School Cafeteria & Kitchen Equipment

School kitchen equipment is crucial to streamline food preparation and service in educational institutions. Ensuring that school cafeterias and dining halls are equipped with top-grade commercial kitchen tools is essential to keep up with the rigorous schedule, as they operate for several hours daily during specific periods of the year. Read More

Countertop Warmers & Displays

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You can keep the food fresh, warm, and ready to be served at safe temperatures with the commercial countertop warmer & displays.

Food Display & Merchandising

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Food display & merchandising equipment is an excellent way to lure your customers with the selection of your real foods. Keep and display your food safely!

Beverage Equipment

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Whether if it is cold or hot, serve your tasty, and refreshing drinks to your customers. Here you will find the beverage equipment you are looking for.

Merchandising Refrigeration

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Merchandising refrigerations are elegant commercial refrigeration units that showcase your meals and drinks to attract customers.


Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers

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Reach-in refrigerators and freezers store your foods fresh without degrading their quality and keep them in the proper temperatures with their large capacity.


Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers

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Undercounter refrigerators and freezers can fit easily under the counter, and they are suitable for many foodservice establishments like cafes & food stands.


Refrigerated Display Cases

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Refrigerated display cases promote your products to a food exhibit while keeping them at a safe temperature and ensuring their freshness and taste.


Commercial Ice Machines

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From professional ice machines to ice crushers, commercial ice machines are must-have equipment in a typical American foodservice business.


Walk-in Refrigeration

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Walk-in Coolers & Freezers keep your perishable food fresh at a safe temperature economically and eco-friendly until you cook or serve them.



Commercial Dishwashers

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Commercial dishwashers facilitate and accelerate the cleaning process in commercial kitchens and ensure the fulfillment of sanitary conditions.


Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinets

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You can cook various kinds of food and keep them at adjustable temperatures with Cook and Hold Ovens. They're space-saving, cost-efficient, and reduce labor.


Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

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Buffet line equipment enables your customers to serve themselves easily. You can keep your food warm or cold with stylish hot/cold food tables at your buffet.


Tray & Plate Dispensers

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Tray and plate dispensers offer a smooth service line even in busy restaurants and dining halls by providing safe and easily accessible plate storage.


Commercial Plate Warmers

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Commercial plate warmers enable you to increase customer satisfaction by keeping the foods on a hot plate longer by warming them beforehand.


Bain Marie Water Heaters

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You can keep warm or reheat food and serve at optimal temperatures and sanitary conditions with stainless steel bain marie water heaters.


Commercial Steam Tables

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The commercial steam tables enable you to preserve your meals, pre-made foods, and hot-served recipes at optimal service temperatures.


Overhead Food Warmers

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You can keep food warm and ready for the service by providing the proper heat for the right temperature with reliable overheard food warmers.


Drop-In Food Wells

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Drop-in food wells bring practicality to food service by retaining the warmth of dishes with high efficiency at optimal temperatures.



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Rethermalizers are the equipment that enables you to reheat and cook foods and maintain their warmth at set temperatures safely and quickly.


Warming Drawers

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You can enhance customer satisfaction by keeping your foods ready and hot for service even during peak hours with top-notch warming drawers.



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Dishtables serve as a suitable place to stack dirty and clean dishes and provide efficiency in the dish pit to work without violating the hygiene rules.


Garbage Disposal Equipment

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Garbage disposal equipment is a part of the waste management system & helps you grind food waste and turn it into a form that goes through easily drainage system.


Dish Cabinets

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Dish cabinets are sturdy, well-designed, and practical equipment that enables you to store your tableware after cleaning until they are used for service.


Waste Pulpers

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Waste Pulpers enables you to grind food waste into pulp, aiding in efficient disposal and reducing waste volume in kitchens.


School Milk Coolers

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School Milk Coolers are essential appliances for keeping milk chilled and fresh, ensuring healthy beverage options for students.


Blast Chillers

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Blast Chillers, also known as blast freezers or flash freezers, are designed to drop the temperature so fast to prevent bacteria growth in the food.


Microwave Ovens

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With their increased power and efficiency, Commercial Microwave Ovens are designed to meet high and fast cooking demands, especially for grab & go foods.


Food Processors

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Food processors make food preparation more efficient and faster by chopping, dicing, slicing, shredding, grinding, and pureeing many different ingredients.


Fruit & Vegetable Cutters

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Fruit and vegetable cutters chop, slice, wedge, peel, and reduce the labor and time spent on preparing healthy fruit & vegetable menus.


Commercial Combi Ovens

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Commercial Combi Ovens are cost-efficient. They offer speed and healthy cooking with their versatility cooking modes and provide space efficiency with their size options.


Commercial Chest Freezers

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With commercial chest freezers, you can keep your ingredients & products safe at lower temperatures by keeping their taste & textures for a long time.


Commercial Deep Fryers

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You can fry vegetables, dough products, chicken wings, and fish; also prepare healthy and satisfying appetizers with commercial deep fryers.


Steam Kettles

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Steam kettles use superheated pressurized steam that runs between an inner and outer pot, a jacket, and can heat larger quantities of food more evenly and quickly.


Tilt Skillets & Braising Pans

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The Tilt Skillet & Braising Pans are versatile kitchen equipment, ideal for frying, simmering, and braising in commercial cooking settings.


Commercial Toasters

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Breakfast as a king! You can provide your customers with the best toasts and breakfast with this toaster equipment in the mornings.


Convection Steamers

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Convection steamers combine the benefits of steam and convection cooking, which helps keep the natural flavor and juicy texture of your food.


Commercial Sinks

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Outfitting your place with the right commercial sinks allows you to pass the sanitation codes. We offer a wide range of sinks according to your place's needs.


