Commercial Wall Mount Faucets

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Save Your Space With Commercial Wall Mount Faucets

Commercial wall mount faucets are installed directly into a wall or the backsplash of a sink. They can go with any sink and anywhere in your kitchen without needing counter or tabletop space. If you can achieve a perfect spout type and sink match, a wall mount commercial faucet can carry out all the plumbing jobs in your kitchen.

Tips to Know about Commercial Wall Mount Faucets

While choosing your wall mount commercial faucet, your top consideration is the lead content. All the commercial wall-mounted taps listed at Chef’s Deal are lead-free or contain low lead, not exceeding the limits issued by regulations in effect. Depending on your kitchen’s specific water delivery tasks, you can choose from various spout/nozzle types. For pre-rinsing tasks, a commercial wall mount faucet with sprayer would be ideal. A rigid spout can do the handwashing job. You can also hook it up over a floor model mop sink to perform all your janitorial services.

Commercial wall mount faucets are fixated on a wall. Therefore, you may worry that they are not compatible with 3-compartment sinks. You can easily carry water to all compartments by selecting a standard swing/swivel or double joint spout. These spout/nozzle types increase flexibility and functionality. Industrial kitchens are replete with heavy-duty pots challenging to fit in many sinks, so you will need this flexibility to fill bulky pots with water. Do you need a large clearance between the sink and tap? Then a gooseneck spout is your pick. You can also choose a wall mount faucet without a spout and attach a hose or any nozzle to it.

How to Install a Commercial Wall Mount Faucet

There are two crucial points to keep in mind. First, check the faucet centers. They indicate the distance between the stems, like the distance from the hot water stem to the spout stem. Remember to check the center measurements provided by the manufacturer before drilling holes on your wall. You can also get adjustable wall mount faucet centers to facilitate the installation. The second point is splashing. Installing a faucet too high from the sink will increase the likelihood of water splashing onto food contact surfaces. A professional can do the mounting to minimize this risk.


Commercial wall mount faucets can save you countertop space and help you meet all the water needs in your kitchen. Chef’s Deal offers you a broad range of faucets from top manufacturers like T&S Brass, FMP, Krowne, Dormont, and Winholt.