Merchandising Refrigeration

Merchandising refrigeration is a combined resolution that utilizes commercial refrigerators and freezers to create an attractive commercial display area to showcase specialties, delicacies, and drinks. These display refrigerators and freezers provide a dedicated space where you can store drinks, salads, desserts, pastries, snacks, parfaits, foods, and even flowers. Read More

Glass Door Refrigerators & Coolers

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You can create an attractive space for your packaged foods and beverages and contribute to the sales with glass door merchandiser refrigerators.


Glass Door Freezers

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Glass door freezers provide a tasty and secure place for frozen foods at a safe temperature, and create an attractive showcase to your customers.


Glass Door Refrigerator Freezer Combo

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Glass door refrigerator freezer combos are space-saving, safe, and secure commercial refrigeration equipment to help you boost your product sales.


Countertop Glass Door Refrigeration

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Countertop glass door refrigeration equipment occupies less space and has a smaller storage room, but is suitable for heavily trafficked establishments.


Open Air Merchandiser Coolers

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You can create appealing self-service areas and let your customers reach out to the products by themselves with open-air merchandiser coolers.


Ice Merchandisers

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Indoor or outdoor ice merchandisers provide you with storing and displaying bagged ice in your convenience store, gas station, and supermarket.


Refrigerated Display Cases

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Refrigerated display cases promote your products to a food exhibit while keeping them at a safe temperature and ensuring their freshness and taste.

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Display Various Food And Drinks With
Merchandising Refrigeration To Attract Your Guests

Merchandising refrigeration is a combined resolution that utilizes commercial refrigerators and freezers to create an attractive commercial display area to showcase specialties, delicacies, and drinks. These display refrigerators and freezers provide a dedicated space where you can store drinks, salads, desserts, pastries, snacks, parfaits, foods, and even flowers.

Therefore, merchandiser refrigerators and freezers are suitable for use in delis, bakeries, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations. However, it should be noted that these commercial display freezers and coolers can hold packaged and sealed products, and thus, they are not suitable for preserving open-pack or unpackaged food and drinks.

Merchandising refrigeration systems have a vast area of use because they are designed to address different needs and necessities by offering various designs and alternatives. Hence, you should consider your needs in your bar, store, or restaurant and specify the necessary features you will need at first.

What to Consider Before Buying Merchandising Refrigeration?

The first thing you should do to buy appropriate merchandising refrigeration equipment is to determine your needs. Thus, it would be best if you should decide by considering the following factors:

     1. The Items To Be Stored In The Merchandising Refrigeration

Merchandiser coolers and merchandiser freezers are designed to store drinks, perishable, frozen foods, or flowers. Hence, the items you plan to store are the main factors affecting your decision to buy a display cooler or display freezer. This will also directly influence their design, additional features, and performance.

The merchandising refrigeration is divided into main sections as commercial merchandiser refrigerators and merchandiser freezers. In addition, you can also buy combined models to save space on your floor. Glass door refrigerator freezer combos and dual service refrigerated open display merchandiser are the combined functioning models you can opt for.

     2. The Volume of Products to Be Stored in Merchandising Refrigeration

The number of products you will store in commercial display freezers and refrigerators will determine the capacity, size, and the number of compartments and doors for each merchandising refrigeration unit.

     3. Installation Place of Merchandising Refrigeration

Merchandising refrigeration can be located in different spaces. Thus, the compressor's coating, style, and place can vary depending on installing these commercial refrigerators and freezers. Additionally, if you have limited space on your floor or display your exceptional tastes for your customers to see, merchandising refrigeration units can also be placed on the counters.

     4. The Available Space For Merchandising Refrigeration

Floor space is always a valuable thing in any business, and therefore, it requires careful planning and efficient use to maximize the benefit retrieved from the available space. Hence, it is equally important to select the merchandising refrigeration to fit into your building layout without consuming much space.

Different Features for Different Circumstances

All kinds of businesses have specific conditions and requirements to conduct their operations better. Therefore, merchandising refrigerations have different options to better function in other areas, with various options for door opening types, shape, and combo models. You can also find the right choice for your business by preferring among the following options.

Sliding Doors, Hinged Doors, or Open Fronts

Merchandising refrigeration units are manufactured with different types of the front side. While sliding doors are more efficient for compact spaces by running on a rail not to occupy any space on the floor, the hinged doors are lower cost and offer a wider loading area. There are also merchandising coolers and freezers that do not have a front lid to enable your customers to grab and go. So merchandiser refrigeration systems generally maintain the interior chill with air curtain systems by confining the cold air inside.

White/Black Coated And Stainless Steel Finished Merchandising Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration systems are produced to withstand heavy conditions in commercial kitchens. Therefore, they generally feature a stainless steel structure. Glass door merchandiser refrigerators and freezers are typically manufactured with stainless steel, and some models are of aluminum construction. Furthermore, many models are finished with white or black coating to increase their attractive look. Some models are also equipped with an illuminated top panel to advertise your business or commercial partners.

Top Mounted,  Bottom Mounted, or Remote Compressors

Just like other commercial refrigeration units, merchandiser refrigerators and freezers have various types of compressors. Depending on your available space on your floor, you can opt for the top-mounted or bottom-mounted models. These units may cause noise and heat due to the running of the compressor though very little. Or, if you want to eliminate all types of extra noise and heat produced by the compressors, you can prefer the glass door merchandiser coolers and freezers with remote compressors.

Types of Merchandising Refrigeration

There are various glass door merchandiser models that are available on the market. They are primarily classified in accordance with their functions.

     1. Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators And Coolers

Glassdoor merchandiser refrigerators and coolers are designed to preserve your perishable products by cooling them at safe temperatures until your customers buy them. Merchandiser refrigerators and coolers will both protect your foods from bacteria growth and will showcase them to your customers to boost impulse sales. Therefore, they are suitable as convenience store fridges, gas station coolers, bakery display coolers, merchandising refrigeration units in any other establishment to cool food products and drinks.

     2. Glass Door Merchandising Freezers

Glass door merchandising freezers are ideal for keeping and displaying frozen treats, pre-made meals, or ice creams. These commercial freezers will preserve the texture and taste of your products as well as prevent the growth of any microbes or bacteria.

     3. Glass Door Refrigerator Freezer Combos

Glass door refrigerator freezer combos are the combined and space-saving solutions for businesses. These glass door refrigerator freezers have separate compartments, which can be adjusted for different functions. You can use them as cooling or freezing sections to use the same merchandising refrigeration unit for different storing needs. You can keep your delicacies side by side for the consideration of your customers.

     4. Countertop Glass Door Refrigerators and Freezers

Countertop glass door refrigerators and freezers are compact units of merchandising refrigeration. Thanks to their smaller size and footprints, these countertop display fridges and freezers can be placed next to the registers, on your self-service counter, or next to the order pick-up station. Commercial countertop refrigerators and freezers can keep your drinks, desserts, sodas, or snacks cold and safe while attracting your customers to grab one of them just when paying their checks.

     5. Open Air Merchandiser Coolers 

Open-air merchandisers do not have front doors, and therefore, your customers will not even need to open the door to reach and get what they want. These open-air coolers and refrigerators are suitable for any business which wants to display its best products within the easy reach of customers.


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