Commercial Work Tables

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By putting a work table in your restaurant, you can make prepping and cooking stations. With these tables, you can organize your kitchen effectively.


Tabletop Salad Bars

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Complete your salad service line with tabletop salad bars to allow your customers to self-serve. Visit Chef's Deal now for more options at the best prices.


Commercial Carts

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Make it simple to transport anything from dishes to flatware with commercial carts. You can smoothly move large products around your establishment with them.


Steam Table Pans & Accessories

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Steam table pans and accessories ensure that you have a flexible, versatile, and smooth serving line displaying meals hot, fresh, and sanitary.


School Kitchen Equipment: To Create Specialized Kitchens for Children

School kitchen equipment is crucial to streamline food preparation and service in educational institutions. Ensuring that school cafeterias and dining halls are equipped with top-grade commercial kitchen tools is essential to keep up with the rigorous schedule, as they operate for several hours daily during specific periods of the year.

Equipping school kitchens with the right appliances is necessary for timely food service and managing hundreds of students' large-scale preparation and service daily. Investing in high-quality kitchen equipment for schools can improve efficiency, adhere to strict timetables, and cater to the daily food demands of a busy student body.

Necessary School and Cafeteria Kitchen Equipment

To enrich your menu with nourishing meals, achieving high efficiency and consistent results, you are recommended to complete your inventory with the necessary school kitchen and cafeteria equipment, some of which are cited below.

Refrigeration Equipment for School Kitchens and Cafeterias

Commercial refrigeration is irreplaceable for any school kitchen and cafeteria since they are so important to maintain the safety and freshness of your perishables, meat, and other temperature-sensitive food products. While a walk-in cooler or freezer stores all your valuable ingredients, reach-in coolers and freezers help you easily reach the most needed food products for food preparation.

Additionally, you can add a school milk cooler to your line to serve milk in large quantities or resort to refrigerated food displays and merchandisers to exhibit desserts, beverages, or salads. Commercial ice machines also supply your facility with enough ice to cool drinks or chill salad buffets.

School Kitchen and Cafeteria Food Preparation Equipment

Food preparation is a time-taking and complex process comprising relatively dangerous tasks like chopping or slicing. Hence, you can purchase commercial food processors and mixers as primary school kitchen equipment for educational establishments to increase food prep speed while minimizing manual labor and probable injuries. Commercial food processors, work tables, and fruit & vegetable cutters are also great helpers in school kitchens.  

School Kitchen and Cafeteria Cooking Equipment

Commercial ovens, fryers, and microwaves are the most necessary school kitchen equipment for cooking. You have a wide array of options ranging from high-capacity commercial convection ovens that equally distribute heat for efficient cooking. Additionally, combi ovens offer steam for more cooking options like steaming, roasting, and dehydrating.

Deep fryers are of great use by quickly preparing French fries or crispy chicken, while microwave ovens are ideal for reheating pre-made meals. You can have a look at the tilting skillets, which are very easy to operate, to have various cooking methods (frying, steaming, grilling, etc.) in one piece of equipment. Furthermore, you can also have steam kettles, convection steamers, toasters, and tilting skillets for a fully equipped and efficient school kitchen.

School Kitchen and Cafeteria Food Holding, Transporting, and Service Equipment

Kitchen equipment for schools is also designed to help you operate an efficient service line by creating a link between the food prep and service with cook and hold ovens/cabinets. This school kitchen equipment can hold the meal after cooking until you are ready to serve them. Additionally, you can bring the most needed mobility with commercial carts that offer sturdy platforms to carry serviceware, plated meals, or beverages.

How you present your delicious meals, salads, and desserts is also significant to streamline the foodservice and create a positive impression on the students, which can be a persuasive factor to bring them back. Cafeteria and buffet line equipment, tray dispensers, and food display cases create an attractive showcase of foods while organizing the service flow, and commercial steam tables ensure optimum service temperature.

Commercial Beverage Equipment for School Kitchen, Cafeterias, and Kantins

You can also improve the foodservice experience by adding school kitchen equipment for beverage service in your cafeteria. Commercial coffee machines, juicers, frozen drink and slushie machines, and water dispensers enable you to create the best beverages for the kids.

School Kitchen and Cafeteria Sanitation Equipment

School kitchen and cafeteria equipment, like dishwashers, are crucial to the sanitation required to prevent cross-contamination and bacterial diseases, which is very important in places like schools in the

Things to Consider When Shopping for School Kitchen Equipment

You must carefully plan and contemplate the cafeteria and kitchen equipment by considering the following issues:

  • Nutrition and Health: Students, their families, and the school administration rely on their schools' dining halls or cafeterias to supply the crucial vitamins and other necessary nutrients. School kitchen equipment is the determinant factor of what you can cook. For instance, purchasing a tabletop salad bar will help you serve greens, veggies, and fruits, or adding a commercial steam table will allow you to serve freshly-made meals.
  • Safety: School kitchen equipment will be your reliable aide to protect your staff from injuries with their smart designs that focus on use in commercial settings and preserving food ingredients and meals at optimal temperatures to obstruct bacterial growth and food spoilage.
  • Labor, Ingredient, and Energy Efficiency: School kitchen equipment aims to mechanize cumbersome tasks such as transporting, mixing, or processing with gas/electric powered tools which are gradually improved with intelligent technologies, such as auto-washing, real-time temperature and humidity controls, which also contribute to the ingredient and energy efficiency that will lower your costs.
  • Food Quality and Consistency: To help you serve tasty foods, students can relish from the first product to the last bit in the tray; School kitchen equipment features advanced designs to optimize the conditions.



Regardless of the school level you serve, Chef's Deal provides you with all the necessary school kitchen equipment from the leading brands.