your needs and keep your ingredients safe and healthy.