Restaurant Dining Tables

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Functional And Stylish Restaurant Dining Tables

Several restaurant table options are on the market for restaurateurs for different purposes. Restaurant dining tables are standard-height, typically measuring between 28 and 30 inches. They are the dominant ones in the industry, with many color, material, and shape options. The choice of diner tables can make a huge difference in your operations. They can improve space use, serving ease, seating capacity, and décor. For a better dining experience, attend to the shape and size that will make your facility more functional and aesthetic.

  • Shape: Restaurant dining tables are usually round, square, or rectangular. Your space dimension is one factor in shape choice. Also, busy and small establishments like cafes often prefer round tables to seat more people. The advantage of square and rectangular tables is that you can join them to host large family or friend groups.
  • Size: In sizing restaurant dining tables, the general rule is to give a minimum of 24-inch room around a table for one guest. Use the following information to find your table, depending on your floor plan and foot traffic.
Shape Size of People
24" x 24" 2
30" x 30" 4
36" x 36" 4
42" x 42" 4-6
48" x 48" 8
24" x 30" 2
24" x 42" 3-4
24" x 48" 3-4
30" x 42" 4-5
30" x 60" 5-6
30" x 72" 8-10
24" 2
30" 3-4
36" 3-4
42" 4-5
48" 5-6
60" 8-10


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